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Valorite runic results with some feedback from Hanse

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by imported_Kulgan, May 8, 2004.

  1. I was on the Hanse PvP server this afternoon, so I decided to make 9 daggers in iron and 6 pieces of valorite armor. Here are the results, all made exceptional (where damage increase was only 35% it was not listed).


    1. 60% Durability, Hit Fireball 38%, Mage Weapon -21, Hit Lower Attack 44%, Damage Increase 44%
    2. Dragon Slayer, Hit Poison Area 32%, Swing Speed Increase 20%, Physical Resist 13% only 4 mods?
    3. 50% Durability, Hit Stamina Leech 32%, Mage Weapon -23, Physical Resist 10%, Lower Requirements 90%
    4. Ophidian Slayer, 60% Durability, Hit Life Leech 30%, Hit Lower Defense 48%, Hit Lower Attack 48%
    5. Orc Slayer, 60% Durability, Hit Harm 36%, Fire Resist 9%, Damage Shift (10/30/0/30/30)
    6. Poison Elemental Slayer, Spell Channeling -1FC, Luck 77, Energy Resist 15%, Damage Shift (70/0/10/0/20)
    7. Swing Speed Increase 20%, Damage Increase 45%, Fire Resist 10%, Cold Resist 15%, Energy Resist 8%
    8. Mage Weapon -23, Hit Fire Area 34%, Fire Resist 13%, Use Best Weapon Skill, Damage Shift (10/30/50/10/0)
    9. Earth Elemental Slayer, Mana Leech 38%, Life Leech 50%, Physical Resist 8%, Energy Resist 11%


    10. 65 Total: 10/17/8/14/16, Mage Armor, Lower Requirements 90%
    11. 57 Total: 8/4/10/13/22, Hit Point Increase 4, Stamina Increase 5, Mana Increase 4
    12. 46 Total: 8/4/20/7/7, Hit Point Increase 4, Mana Regeneration 1, Lower Reagent Cost 12%, Mage Armor
    13. 34 Total: 11/4/6/8/5, Mana Increase 6, Hit Point Regeneration 2, Stamina Regeneration 3, Mana Regeneration 2, Mage Armor
    14. 42 Total: 8/4/5/18/7, Self Repair 3, Luck 51, Reflect Physical Damage 10%, Lower Reagent Cost 11%,
    15. 57 Total: 22/4/6/19/6, Self Repair 4, Mana Increase 8, Night Sight

    #13 was quite unusual. I guess #9 dagger was best, but I was none too impressed with any of them, really.

    I talked to Hanse about #2 here's what he had to say after I handed it over to him:

    <font color=blue>Hanse OSI Dev: hmmm
    Hanse OSI Dev: yeah only four properties
    Hanse OSI Dev: I must have missed something
    Hanse OSI Dev: I'll check it out</font color=blue>
  2. As always, thanks for sharing!

    And to think, that complaint with runic crafting only surfaces periodically since shortly after the AoS publish. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  3. Sarryth

    Sarryth Guest

    I find it very hard to believe that he wasnt aware of that problem with runics. Lets hope they finally do something about it though.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I hope if he fixes it his "ifx" works on all runic tools. I have horned runic made pieces with 1 and 2 mods on them. Basically all the runic tools are not working as advertised right now.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Next time, ask him the logic in letting people roll 3 and more resists on a single weapon
  6. leondanny

    leondanny Guest

    well, i bet that if we would ask him that he would say this:

    Hanse OSI Dev: hmmm
    Hanse OSI Dev: yeah only 3 properties
    Hanse OSI Dev: I must have missed something
    Hanse OSI Dev: I'll check it out
  7. Ugh. If I ever get a valorite runic on a production shard, I'm selling it.

    Although armor item 10 would be nice on my mage and armor items 11 and 15 would be nice on my paladin. I bet they'd sell for a lot less than the runic does, though.
  8. gandolfofaol

    gandolfofaol Guest

    Valorite Results
    #1 Spider Slayer, Mage Weapon -24, Luck 73, DCI 13, ER 15
    #2 Mage Weapon -20, SC -1FC,SSI 25, ER 10, Hit Fireball 46
    #3 Ogre Slayer, HLL 34, HCI 12, UBWS (4 properties)
    #4 SC -1FC, DCI 15,SSI 25, DamInc 47, PoR 10
    #5 Scorpian Slayer, SC 0FC, Hit Lightening 44, CR 13
    #6 Hit Harm 38%, HSL 46, HLA 38, HLD 38, DamInc 41
    #7 HLL 26, HCI 9, FR 12, PoR 13, LowerReq 70
    #8 SC -1FC, PhR 9, CR 8, PoR 12, LowerReq 60
    #9 Hit Dispel 28, HSL 34, HLA 28, DamInc 46, PhR 14
    #10 Durability 80%, HML 26, HLA 26, Luck 82, Damage 30Ph/30cold/20poison/20energy
    #11 Mage Weapon -24, DamInc 41, UBWS, PhR 8, LowerReq 60
    #12 HLA 32, HPA 46, DCI 8, PhR 11, UBWS
    #13 HLA 46, HML 46, DCI 13, DamInc 45, CR 13
    #14 SSI 25, PhR 13, CR 14, PoR 13, LowerReq 80
    #15 HSL 28, Luck 70, DCI 12, FR 9, LowerReq 80

    Hardly worth the effort IMHO
    Come on people lets add some more test results and maybe we can catch their attention. Either let us have more control over what we craft or make the high end runics less difficult to obtain. Less difficult doesn't mean easy it just means make it possible. I know its been said but I'll say it again Take away the properties that can be provided by ore (Durability and Lower Requirements) and take away all bonus to resist. Also do not allow for Mage Weapon and UBWS on the same weapon.
  9. lordbane31

    lordbane31 Guest

    I have a dumb question. How do you get the Runic hammers on the Test Shard? Is it in the FAQ somewhere? I'd love to help you guys out with your testing if there's an easy way to get them.

  10. gandolfofaol

    gandolfofaol Guest

    When you create a new char on an old style test shard (Hanse PvP) your bank box comes fully loaded so you can spend time testing rather than building skills and gathering resources.
  11. lordbane31

    lordbane31 Guest

    I agree with gandolfofaol completely.

    Actually how about this? Make Runic have two types of enhancements. Primary and Secondary.

    Primary would be HCI, DCI, SSI, etc (the really good mods)
    Secondary would be Lower Requirements, Mage Armor, Spell Channeling, Faster Casting, Durability, Night Sight (and maybe others)

    Resistances would be removed entirely from weapons.

    Runic Hammers would have a set number of Primary and Secondary enchancements available. They'd have to play with it a bit, but obviously the upper end Runics would have more Primary and a couple secondary, while the lower end would have fewer Primary, but still a couple secondary. This would improve the quality of Runic weapons without overpowering them.
  12. buxombaby

    buxombaby Guest

    missed property was not 35% di?
    i know you get this anyway for EQ but if that number was also rolled it would only show once.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would have to agree. I went and blew through all 5 valorite and all 5 verite runics on the test center and I did not craft a single katana that jumped out and said "wow, this is what you could get after years of bod collecting! I'm an uber katana of doom!" I would wager a guess that out of the 175 runic attempts, maybe half of a dozen were something I'd set aside to play around with or sell, but nothing extraordinary.

    My personal belief is that on the verite and valorite runics, we should be able to choose 1 property (although with random intensity). At least then we'd have a better chance at getting something useful. Perhaps scaling, so 1 choice on the verite; 2 choices on the valorite. Even given this you'd still probably end up with mostly junk, heh. All it takes is a resist or mage weapon or fire ele slayer to screw it up. I actually had one really nice katana out of those 175. It was something like 45 hit lightning, 50 stamina leech, 25 ssi, 48 damage increase... and then it was an air ele slayer, lol.

    At least I can thank you for letting me test out the runics. Now I know not to waste any of my hard earned time crafting with them and to sell them off to some shmuck who doesn't realize they're pretty much going to give junk :p
  14. Kylas

    Kylas Guest

    Imagine how bad it was for us guys that had Valorite hammers with the OLD distribution curve for bonuses.

    I blew 10 charges making junk you wouldnt loot from a DF.

  15. deathz

    deathz Guest

    15 Val Katanas with Val Runic
    1. Dura 80%, Dragon Slayer, hit Fireball 34%, FC 1, Lower Req 60%
    2. Lower Attack 40%, Life Leech 46%, SSI 15%, Phys Res 11%, Fire Res 9%
    3. Lower Def 42%, Mana Leech 38%, Spell Channel, Lower req 70% (4 Mods)
    4. Stam Leech 38%, Lower Attack 38%, Life Leech 38%, Luck 71, FC1
    5. Lower Def 36%, Life Leech 38%, Luck 97, Energy Res 10%, Lower Req 90%
    6. Life Leech 32%, Lower Attack 50%, Cold Res 9%, Energy Res 8%, Cold dmg 10%, poison dmg 40%, energy dmg 50%
    7. Stam Leech 46%, Dmg Inc 46%, Phys res 13%, Fire Res 9%, UBW
    8. Lower Def 42%, Stam Leech 28%, Life Leech 28%, Luck 85, Fire Res 14%
    9. Magic Arrow 48%, Mana Leech 44%, SSI 25%, Cold Res 10%, Poison Res 11%
    10. Lower Def 38%, Scorp Slayer, Mana Leech 50%, DCI 9%, Dmg Inc 48%
    11. Spell Channel, Life Leech 38%, Lower Def 34%, Luck 73, FC -1, Lower req 70%
    12. Mana Leech 28%, Mage Weap, Spell Channel, Luck 87, FC -1, Poison Res 14%
    13. Fireball 30%, Life Leech 36%, Poison Area 44%, Luck 85, Dmg Inc 37%
    14. Spell Channel, Scorp Slayer, FC -1, Phys Res 10%, Cold Res 11%, Energy Res 12%
    15. Mage Weap, Stam Leech 48%, Luck 78, FC 1, Fire Dmg 50% (no Phys Dmg)

    Next Val Hammer, same as above
    1. Fire Area 44%, Luck 96, FC 1, SSI 30%, Poison Res 8%
    2. Energy Area 30%, Lower Attack 38%, HCI 14%, Dmg Inc 37%, Cold Dmg 60%, Energy Dmg 40%
    3. Poison Area 28%, Luck 67, FC1, Dmg Inc 38%, Cold Res 10%
    4. Troll Slayer, Spell Channel, SSI 20%, Cold Res 9% (4 mods)
    5. Life Leech 30%, Air Ele Slayer, Stam Leech 36%, DCI 14%, SSI 25%
    6. Mage Weap, Mana Leech 44%, Energy Res 8%, Lower Req 50%, Cold Dmg 30%, Poison Dmg 40%, Energy Dmg 30%
    7. Lower Attack 40%, Dispel 26%, DCI 11%, Dmg Inc 38%, Poison Res 13%
    8. Energy Area 30%, Stam Leech 46%, Cold Res 9%, Poison Res 8%, UBW
    9. Lower Attack 28%, Lower Def 48%, HCI 11%, Phys Res 13%, Cold Res 9%
    10. Mana Leech 44%, Life Leech 50%, Earth Ele Slayer, SSI 30%, Dmg Inc 36%
    11. Life Leech 30%, Lower Attack 26%, Luck 85, Phys Res 12%, Poison Res 13%
    12. Life Leech 50%, Terathan Slayer, Dmg Inc 41%, Fire Res 9%, Energy Res 12%
    13. Lower Attack 38%, HCI 9%, DCI 10%, Phys Res 9%, Poison Res 10%
    14. Spell Channel, Mana Leech 26%, Lower Attack 34%, FC -1, Poison Res 14%, UBW
    15. Life Leech 44%, Troll Slayer, FC1, Fire Resist 14%, Energy Res 10%

    One word, LAME!! Considering a val hammer could take years to get and they cost in excess of 30 million, we are being ripped off.
  16. Organ Morgan

    Organ Morgan Guest

    I think that the best way to solve the problem (apart from missing properties)with the runic hammers and sewing kits would be to allow the smith or tailor to select the properties they required and have them applied with varying intensity to the item, however when they chose to select their properties the item would recieve a cursed tag and be uninsurable and unblessable.
  17. Greephammer

    Greephammer Guest

    Deathz... um, what exactly were you expecting? the #10 kat on the second hammer is a very rare weapon... if it had been a dagger it would have been worth the price of both val hammers combined.
  18. You think you could get more than 60 million for those stats on a dagger? I would be honestly surprised if that were the case. I could be in for an honest surprise, though...
  19. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix Guest

    On GL i know many pvpers that would pay around 60mil for a weapon like that if its a dagger, katana, or kryss.
  20. Morin

    Morin Guest

    question: Was the weapons with "4" mods exceptional?
    if so that gives it 35% DI.
    Weapons have a property value of 1-50 DI
    Valorite give 50% - 100% of property value.
    35% DI is more then 50% Property value, and they are not cumulative.
    So an exceptional weapon with "4" properties, could have had the 5th as DI, but you don't see it.
  21. <font color=blue>Was the weapons with "4" mods exceptional?</font color=blue>
    From the original post: "all made exceptional"

    I wonder if it's possible the system sees a 71-72% roll on Damage Increase as being greater than the base 35% for Exceptional and thus uses a property to replace 35% with 35% (rounded).
  22. davesmith

    davesmith Guest

    I recently filled a 20 exe val plate large on LS, I birned it a few times at server down and these are 3 days worth of results, needless to say i sold it hehe.
    ALL forks, all gold so ignore first 40 luck and lower req

    Spell channel no –1
    Ssi 25
    Mana leech 30
    Hci 14

    Spell channel –1
    Mage weep –24
    Life leech 30
    Lower def 46
    Luck 92

    Spell channel –1
    Ssi 30
    Lower def 38
    Snake slayer
    Dur 60

    Lower attack 48
    Life leech 40
    Hci 14
    DI 43
    Lower req 50

    Ssi 25
    Life leech 30
    Luck 70
    Lower req 70
    Energy resist 15

    Spell channel –1
    Di 44
    Hci 14
    Posion resist 9

    Dur 50
    Fire area 32
    Life leech 38
    DI 48
    Fire resist 9

    34 mana leech
    46 stam leech
    DI 47
    DCI 15
    And a colour mod =(

    Hit energy area 34
    Dci 14
    DI 49
    Energy resist 9
    Lower req 70

    Mage wep –21
    Life leech 40
    Magic arrow 28
    Fire resist 10
    Poison resist 15

    Life leech 34
    Earth ele slayer
    44 lower def
    hit cold area 36
    poison resist 13

    and another 4 prop one
    harm 26
    hci 12
    lower req 60

    lower attack 38
    poison area 46
    life leech 38
    luck 53
    FC 1

    Hit lower def 40
    HCI 10
    Phys 10
    Poison 9
    Lower req 60

    Life leech 30
    Luck 70
    SSI 25
    Lower req 70
    Energy resist 15

    Stam leech 26
    HLD 32
    DCI 10
    Energy resist 8


    Life leech 42
    Mage wep –22
    HC1 9
    DI 38


    Dur 50
    Mage wep –25
    DI 41
    Cold resist 11
    Poison resist 11


    Mage wep –23
    Troll slayer
    Hit phys area 42
    Phys resist 13
    Colour mod


    Stam leech 40
    Life leech 30
    HCI 13
    Dur 60
    Cold resist 11


    Stam leech 46
    Life leech 44
    DCI 13
    Luck 76
    Cold resist 9


    DCI 14
    Fire resist 15
    Poison resist 9


    Lightening 26
    Mage wep –24
    Cold area 28
    Life leech 46


    Troll slayer
    Hit energy area 48
    DI 42
    Cold resist 15


    HCI 9
    Phys resist 12
    Fire resist 13


    Poison area 48
    HCI 8
    DCI 8
    Cold resist 12


    Dur 60
    Life leech 40
    Stam leech 40
    HCI 13
    Cold resist 11


    Daemon slayer
    Life leech 28
    Phys resist 13
    Poison resist 14
    Colour mod


    Stam leech 46
    Mana leech 44
    Fire area 38
    Phys resist 12
    Energy resist 11


    Mage wep –20
    Stam leech 40
    HLA 40


    Fireball 24
    Life leech 44
    Poison resist 10
    Energy resist 10

    DI 47
    Phys resist 10
    Fire resist 8
    Lower req 90
    Colour mod

    DI 49
    DUR 90
    Fire resist 13

    Mage wep –24
    Luck 93
    Fire resist 9
    Cold 10

    Troll Slayer
    Life leech 50
    Mana leech 36
    DI 49

    Life leech 28
    Fireball 26
    Poison resist 13
    Energy resist 8

    Mage wep –24
    Lower attack 26
    SSI 30
    DCI 11
    Colour mod

    Life leech 50
    DI 50
    Luck 72
    Poison resist 11
    Energy resist 11

    Spell channel –1
    Harm 34
    Mana Leech 42
    Luck 53
    Colour mod

    Spell channel –1
    Earth Elemental slayer
    HLD 46
    DUR 50
    Fire resist 13

    Spell channel –1
    Air Elemental slayer
    Life leech 34
    HCI 9
    Colour mod

    DUR 50
    Poison area 34
    HCI 11
    Lower req 60

    Lightening 30
    HCI 14
    DCI 10
    SSI 20

    and one sheild

    HCI 12
    DCI 12
    Lower req 70

    overall i did 5 burns ( lost data from 2 ) and only had a couple of reasonable weapons considering how hard it was to get the hammer
  23. Jhym

    Jhym Guest

    Wow -- most of those really really sucked.

    Of course you do know that if you had gotten the best possible things you would have been cursing that it didn't save.

    I would attempt some armor before you give up though -- most people seem to want to do armor on the higher end hammers and it usually is worth the effort.

    I also wouldn't have done them in gold, but I like the danger of enhancing.

  24. Guest

    Guest Guest


    3. Lower Def 42%, Mana Leech 38%, Spell Channel, Lower req 70% (4 Mods)


    It's got FIVE mods... SC with no penalty is two mods. All SC weaps spawn with the minus 1 penalty, when they have no penalty to casting speed its' because the weapon also had FC+1 added to it, negating the penalty.


    4. Troll Slayer, Spell Channel, SSI 20%, Cold Res 9% (4 mods)


    Same deal here. I wonder how many of these runic crafted weapons missing properties complaints are because of SC No penalty weapons, and any elemental spread which takes one property (ask yourself why nearly all 100% fire/poison/cold/energy weaps off of DC's usually have no other mods). I think certain amounts of elemental shift take a property.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest


    and any elemental spread which takes one property (ask yourself why nearly all 100% fire/poison/cold/energy weaps off of DC's usually have no other mods). I think certain amounts of elemental shift take a property.

    <hr></blockquote>Elemental shifts only take one property, regardless of intensity, if you are implying otherwise. You seem a bit vague.
  26. ShadesLove

    ShadesLove Guest

    Not only that, but Geeeesss get rid of Scorp Slayers, Air Ele, Troll and Water ele all together. Increase the chance to make a Blood Ele, Undead, Repond, Demon or Elemental Slayer! No one wants one they are worthless, because u can kill a scorp with any normal weapon or even if u are in Shame and Earth Ele Slayer. And if a Val Runic is suppose to have Min intensity of 50 and max of 100...why are percents so low? Also seems like every Spell channeling weapon that I make is always going to have the -FC what is up with that.

    I also agree with someone on the Runic Sewing kits, if crafting Leather Armour there shouldnt be any that takes the properties for mage armour...that just robs a property away from something else. I have seen some nice things that have been made with runic sewing kits..but most of the time u get junk.

    I have even had things that I made with a horned runic kit that has had no properties at all the the resist is like maybe in 1 item is 3 points higher than what i can make with a normal sewing kit. Now that really hurts! Specially when the other day I used a kit and got 5 pieces that did that same thing.

    And if Smiths have ASH's to help increase their skills for enhancing, why dont tailors have something the same...or raise the enhancing percents for tailoring, as it isnt fair to get a nice piece as loot and have it destroyed trying to enhance it. Plus it would be nice if the bod system was revamped for under gm skill, gm skill and over gm skill. I am sick of getting a normal 10 weapon bod on a 120 smith, that just doesnt seem right to take all the time to get that high and not get decent bods. I collect bods 3-4 times daily and seem to get the same junk evey day and this is with more that one over GM smith. Same thing goes for tailor bods.

    Also it is kinda funny to make and advanced Pali with Fencing skill and to almost compete the quest and be handed a sword undead slayer. It needs to read what the person skills are not just give out swords all the time.

    I know I might have posted some of this in the wrong forum, but I had to get it off my chest!