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(RP) Upon the Eve of Endless Darkness

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I see two houses...
    each unable to
    cause the others
    a land
    and its people
    but condemned
    by twisted virtues
    and the vipers

    Citizens of Sosaria!
    Hear my voice and heed my words!
    You are on the brink of an endless cataclysm!

    I have been watching the events that have unfolded these past few months; with great interest and curiousity.
    I have questioned many, read archived scrolls containing opinions by the great sages of Sosaria, and sent spies to watch and record the deeds of this new council.

    My investigations have been quite fruitful. Ive not leaked any of my findings to anyone but know i feel it is time!
    I must say that there is still alot to study, but, i must reveal to you my premature findings immediately!

    I knew that there was always something wrong with that charlatan who calls himself Captain jenkins.

    Well Sosarians! You are in quite the mess this time!

    I have watched Captain jenkins for sometime. My reasons for doing so; are that there was something their inside him, that well, just wasnt quite right...

    I was greatly suspicious of his actions and his rise to power. My forensic behavior anthropologist secretly watched Captain Jenkins, interviewed citizens, and read articles about Captain Jenkins.

    At the end of his investigation, the anthropologist revealed to me, what the captain really was and is!
    It is with deep horror and shocked disbelief that i tell you the following!

    Citizens of Sosaria! Prepare yourselves!

    Captain Jenkins is a demon!

    This is not the only sinister fact of information. There is more!

    Have you not wondered Sosarians? Have you not wondered what was causing the extreme brutal actions of the town guards?
    Surely you recall their criminal actions, when they were beating innocent civilians?

    They performed these actions while under the demonic influence of Jenkins!

    This demon is of great intelligence. It has taken over the kingdom without war!
    The council is a ruse to keep the people complacent! Did he alone not decide who and who will not be on the council?

    Did he not form this council and then appoint himself to it?
    The council has no real power. If you believe they do, then ask them to rescind one of the decrees Jenkins created.
    Ask the council to vote for the removal of jenkins seat. They will not do it! Because they are under his demonic mind controlling power!

    He has taken the idea of the virtues and corrupted them by using them in selfish greedy ways.
    If you do not believe this Sosarians, then alas you have fell under the sway of the demons mind control!
    Go! Seek out a mystic, and have them remove this affliction.

    One last final piece of evidencial proof!

    Citizens of Sosaria! I have discovered the location of the sword, that queen dawn carried.

    The sword is in the possession of Captain Jenkins himself!

    The demon inside jenkins will be shrewed, cunning, but do not fall for his lies any longer.
    Go now! Citizens of Sosaria! Arrest the abomination that calls himself jenkins and execute him!
    He must be stopped. Go to his quarters and there you will find the sword of queen dawn.
    If the council will not take action againts this looming immediate threat, then they too must be arrested or put to death!

    If you need my assistance in these matters i will be than honored to behead that unholy thing that calls himself Jenkins.

    Go now citizens of Sosaria! Go now and free yourselves while there is still a chance!