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USA Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League Round Three!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Join us for round three of the United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League! Last weeks run through Despise hosted by Lady Darth Oni, the Mayor of Silvervale, was quite a race as seventeen adventurers made the trip to vie for the nights purse and precious points towards the months championship prize of one million gold pieces!

    This weeks run will take us to the Fire Dungeon, exiting dosckside in Serpent's Hold. Evil NPC Mages, various elementals and fire creatues await a tasty meal of naked Sosarians trying to run past and be the first out alive!

    We'll be gathering outside the Fire dungeon(Serpent's Hold docks in Trammel) no later than 9pm EST to begin with gates to the starting location provided once all competitors are present! Bandages, potions and such are allowed, but each person must be naked and unmounted!

    Our champion from last week's run, Broli, is now two for two. Can anyone best this legendary dungeon runner?

    Join us tonight at 9pm EST and perhaps try your luck!

    Current standings:
    Broli (RoT) ------------------------- 10pts
    Lyra Sleviana ($CG$) --------------- 5pts
    Pheonix (DWxC) -------------------- 3pts
    James V. Krieg (RBG) --------------- 3pts
    Jeff (REGS) ------------------------ 3pts
    Tancred Redstar (*V*) ------------- 2pts
    Drifter (RBG) ----------------------- 1pts
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