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Updated Event Status (New ppl plz read)

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_King Edward, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Seems that when people get bored on Siege and have no one to fight, they go to Glow and try to mix it up in a event setting... *sigh* so be it.

    Ninja/stealthers are getting the bulk of the rewards that are currently be given out. To do this, all you need is 80 stealth (for not coming out of stealth) and GM hide. Then go find a bezerker deamon and cast a mirror image next to it (it will flag on and walk to the image), and lead it too a wisp, warrior, or feddish. Seems the deamons have had a long term jealousy of magic casters, and will kill them on sight (but they know thier limits and will not attack the lords). Then when it kills the monster in question, just scoop up the loot and move on. Many a thread and planes items can be gotten this way... along with 2K+ in gold and tasty loot. I suggest you cast a image before looting as well, cause the deamons will kill you in 1 or 2 hits, even at 70's resist.

    Ive personally made over 3 mill in the last 4 days and Tons of turn in artis. The only true worry is the stalker/PvPer that wants too hunt you down for the same loot that they themselves could pick up off the floor. And since theres a few deamons down there, it would be wise to farm this way with your own deamon and not compete with other people doing the same thing with the same deamon.

    Thers currently at least 3 deamons, like 10 flying warriors, 6 fettishs, and 100000 wisps spawning. Thers also 2 or 3 lords down there, but usually once you start killing one, 1-5 PvPers pop out, kill the eventers, and dry loot um. So good luck with the lords. Thieves are down there as well, but since they can get loot faster just picking it up off the ground, seems they're leaving peoples backpacks alone.

    I'd like to point out loot quality as well... Its AWESOME. I've picked up at least 8 1/3's with awesome mods (TONS of max'd out 1/2's and LRC and LMC and and and ect). So much sweet armor I cant even begin to talk about it all. Also wanna point out that anytime I see 2 non-enhancible hats on the same monster, that usually 1 is SWEET (ive gotten 4 so far that have 2 MR and +65% resist or higher). Many people are just looting the artis and moving on and not even looking at the loot. So Any new people PLZ come and try to get some nice loot too begin your life on Siege. You can get enough gold for a house or long term needs in just a hour or so.

    And with that I hope to see more new people on Siege and Good Hunting.
  2. Bump for new people to read. TY
  3. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    In maybe 6 hours of scavenging, I've made well over 700k in gold and have about 80 event items (threads/swords/shields). All I've lost is one very worn out suit of evil hued bloodwood armor and a few other pieces of junk. Even managed to kill a few other scavengers in the process. Though that was just all in good fun and I really didn't take much other than gold and pots.

    It's not the best event ever, but it's somewhat entertaining and can certainly help out a person new to Siege, or any shard for that matter. My son plays Catskills occasionally and after about 4 hours he had stealth at 55 (that char already had 100 hiding), so I bought him a set of cursed shadow dancer's legs and he started collecting gold/items the same day.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm gonna be doing Level 5 t-maps for at least a month.