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Valthalion and "The Nights Eye"

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Luna Rossa, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Luna Rossa

    Luna Rossa Guest

    Just as the Protection Ceremony was about to commence, the evil presence of Valthalion was felt as he attempted to set the guildhouse ablaze. Thankfully, the protection magic that surrounds the guildhouse keep kept those inside safe. Or so we thought. Valthalion could not enter or damage the keep but after the ceremony it was clearly obvious we disturbed him with our protection ceremony. As we stood in the blessing circle inhaling the healing aroma of safe and meditating in a calm reflection, Sanstrom Laxness began to shudder and then to stutter and stammer. He turned very pale and then unhealthy gray color and felt cold to the touch and solid as a Yew tree, his eyes glazing over in a trance-like state. He remained there motionless without acknowleging our presence or even his own and then without warning he vanished. It could only mean the dark arts of Valthalion were at hand.

    Quickly and quietly the group slipped outside to search for any sign of Sanstrom Laxness or that of Valthalion but neither were in sight. It was then that Caramina Falcon relayed the information that her and Glinelril had learned from the ancient wise sage, Alcuin. Valthalion, he said, seeks out the “Nights Eye”. This “Nights Eye” is a large magical dark sapphire gem that once was mounted on the top of an ancient wand used by Neira the Necromancer when she walked the lands as a mortal. This gem, once thought lost, has been held by many mages over the centuries, always in the end driving each of its holders insane and eventually causing their death and enslavement to the dark lady of the undead, Neira. It is also the final component needed by Valthalion to complete the dark spell to attempt to reanimate Neira the Necromancer back into an undead form.

    The group decided that before they did anything in haste to seek out Alcuin in Skara Brae for more information and guidance.

    Arriving in Skara Brae, Alcuin was found to be cat-napping, as one would expect an ancient wise sage to do from time to time, on a bench outside the community center. After a brief friendly greeting between the life-long friends Lady Absinthe and Alcuin, they got down to the business at hand. The meaning of the vials of blood which had been found located in the crypt and the location of the magical “Nights Eye”.

    Alcuin instructed the eager group that the vials of demon blood was a mixture of blood from elves, humans and vampires, more then likely from Valthalions victims. This was a clear sign that Valthalion was using “shadow magic” to attempt to summon forth more minions and more horrifically, Neira. All Valthalion would need to complete the spell is the “Nights Eye” which in order to stop him must be acquired and it destroyed on the powefully enchanted Sacrificial Alter. The location known only by Alcuin but to be only revealed once the gem had been found.

    “The “Nights Eye” is said to still be on the skeleton of the bard that had been transporting the gem to a more secure location. The skeleton, however, is located somewhere in Wind, a place only those highly skilled in the magical arts may enter and then, only two at a time” proclaimed Alcuin. Time was of the essence so Artigo Tiberon, Caramina Falcon, Glinelril and Lady Absinthe headed to Wind being the only members of the party that could have a chance at entering.

    “Only two may enter at a time”. The words from Alcuin still echoed in their minds as they arrived at the entrance to Wind. They decided that the first attempt would be made by Artigo Tiberon and Caramina Falcon to enter and search for the skeleton treasure “chest” that held the “Nights Eye”, while Glinelril and Lady Absinthe watched for any sign of Valthalion or his minions.

    No sooner had Glinelril and Lady Absinthe been notified that Artigo Tiberon had located the skeleton and was in possession of the “Nights Eye” gem the villainous Valthalion arrived bolting past them knocking them both into the walls of the entrance and down into Wind he went after the two treasure seekers.

    Furious he had missed Artigo Tiberon and Caramina Falcon and worse yet, he had lost his chance of finding and retriving the “Nights Eye” himself, he returned to the entrance viciously attacking Glinelril and Lady Absinthe. After fatally wounding Lady Absinthe and leaving her for dead, he went after Glinelril only to have her trusted frosted cu sidhe chase after him before he disappeared into the night.
    The four promptly returned to Skara Brae's community center to inform Alcluin of Artigo Tiberons find and to give him the “Nights Eye”.

    Alcuin advised Artigo Tiberon to return to him in two days time to be rewarded for his heroic efforts and advised the group that the only way to keep the gem secure from the grasp of Valthalion was to have Lady Absinthe give it to Lady Luna Rossa and for her seal it in an iron box until the final ceremony to destroy the gem and end Valthaltions' rampage of destruction and evil.