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Valthalion's Shadow

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Luna Rossa, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Luna Rossa

    Luna Rossa Guest

    Valthalion was an ancient Elf who dabbled in the darker arcane magic’s of the past, his quest for knowledge of the spirit world lead him into a trap set by Neira the Vile, a demon goddess of the underworld. For nearly ten years he was held and tortured in her dark dungeons, only to finally escape and in doing so fleeing with her tome of the “Shadow”. This legendary tome was filled with the secret rites, spells and lore of Necromancy and with it Valthalion could fully understand and utilize the powerful spirit magic of the ancients.

    After Valthalion returned to his homelands, he was brought back to health by the Elves of his tribe, among them his wife Glinelril, who thought him long dead. Once he had healed, he found that he was still very weak and not able to undertake the arduous studies required to invoke the powerful magic’s contained in the Shadow tome. Determined to discover the secrets, he used some of the darker incantations to “revitalize” his own physical and spiritual powers. Unknowingly in doing so he cursed himself, as Neira had planned for anyone who should dare to steal away with her tome, and in a short time, he was under her control.

    Valthalion soon fell into madness, as his body withered and he took on the form of a vampire, he kidnapped his beloved wife and attempted to sacrifice her in a twisted attempt to “save her”. It was only due to the intervention of the other Elder elves of his tribe, which saved her form this fate. During the battle that ensued, Valthalion’s keep was burnt to the ground and with it, he too was slain. Or so it was thought….

    In his final moments Valthalion must have used his necromantic powers to invest his spirit in to a vessel or other form of medium. How he did this is unknown, some speculate that he had already separated his spirit from his body and therefore was immune to death in a physical form. Since then, his spirit has been wandering the lands searching for a host or a way to “reanimate” itself into a physical form. What is known is how he regained his physical form…

    Glinelril, his wife and priestess of nature, had assumed his spirit was lost in the fire, yet through visions and dreams she saw and heard Valthalion. Thinking it was possible to revive her husband and purge his spirit of the dark curse, she ventured to search for his trapped spirit. What she found was only darkness, for once she used her magic to attempted to commune with Valthalion at his gravesite, a dark fiendish spirit attacked and nearly slew her. Darning energy from her as it latched onto her spirit the dark cursed soul of Valthalion burst back into the this realm in the form of a dreaded lich. His putrid body clawed out of his grave and now stalks the land, seeking to slay all who he encounters.

    It is thought that he can only be finally slain if his spirit is expunged from his now undead physical form. To do this, the Shadow Tome must first be found and destroyed, then Valthalion can be slain and the curse finally broken. Perhaps afterwards his spirit might rest.