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UTB Book 1 (repost)

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by imported_Volrina, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. The Fictional Tales of United Tamers of Britannia

    “What time do you imagine it is Envinyatar?” Volrina asked in hushed voice

    “I don’t imagine any time in the blackness of dungeon Doom its always night.” Envinyatar whispered back

    “It’s just that I have heard the Devourers sense of smell grows with their hunger as night progresses toward the new day.” Revulsion had found its way into Volrina’s voice

    “Vol, Trinity said she would be back less than an hour ago and she will make it back even if the spawn of hell is at her heels” Envinyatar stopped talking for a minute realizing what he had just said, Volrina began to shake a bit “Oh woman you faced the Abscess before you don’t think a few Ancient Lich’s could be worse than that do you?” he meant the question to sound rhetorical but it hadnt’t.

    The distant sound of hooves came from the direction Trinity had ridden into an hour earlier the sounds grew and the wails of the dead could be heard as well. Envinyatar turned to Volrina and motioned for her to prepare. They both knew what they were about to try would take split second timing and the cost of error would more than likely be a dead guild mate.

    “SaintNick come here boy” Volrina called to a shadowy form lying against a wall a few feet from her.

    The massive Cu-sidhe rose to its feet and walked to its master and friend. From a hundred yards away he might resemble a dog but at near five hundred pounds of solid muscle and standing roughly 6 feet from front paw to head SaintNick was anything but that. His knowing big blue eyes the size of apples looked down at Volrina and she raised one hand up to scratch under his chin.

    “I need you to be ready boy and protect my friends and I” Volrina glanced over at Envinyatar his Cu-sidhe also at his side his hands in the position to cast.

    Trinity broke from the darkness only twenty yards from them but they were both expecting to have to do this quickly so it was no surprise however the 2 blue mammoth forms that were nearly even with Trinity’s Cu-sidhe were not expected.

    “In Sanct Grav!!” both Volrina and Envinyatar yelled out at the same time.

    Two shining walls of pure blue energy exploded blindingly in the darkness the two walls met each other seamlessly in the middle there far sides snugly against each wall they had created an impassable barrier to the hoards of daemons and undead that came crashing against it from the other side. Trinity however and the two massive devourers that were nearly on top of her had made it through.

    Trinity’s Cu-sidhe surged forward as the gate closed behind it giving his master an additional split second to cast when he came to a stop.

    “An Lor Xen!!” Trinity yelled and then she and her Cu-sidhe were no longer there.

    The Devourers screamed in rage turning in all directions in search of what they had been ordered to kill. It was at that point that two massive forms struck them from either side. Trinity rematerialized and ordered her Cu-sidhe to attack the closest Devourer. In a matter of seconds two dead devourers lay in many peaces scattered all over the dungeon floor.

    “Volrina, Envinyatar, follow me through the gate when it goes up we must get this information back at all cost the very survival of Britannia may depend on it” Trinity yelled above the howls coming from the other side of the energy barrier.

    “Vas Rel Por” a magical rift opened in the air as Trinity completed her incantation she stepped through Volrina and Envinyatar followed along with there three pets.

    When the three guild mates stepped from the portal it was not surprising they found themselves in Skara Brae it had long become the town the Tamers would meet to prepare for adventures. Trinity walked by several of the members of the United Tamers of Britannia without so much as a hello, completely out of character for their leader. She saw Emma talking to one of the guilds new recruits and bee lined strait toward her. Emma smiled when she saw her three friends approaching. Her smile quickly turned to a frown when she saw the look on Trinity’s face.

    “I need Harvest, do you know where he’s at Emma?” Trinity said

    Emma pointed to the woods behind the stables where Harvest was constantly training his pets. She began to say something to Trinity but he walked quickly past her heading toward the woods. Emma turned toward Volrina, the question evident on her face.

    Volrina shrugged as if to say “I have no idea” as she and Envinyatar walked past, they quickened there pace to catch up with Trinity, who had just entered the woods.

    The woods behind the stables in Skara Brae; were an eerie place, but Harvest Moon, the sage like tamer whom many considered a bit eccentric, spent nearly every moment training his unusual pets there. Trinity followed by Volrina, and Envinyatar, emerged into the small clearing where Harvest could normally be found, and they stiffened in shock. In the clearing stood a monstrous red daemon, batting at a flock of birds. Each time he hit one of the birds, another would take the lead and the wounded bird would fly down to the hooded man who stood just out of the daemon's reach. He would raise a hand to the bird, healing it, and it would then fly into the flock and rejoin the battle.

    Envinyatar raised his hand to catch Harvest’s attention. Harvest raised one finger letting them know it would only be one moment more.

    “Enough. Kill it.” Harvest said to flock of birds

    The screams from the daemon were horrible, and in less than a minute it's clawed and peck riddled corpse fell to the floor of the clearing, dead. Harvest swept one hand toward the corpse and it vanished. His birds settled all around him on the ground a few began cleaning the blood from there feathers by rubbing against the grass. Harvest pulled the hood from his face and turned his gaze to his guild mates.

    “The information was accurate then?” Harvest asked Trinity

    “Yes. Harvest, you were right..” Trinity began

    “Not I, Trinity. I told you it was a butterfly that recognized the ancient lich’s for what they were, and it passed the message to me," Harvest corrected

    “Yes, ok your pet butterfly was right then...” Trinity began again

    “Pet butterflies, now there is a very interesting idea, but it was not my pet, it only knew me to be a friend of nature and thought I would want to know,” Harvest corrected again.

    “Harvest, they were there in Dungeon Doom, and they are preparing to help something powerful cross from their plane into our world. Apparently it can be brought across only from passages even deeper down in the dungeon, ancient passages that even the dark fathers know nothing about. I managed to hear much of the conversation between two ancient lich lords before I was discovered and had to run for my life. Apparently there was a truce between the dark fathers and the ancient liches one they had to break in order to invade Doom. They said now that they had the key he would walk the earth again. Do any of you have any idea who or what this powerful creature is they might want to bring across?” Trinity finished inviting Envinyatar and Volrina to participate in the discussion as well.

    Harvest turned toward the forest and stretched out his arms a wind that seemed to start from him blew through the trees and the woods after a moment the wind stopped and his arms drooped to his side. He turned back to his friends;

    “I have put the word out that we require information it will be some while if at all before I receive an answer.” And without another word Harvest Moon turned and walked into dark woods in a few seconds his form blended with the shadows and he seemingly vanished.

    “Trinity is he um... Ok?” Vorlina’s asked her question meaning more mentally than physicaly.

    “I would trust him with all of our lives, Vol, just like you or Envinyatar. Harvest may seem as if he’s not all there but he has attained a level of perfection many of us can not even conceive.” Trinity’s replied

    “Even if he starts taming butterflies?” Volrina said under her breath

    After a moment more of thought Envinyatar broke the silence

    “I’ll speak with my bother Ugadi he once traveled in circles where people with questionable backgrounds would wander.” Envinyatar dodged any questions of his brothers past by turning and heading back to town

    “You know there is another person we know who traveled in those circles and he might know Someth..” Volrina started

    “I know I have already thought of him but he’s not very happy with us right now as you know, so I think I’ll let you go talk to him.” Trinity raised her left brow and rolled her eyes in Volrina’s direction

    “One of these days I’m going to learn to keep my big mouth shut.” Volrina said to herself because Trinity had already turned and was following Envinyatar back to town

    There was only one tavern in all of Skara Brae and if Elyas was anywhere in town Volrina knew that would be the place he could be found. Elyas was not a drunkard he conducted a profitable business from the tavern and he paid a handsome sum to the local authorities to stay out of it. The word that circulated the docks was if you came to port in the island city and had something to sale regardless of proof of ownership there was a buyer in the far corner table at the Tavern.

    As it happened when Volrina entered the tavern Elyas was in the middle of a business transaction she chose a seat at the bar and ordered ale waiting patiently. The last time she had seen Elyas he had come in the possession of an ancient religious artifact as participating member of the religion she took personal insult and reported to the clerics of the local order its exact whereabouts. Elyas lost a considerable purse of gold having to hand that artifact over and he and Volrina had argued for quite some time about what loyalty between guild mates was. Trinity finally had to physically come between them as she feared Volrina’s conviction might lead to her own death. Elyas feeling betrayed had left the guild.

    As Vorlina observed the end of the meeting she waited until the nervous sailor tucked the gold coins Elyas had just handed him into his pockets and left the tavern before leaving her seat at the bar and heading towards Elyas table.

    Volrina cleared her throat to get his attention he did not bother to look up his eyes were still on his latest treasure an ancient scroll or map of some type.

    “This is an unusual place for such a religious lady like you, isn’t it?” Elyas said sarcastically

    Volrina waited a few moments before saying “We need your help Elyas” in a level controlled tone

    Elyas began to gather up his things from the table completely ignoring Volrina she assumed he was going to get up and walk right past her but instead when his pack was slung over his shoulder he looked up and said; “Ok then lets go.”

    “What, is that it? You’re not going to make me grovel? You’re not going to demand an apology?” Volrina still could not believe Elyas would go along with her this easy

    “If Trinity had sent anyone but you I might have argued and even said no but she sent you and you came here even though you would rather be anywhere else in Britannia and you were ready to apologize and even grovel to get my help so if what ever it is that requires my help is that important, lets go.” Elyas said again as he turned and headed for the exit to the tavern

    “So Trinity knew Elyas would know it was important if she sent me but if she sent someone else then…. Oh what the hell Volrina. You’re never going to figure it out so just go with the flow .” Volrina shrugged and headed out the door after Elyas

    “I’m not being difficult Envinyatar I made you a promise when you saved my neck that I would cut all ties to The Dark Hand and I am not going to go back on that agreement.” Ugadi stood with his arms crossed and continued to shake his head negatively

    “Trinity has brought us both into her family Ugadi and now you have a chance to help her, you can use those old connections for the greater good” Envinyatar said

    “You have no idea, no concept, of what you’re asking me to do, Envinyatar.” Ugadi was clenching and unclenching his fists

    “For God’s sake man all I’m saying is try and get some information from them.” Envinyatar could not understand his brother’s fear or reluctance

    “I like the person I am now but if you send me back there with the old temptations it is a battle with myself that I do not want to fight. Cant you understand it’s a fight I don’t know if I can win” Ugadi began to pace the way an animal that was caged might

    “Fine then I will tell her you’re afraid to even try and she will understand because that the type of person she is. She will ask no questions and expect no answers but know this brother until you face your fear, it will own you.”

    Envinyatar left Ugadi’s room and waited quietly just outside the door. In a moment it opened and Ugadi was ready to travel his bag across his shoulder his sword tucked neatly in its scabbard at his hip. Ugadi did not seem the least surprised to his his older brother standing there waiting.

    “Did you have the foresight to prepare the Cu-Sidhe as well brother?” Ugadi asked

    “They are tethered outside and ready to ride.” Envinyatar said gripping his brothers’ shoulder and smiling from ear to ear

    “How much farther is it do you think Trinity?” Emma asked yet again

    “Emma, you have traveled this road as many times as I. You know we have about half a days ride left.” Trinity reply was curt as she was attempting to collect her thoughts and these constant interruptions made that impossible

    “Trinity it’s a long journey, you’ve not said two things to me other than, quiet, shoosh, or you should have went at the last tavern we visited. Why not tell me what’s going on? Maybe saying it out loud will help you put things together, besides I don’t like being left in the dark Trin, you know it makes me nervous and when I’m nervous I talk allot.” Emma replied with a smirk

    Trinity knew that look on Emmas face she had seen it hundreds of times and could not help but chuckle. Emma one of her oldest and dearest friends, insufferable though she sometimes was, had a point so Trinity weighed her words, then spoke.

    “I won’t tell you everything because I’m not exactly sure how to progress yet. I don’t have all the information I need to make a decision and I don’t want everyone in the guild, all of guilds we are in alliance with, and the numerous strangers you may come in contact with from here to Luna to know what’s going on just yet." Emma let out a surprised (fake) gasp of outrage, Trinity laughed and then continued "Here is the short of it Emma; there is a force that is growing and they are attempting to do something that may put all of Britannia in danger. Our friends are out digging for information now, hoping to find leads that might help us decide what to do.” Trinity could tell merely by the look on Emma’s face that she would either have to supply her with more information or she would be bombarded by questions all of the rest of their journey

    “Alright I will make you a deal. When we arrive at the Knights of Britannia’s guild hall you will hear the entire tale along with Leodin, Perseus, and Britt Leigh. Until then I need to collect my thoughts so you allow me time to think and don’t ask me questions you already know the answers to. Is that fair enough?” When Trinity had finished talking Emma opened her mouth to say something but them clamped it closed and motioned with her hands as if to lock her lips together and throw away the key.

    Volrina had given Elyas all the information that she knew up to this point about the situation inside Dungeon Doom. At his suggestion they changed direction and instead headed towards Umbra. Elyas believed he knew whom they would need to speak with there.

    If you asked the new breed of necromancers they would tell you that Umbra was the birth place of necromancy but they would be wrong. There was one in the city of Umbra that did know the true birthplace of necromancy and his tower was visible above every other structure in the city. Mardoth the self proclaimed keeper of all history of the dark art said to be kept alive past his two hundred’s year by tapping the life from the city itself. There were no guards blocking passage up the hundred stairs that led to the necromancers chambers and the doors there were unlocked as well.

    Elyas turned to Volrina before they entered the temple; “Leave SaintNick teathered here you won’t need him for this.” Elyas said

    “No, I guess there’s no danger at all here just a two hundred year old evil [censored] that sucks the life out of everything around him to survive.” Volrina shrugged and tied her Cu-sidhe to one of the huge support beams at the top of the stairs. She turned back just in time to notice Elyas tuck something inside his shirt.

    The entire tower stank of death and decay. Skulls with candles in them offered the only like in Mardoth’s layer. Volrina did not notice Mardaoth until Elyas pointed to the far corner of the room where he stood arms crossed and motionless staring directly at them. He looked every bit his age; no piece of flesh on his body was unwrinkled. The pupils in his eyes were merely small black specks making him look like a praying mantis. His skin was a lifeless gray color. His black robes, embroidered with ancient arcane symbols, blew back and forth slowly with the wind.

    “Alright old one lets get right down to it. They say you see the future and you know all things so look into my eyes and tell me what you see.” Elyas said taking several steps towards the figure in the corner completely fearless.

    His voice was more like the hiss of many snakes but it was understandable “I do not fear my own death, I will rise from it more powerful than I am now, dark brother, so why should I help you.” Mardoth finished

    “Because you didn’t look deep enough you old man if you don’t tell me what I want to know you will be taken apart piece by piece. What kind of an ancient lich would you make without your arms and legs or head for that matter.” As Elyas finished talking he removed a round glass ball from inside his shirt.

    Mardoth hissed and pulled his robes about him as if they could shield him from what ever Elyas was about to do. Volrina suddenly recognized the ball for what it was a summoning ball these were typically used by tamers to call there pets to them from great distances. This one was apparently linked to Elyas rune beetle because the massive insectoid materialized directly in between Mardoth and Elyas. Mardoth began an ancient chant but the rune beetle born of magic was quicker his spell paralyzing the legendary necromancer and holding him fast.

    “You know what he is and what he can do to you Mardoth, I will make this very easy for you” Elyas motioned towards the necromancer and his rune beetle placed one set of pinchers around the necromancers arm “If you answer me right now you can save your left arm”

    *The Dark Hand*
    Most people in the lands of Britannia are blessed enough to never come across a member of this brotherhood of murderous thieves. Those who have encountered them seldom live to tell of it. The brotherhood is an organization cloaked in darkness which trains its members in the art of not being seen, springing upon unsuspecting victims, as if appearing from thin area. Due to this stealthing ability they have wandered deep within every dungeon, unbeknownst to the creatures that dwell there. Envinyatar knew his brother was once a member of this secret organization he did not have to see the tattoo of the three skulls chained together around his brothers left bicep. He had come to the aid of his brother and bought his freedom but the price had been very high.

    “You’re sure about this Envin?” Ugadi asked one last time

    “I’m sure that I will watch your back, that I will die here with you tonight if it comes to that and I am sure that this needs to be done even if nothing comes of it because we have an opportunity to help our friends.” Envinyatar made it perfectly clear

    Ahead of the brothers was the outpost of The Dark Hand. The leader, a man not even five feet in height, sat on a mound of pillows surrounded by women who wore little or nothing. There was a fire nearby and other women were dancing around it. The members of the Dark Hand would appear from seemingly no where to grab a girl and then vanish with them.

    “There is no point in attempting to sneak up on them brother so stay near me and stay on your Cu-Sidhe unless there is no other way.” Ugadi said while his cu-sidhe took the first strides towards the fire.

    Hundreds of members of The Dark Hand appeared around the two tamers, but they made no attempt to hinder there progress. In fact they had opened a path right up to the small man on the pillows. He glanced up as they grew close. His eyes were orange and appeared as if they were on fire. He grabbed one of many ropes that were tethered to a ring in the ground and he yanked it hard. The far ends of the ropes were each attached to a metal collar around the neck of the girls surrounding him and the girl that happened to be attached to the far end of the rope he had yanked was pulled to her feet directly between the little man and the brothers.

    “A little gift for an ex-brother, what do you say Ugadi.” The leader said mockingly

    “Not why we are here, Travesty.” Ugadi said with no emotion in his voice

    “Oh, well then, my dear friend, tell us all why you have wandered into our layer and brought your brother a do-gooder who has never been welcome among us?” Travesty’s asked

    “Ancient Lichs in dungeon Doom” Ugadi said

    Travesty inhaled deeply and sighed, his entire demeanor changes before there eyes.

    “I had hoped that was a rumor, but oh well one less place for us to prowl. There are so many more dungeons out there that we can stealth into.” Travesty said

    “We want to fix the problem with the lichs Travesty, and I am guessing you know something about what were going to face when we find our way into the lower levels the ones that are not supposed to exist.” Ugadi said

    Travesty whispered something into the thin air to his left. In a few moments two men materialized next to him, holding what appeared to be a small table between them it was covered with a piece of silk. Travesty pulled the silk off to reveal a small purple jewel shaped like a pyramid.

    “If I give you this, you will owe me, both of you will, and in fact you both already owe me because I have allowed you to walk in here and I am going to allow you to walk out with this.” as Travesty spoke the shape of his face seemed to elongate and then stretch back into position but it was a probably just the fire light.

    “What is it?” Envinyatar asked

    “I don’t know but it is older than any of the rooms above doom and it was buried deep in the floor in a room so far back from the entrance it was just luck my men uncovered it.” Travesty shrugged

    Ugadi reached out and took the pyramid he felt its weight and turned it over several times in his hands. It appeared to have been poured the way one pours glass as there was no chisel marks on any side. He handed it to his Envinyatar who also began inspecting it.

    Ugadi looked up at Travesty he had an unnatural grin spread across his face. He chuckled and said "Been thinking of a new name for the brotherhood Ugadi what do you think about The Black Thorn?"

    "I think it won’t make a bit of difference what the name is. It will still be a vile evil cult and its leader will still be a wicked, vicious, evil being who gave up his humanity years ago." the history Ugadi had with the cult was apparent in his voice.

    The smile on Travesty's face faded immediately it was replaced with a look so cold and evil it took the breath from Ugadi.

    "This meeting is over Ugadi. Leave and never return, or it will be the death of you." The look on Travesty's face faded and he turned his attention back to the women chained around him.

    The brothers turned around waded through the hundred or so members of The Dark Hand and left the clearing. When they turned back just before entering the woods all that remained of The Dark Hand was a pile of pillows and a fire.

    *The Knights of Britannia*
    “I understand that me lady but I cannot let you pass. I have been given orders by Captain Perseus himself and no one is allowed to enter the guild hall this morn” He was a young guard, very green and his eyes were wide with fear of the two Monstrous cu-sidhes that stood before him.

    What made matters worse for the poor guard was Emma’s pet recognizing the armor and colors of the Knights of Britannia and kept nudging the man with her massive head in an attempt to get him to pet or play with her the way Perseus always did when Emma came to visit. Emma obviously hurt that the young guard had never heard of her did nothing to make her pet Trinity, named after her guild leader and friend, stop.

    “Do you know why Lord Leodin, Perseus and Britt Leigh do not want to be disturbed this morning?” Trinity asked the guard who shook his head and then let out a yelp as Emma’s pet had just taken the guards spear from his hand with its maw and began crunching it to splinters.

    “Because they are waiting for us” She motioned to Emma, herself and both their cu-sidhe “Oh for the gods sake man go get someone that knows the difference between friend and foe” Trinity’s patients was wearing very thin with the guard

    “But me lady I can’t leave me post Captain Perseus will have my head on a spit for su…” the guard stopped suddenly turning to the sound of armored leggings reverberating across the stone floor

    Perseus was rounding the corner when he caught sight of his friends he walked past the guard and Emma ran over and gave him a hug. Her Cu-sidhe seeing Perseus let out a howl and rolled over wanting her stomach scratched. Perseus obliged the Cu-sidhe and seeing the splintered spear looked up at the guard who now seemed embarrassed more than afraid.

    “It’s all right Fortress this is Trinity the leader of the United Tamers of Brittania and Emma also of the same guild. They are who we have been waiting on. Why dont you go get a new spear from the armory and let me handle this.” Perseus motioned the guard away and he gladly left the area leaving the entire situation in the hands of his captain.

    “He is a little green around the edges.” Trinity noted on there way to the meeting room

    “Ah to be young again what I wouldn’t give up to walk these halls naïve to the dangers out there” Perseus pointed through an open window to the lands of Britannia

    Lord Leodin stood from his seat at the end of the large round table as did Britt when Perseus entered the room followed by Emma and Trinity

    “It’s been a long ride would you care for some refreshments?” Lord Leodin asked

    “I’m starved Leo do you have any of those great meat pies around” Emma asked licking her chops

    “In Mani Ylem.” Britt said and two large plates with meet pies appeared on the table and two goblets full of ale

    After the meal and some brief reminiscing Trinity explained the situation at dungeon Doom, Emma let out several squeals and one oh my god when the tale had been completed.

    “I wish that I were a few years younger and did not have a guild hall full of green knights that require constant supervision” Leodin started “I would like for Britt to accompany you now and when it is required she can create a portal for Perseus and some of our experienced Knights to offer any aid you may require.” Leodin said

    Trinity accepted the help offered and once the Cu-sidhes were collected and Britt had a horse saddled they headed back in the direction of Skara Brae.

    *United Tamers of Britannia Guild Hall*
    Trinity sat at the table in her home which also doubled as the guild hall of the United Tamers of Britannia. Sitting around the table were Britt, Emma, Envinyatar, Ugadi, Volrina and Elyas. Everyone had shared what they had learned but before Elyas could begin to share the information he and Volrina obtained, Volrina erupted.

    ”I can not believe you did that Elyas that old man told you everything you wanted to know and you still had your rune beetle cut his arm off.” Volrina said

    “I told the old man if he told me what I wanted to know he could save his left arm and he did. Herbie severed his right arm.” Elyas said smirking

    “Elyas that old man was ancient and you nearly killed him.” Volrina scowled at Elyas

    “Hey I cauterized the wound” Elyas replied innocently

    “With a fireball!!!” Volrina smacked both her hands down on the table

    Several of the other members at the table chuckled Volrina obviously did not find it funny.

    “Ok, why don’t we just stick to what you found out” Trinity said holding a hand over her mouth to hold in a chuckle

    “The ancient lichs are going to bring an Elder Daemon across into our realm named Kronus. Mardoth has been having all of his new student’s charge something called The Well of Tears with necromantic magic for years it is now apparently charged and ready to bring the Elder Daemon across. The small top most part of the well stands just at the base of the stairs to Mardoths tower it goes underground for miles and ends in an underground lake on the lower levels of Dungeon Doom. He gave us this map and scroll but he passed out after that and never got to tell us exactly what good they are.” Elyas said handing the two items across the table to Trinity

    The map was written on aged old parchment and would require deciphering Trinity knew a cartographer named Polyhymnia and she would find a challenge like this fascinating. Trinity did not even bother opening the scroll she simply handed it over to Britt.

    “This scroll is not necromancy or mage level magic I can tell you that from the runes inscribed around the tassel sealing it. I can make out a few of the symbols, incredible as it may seem, I think this is a form of summoning known as wizardry. Extremely dangerous and required the use of pentagrams and sacrifices, the wizard could then bring across daemons of great power to do their bidding. I don’t believe this is a summoning for Kronus however because if all of the procedures are followed when invoking this scroll the daemon regardless of its level of power would be forced to obey the wizard calling it forth. Trinity I will be cautious but ask you allow me to hold this scroll and do more research upon it.” Britt’s face was alight with the thirst every mage has for magic.

    “Alright Britt but be very careful this Wizardry thing sounds very dangerous.” Trinity hesitantly turned her attention back to the map

    “Elandra, asked me if there was anything she could do to help earlier, I believe I will send her with the map to my friend Polyhymnia the cartographer. She will gladly decipher this for us.” Trinity said picking up the map from the table

    “Britt I think it is about time to call Perseus and the Knights of Britannia. It would appear we are about to embark on the last league of this adventure. They can lodge here and we will provide anything they may need until we are ready to move against Doom.” It was several seconds before Britt looked up from her scroll to acknowledge what Trinity had just said and Trinity had a feeling in her gut that something just was not right.

    *The Gathering*
    During the next day and night the Knights of Britannia arrived and the surprise was that Lord Leodin had in fact decided to join Captain Perseus and the other knights he said apparently the young knight Fortress Spine had really began to prove himself since meeting with Emma and Trinity and Leo felt confident that he could take care of the guild and the younger knights until they returned.

    The United Tamers of Britannia began to arrive with their pets as well. Harvest made a showing but being always the recluse, declined the invitation of a room preferring the open air and creatures of the woods outside the guild house. Lady Love stabled her Cu-sidhe and took the room she normally stayed in when she visited, as did Seifer, Jo’de’nere, Sargon and Raphalon. Many of the tamers preferred to camp outside the guild house close to there pets like Nok, Zmile, MiLin, Blackheart and Zigfreid. Elandra sent word that she would be arriving with the deciphered map and Zane Duncan and Omar two other guild members who had met her on the trail during her journey to Polyhymnia’s home. Trinity received word that Blue, Rowan, Jazmine, Destiny Jade and Dragon Tamer would be arriving as soon as other matters would permit.

    After Elandra arrived back with the map Trinity asked for a meeting with Leodin and Perseus once they were seated around Trinities table she began;

    “Leodin I asked you and Perseus here not just to go over this map. It is quiet evident that it shows two entrances to the underground layer in Doom and it will be invaluable in helping us gain entrance but I need to talk to you about Britt.” As Trinity finished both Perseus and Leodin’s expressions turned very sober

    “Since we have arrived I have seen the change as well and I have spoken already about it with Perseus.” Leodin said shifting his gaze down to his feet

    “She is one of the greatest mages in all of Britannia there is no spell she has not mastered, so understand this is like the greatest treasure in the lands to her. It is a new challenge in a world that for very long has held none for her. I can see that it is consuming her and I am worried for her, however she strongly believes that what she is doing now may be the only chance we have against Kronus.” Perseus shifted uncomfortably in his chair obviously saying anything that could even be construed negative about there dear Britt was painful to them both.

    “So we all agree to keep an eye on her for her own safety because the first thing she said when I handed her this scroll was that it was very dangerous. Ever since I handed it her something has just not felt right call it woman’s intuition or a tamers oneness with the balance of things all I can say for sure is I feel as if there has been a great shift in power. I can not explain it any further than that it may be nothing just a feeling” Trinity was the one to now feel uncomfortable admitting no solid fact just instinct

    *Dungeon Doom*
    The combined fighting force was broken down into teams, two group’s of tamers protected by two groups of knights. Volrina stood at Trinity’s side with one group of tamers, While Envinyatar and Harvest led the other group and Perseus and Leodin both commanded a small regiment of knights.

    The group found their way through the dungeon but the first entrance to chambers below was heavily guarded and even if they were to fight their way through, any element of surprise would be lost, so they decided instead to seek out the alternative entrance. Trinity found the door a giant stone slab there seemed to be no way to open it but Ugadi while looking for a release lever of some type found a pyramid shaped hole that was caked with dirt. Once the dirt was cleared from the hole and the purple pyramid was placed inside the door slid to the right opening into a large passage way that the group and their pets could travel easily through.

    “I can hear them on the other side Leo here in the wall is another indention that the pyramid will fit into. I imagine we are at the crypt.” Trinity whispered

    As the door opened the scene was so foul several of the tamers had to turn away. There were sacrifices human, elven and daemon, nailed to crosses which made a pathway to the edge of the underground lake. Legions of dead and daemon kind stood gathered there. Floating above the water were two ancient lich lords, the chant, a calling to the daemon Kronus had already begun.

    The element of surprise on their side Trinity nodded to Leodin and Perseus who both pulled down the visors on there helms. Leodin raised his sword and motioned forward.
    The first wave of rotting corpses, zombies, and devourers were down in seconds but the fight was still very one sided in favor of evil and above the battle field the chants of the ancient lichs could be heard reaching their zenith. The battle began to slow with only half of the evil army dispatched. Rune Beetles, Dragons, Mares and Bake Kitsunes were now using physical attacks as the mana necessary to cast spells had been depleted and required time to recharge. In every opening between the other pets stood a Cu-Sidhe, healing itself and others as necessary, ripping to threads any daemon or undead minion foolish enough to attempt to reach the tamers behind it.

    Britt rode through the tides of evil an angel of mercy and death at the same time healing friend, smiting foe. The knight’s blades and bows constantly in motion but it seemed the tides of evil were never ending and then Leodins mount went down and Leodin himself disappeared in the flood of evil. Another knight went down and tamers now exhausted began to feel the force of attacks upon them it was at this point when all seemed lost that Britt Leigh rode into the middle of the circle of tamers and dismounted her horse.

    Knowing not what else she could do, fearing the loss of her dearest friends and morning for one she thought to have just perished, saw one last hope in this wall of fear. She had mastered the scroll that Trinity had trusted her with and she knew that following it exactly as instructed would conjure the daemon Kronus but the summoner would have absolute control over him. She pulled the scroll from her horses pack and drew the pentagram on the ground around her. She began the incantation and all chaos around her grew suddenly silent and dark.

    Power began to surge through Britt the likes of which she had never known. Each syllable became bliss each word rapture. As she neared the end of the summoning she began to dread its passing she began to morn the loss of this treasure this gift but her friends needed her and she knew that she must finish, she most go on, and so she spoke the last word and the world came rushing back to her once again.

    The water in the underground lake turned neon green and began to glow so brightly it became hard to look at. It began to churn as if something were coming up from underneath. The head of the daemon broke the surface of the water its solid black eyes taking in everything. It’s had two horns on top of its head and two on its nose. A mouth full of razor sharp teeth, each the size of a man twisted into a cruel smile. Its body was the same color of neon green lake. As the daemon rose to his full height over thirty feet it completely took up the far side of the cavern.

    All of the daemons and undead were groveling on the ground before him, before Kronus the elder daemon.

    “What is thy bidding my queen” all faces turned to Britt who stood open mouthed staring up at this creature

    “I command you to destroy the undead and the daemons that are attacking my friends” Britt’s voice cracked as she spoke

    “No! My lord you promised us power and gifts if we did as you asked and we have done that.” One of the ancient lichs said his hands together pleading with Kronus

    “Here is all the power you will ever know” Kronus put each of his hands around one of the ancient lichs “and here is my gift to you, death!” Kronus squeezed both of his hands shut the ancient lichs squished out from both sides of his fist’s.

    “and hell fire for the others I think.” Kronus waved both his massive hands before him and waves of green flames erupted all around the tamers and the knights not touching them. The vile legions screamed in agony as there flesh was burnt from there bodies when the flames died down the bodies all turned to ash

    Leodins corpse laid in the field his sword still in his hand. Britt almost stepped from the pentagram to run to him but stopped her self just short. She looked up at Kronus who had not moved from the edge of the lake.

    “Resurrect Leodin!” She screamed up at him and without moving or even looking down at him Leodin regained consciousness he pushed himself up from the ground stretched a bit and then went to join his friends.

    “Now, I want you to leave to go back to where ever you came from and never return.” Britt was sweating now the strain she was using to maintain control of the daemon evident on her face.

    She closed her eyes for a moment and Kronus was there inside her mind with her.
    I will leave as you request my queen for as you know there is a pact now between us but there are things you must know now. No matter how hard my faithful servants would have tried there is no way they could ever have used that scroll. No creature of evil or self fulfilling intent can ever summon a being of my power from the dark daemon lands. It is a safety precaution the ancient gods placed upon us not wanting the lands of light turned asunder. You alone possessed the ability to use that scroll and it was by my design that it found its way into your hands. So I will leave now but by the pact a bond has formed between us and as the pact commands my unlimited power is available for you to tap into at your whim. Each use will pull you closer to me and farther from everyone else around you and you will ultimately become my queen and from my side you will rule the lands of Britannia and the dark daemon lands. You will have access to magics lost for eons and more power at your beck and call than is fathomable. All of this has been foreseen Britt Leigh and there is no escaping this fate. Perhaps you will not call upon me until your friends are gone, perhaps your loyalty to these people is to strong but I am immortal and I am very patient and I infuse you with that immortality as well. We will be the one unstoppable force but until then I take my leave.

    Ever so slowly Kronus stepped back into the waters and sank beneath them taking one last long look at Britt before disappearing from sight. Britt screamed out both her hands trying to hold her head together and then everything went black.

    *An Immortal*
    Volrina opened the door and entered. Britt was there staring up at the ceiling the healers had said nothing was physically wrong with her but it had been a week since she fell in the cavern below doom and she had not spoken since. She refused to even take care of her self and had to be fed as if she were a child. Her focus was surely not on this plain. Volrina sat down next to Britt on the bed and began talking to her while attempting to feed her from the bowl of porridge she had brought in. She would open her mouth to accept the food but if she heard any of Volrina’s conversation it was not evident.

    “Leodin was more than just resurrected he is younger, how much younger is anyone’s guess but all the age lines are gone from his face the crows feet under his eyes as well. He trains for hours wearing out the younger knights. He’s still Leodin though Perseus says so as does Trinity. Everyone is so worried about you though Britt we all love you is there not anything I can do or any of us to bring you back here where you belong?” Volrina finished not expecting any reply she was so startled when Britt began to speak she spilled porridge all over the bed.

    “I have always felt pity when passing by a drunkard thrown from a bar lying in the road but now I am that drunkard Vol. Unlike the drunkard the power that I am addicted to is always available to me I can feel it, can hear it, I breath it, and I am consumed by it. I fear moving because I might accidentally tap into it and cause some calamity to befall the lands. I fear sleeping for if I dream what I see may become the reality for all mankind and I fear talking because what I say may manifest itself. I love you all to and that in itself is a problem as well because you are all so dear to me I fear I may change you all inadvertently. When Kronus sank beneath the waters I saw Leodin and I wished that he would never face that fate again I wished he were younger and stronger but it was not a conscious thing, the point is, I tapped into power Kronus left with me, that will always be there and it did my will. Leodin I believe is like me now, in that we will never age or perish. Please go and gather Leo, Pers and Trinity tell them I must speak with them it is something I should have done days ago but could not.” Britt turned her head and stared into a corner of the room away from Volrina

    Britt was up and dressed by the time her friends showed up she was seated in a chair by the window she did not look up at them before she began speaking.

    “I must leave you all for awhile. I don’t know how long it will be.” Britt finished as all three of her friends spoke simultaneously

    “No, don’t leave us.” Leodin said

    “What is wrong?” Perseus Said

    “That does not make since.” Trinity said

    “Leodin I owe you an apology because I inadvertently tapped into power that Kronus has left with me and made you younger I think perhaps even un-aging, and that is why I must leave. Kronus is gone from the lands but there is pact between us and he has left me his power to tap into whenever it suits me. I can see in each of your faces that you wonder how this can be a bad thing. You see me as a power for good and I have attempted to be that but this is not mere magery this is absolute power and as you all know absolute power corrupts absolutely. I must endeavor never to use this curse at all cost. The reason I lay here comatose for a week was because I feared that any thought or desire I feel will become reality. I do not understand the level of the power which I have now and I need time to adjust to it. I plan on leaving after this conversation with you right now. I seem to be able to hear your thoughts from everywhere now so there should be no problem with any of you contacting me should be necessary.” Britt stood up and hugged each of her friends.

    Each one attempted to offer some other solution to the problem Britt kissed them each on the forehead and assured them she had contemplated everything before making her decision.

    “Please tell everyone I said goodbye and that I will see you all again, I promise.” Britt turned and a gate opened before her. She did not need to say words to make this happen. It closed behind her after she stepped through

    Trinity avoided looking at either Leo or Pers not so much because of the tears in her eyes but she was sure both of them were mourning Britt’s leaving as well and being paladins showing of emotion was unusual to say the least.

    The tamers were joined in tribute to adventure and to the sacrifices that were made for their success. Harvest had trained some butterflies that were entertaining a group of tamers by performing various stunts in the air. Volrina was arguing with Elyas about some artifacts that he had apparently taken from Mardoth before leaving his tower. Envinyatar was speaking to Ugadi about a creature known as a changeling.

    Trinity had just finished telling Emma everything that Britt had said Emma looked up amazed.

    “So she’s like a genie in a bottle now?” Emma responded

    “I suppose she is as powerful as a genie but each use of that power regardless of the intent consumes part of the Britt we know and leaves something different. You know why I have told you this before anyone else?” Trinity asked

    “You’re testing me to see if I can keep my mouth closed?” Emma asked

    “No, I already know the answer to that. I’m tired Emma but its something everyone needs to know and I can’t think of anyone that could spread this around better than you.” Trinity smiled at Emma’s scowl

    She bid everyone good night and then went inside her home to get the rest she had needed since this whole adventure began.

    The End.