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US Guild: Eleets - Order - Casual

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by nightsdawn, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. nightsdawn

    nightsdawn Guest

    Guild Information

    About Us

    While being a casual guild, Eleets will still aspire to see End Game content including PvE Raids, Crafting, and Organized PvP/RvR/Sieges. We are working together maintaining and growing our guild city and will attempt to Take, Construct, and Hold a Battle Keep in Age of Conan. We have already carved out a name for ourselves in the world of Hyboria and now plan to expand into the Warhammer Universe. Eleets will become bigger, better, and more aggressive in our aspirations and goals

    Basic Information

    Guild Name: Eleets (Yes, it is my last name in Reverse)
    Games: Age of Conan & Warhammer
    Website: http://www.eleetsguild.com
    Forum: http://www.eleetsguild.com/forum
    Language: English Only
    Play Style: Casual
    Ventrilo Capacity: 40
    Size: Medium - Large
    Age Requirement: 16+
    Server Type: Core
    Server Name: IronFist
    Time Zone: USA East Coast (EST)
    Guild Leader: Desolation (and my lovely wife Claudia)
    Static Guild Officers: Annihilation, Wolfwood, Binlo, Rekcinol,
    Age of Conan: All Races and Classes are Accepted
    Age of Conan Server: Scourge
    Warhammer: Order Only, All Races and Classes are Accepted
    Warhammer Server: Open RvR - To Be Announced

    This was a new guild formed for the sole purpose of friends, family, coworkers and others to come together to enjoy Age of Conan. Dwindling server population and issues with end-game content have caused us to look to future endeavors and Warhammer is shaping up to be the logical choice. We will still maintain a presence in AOC but shift the bulk of our efforts in the coming months to warhammer. The officers are generally people that are my family or real life friends and co-workers. As such there will be more of a “council” than an actual leader that will dictate the direction of the guild and a minimal amount of drama. Most of us have had extensive experience in the MMO genre playing a multitude of titles throughout the years. Many of us have been guild leaders and officers in other games and experienced End Game Raiding and PVP.

    You need to be/act like a mature adult age 16 and up. That being said however, I will not make excuses for, Nor expect anything less than foul language, drunken late night raves, sexual innuendoes, off color humor, etc. Although this does NOT mean you can be an or personally attack people. We are all here to have fun, play games, and enjoy eachothers company.

    I would hope that you will contribute to the guild and participate in guild events and eventually end game raids and sieges. This will however never be a requirement. We will all try and help each other out with questions, grouping for quests, and helping lower level players advance while at the same time having fun on our own. As stated this is a casual guild. This will never be a hardcore WOW style guild, if you are looking for that or a more serious guild please go elsewhere.

    We are actively recruiting and we basically welcome anyone who has an Interest in joining us. If you would like to join Eleets submit a guild application and register in the forums. Message Desolation or an officer and you will promptly be contacted.
  2. nightsdawn

    nightsdawn Guest

    Thanks to Nizmo, Bandor, Firey, and Bazooka We were able to guild our guild formed formed last night onthe server: " Blood Keep "
  3. nightsdawn

    nightsdawn Guest

    For Preview Weekend Plus starting today and continuing into Open Beta Eleets will be playing on the Abhorash server (Order Side). We will be moving to an Open-RvR for the actual launch. See ya in game!

    * Update *

    Thanks to: Nizmo, Hellsing, Lucky and the Aurora Members for helping us form last night!
  4. nightsdawn

    nightsdawn Guest

    As of last night we are now rank 7 with 50+ members.
  5. nightsdawn

    nightsdawn Guest

    Alliance "The Warband" has been formed with "The Reavers"