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Vamp vs Wraith - Ultimate Showdown and tactics

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Imhotletscybr, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    First of all I´n new and stuffs.

    Since I gave up my thoughts of getting good in PvP due to lack of RL time I thought hey wtf I wanna solo all monsters in the game [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So I read and read and decided I wanna try out Sampire/Vampdexxer/Vampurai etc. I started a new char and stoned some skills over and build an absolutly massive suit. Then I started to try some monsters on starting with regular blood elementals and before I knew it a paragon spawned. It was not until I swung the axe for the last time I noticed "Dude h3's g0ldenz!" I thought to myself, damn this temp is really nice. Then I started to try out some other monsters like cus, succus, swoops for a few hours. After that was easy I tried the infamous Balron from h3ll! I died really quick. So my question is, how do you control the burst damage you recive versus high level spellcasters?

    Run -> Evasion?
    Run -> Bandage, Pot, Confidence?
    Counter attack -> LS ?
    Evasion -> Bandage -> LS and prey that you hit?

    How do YOU do it ? Of course I succeded to kill a few balrons but still it was a really risky business with their insane burst damage.

    That was the first question...

    Second one is....

    I´m not really happy with the Sampire as it is. Maybe I just suck and I do need more practice but I thought the survivability would be better. Then I thought Wraith with healing would be ultimate for peerlesses. So first of all I wanna ask for reviews of this temp

    120 Melee
    120 Bush
    120 Parry
    90 Anat
    100 Heal
    0 Tac
    53 Chiv +12 on brace
    35 Necro +5 Bloodwood
    82 SS +10 Bloodwood

    No tactics is low damage but you get curse weap + bandages + pots + bush on same temp, I dont know if that makes up for the lost damage.

    If this wont work then what is the standard wraith temp that people use?

    My Sampire uses the following template

    120 Swords
    120 Bush
    120 Parry
    100 Heal
    90 Tactics
    82 Anatomy
    53 Chiv + 12 on brace
    35 Necro

    The suit is really neat and that is not the reason why I dont succeed with soloing everything [​IMG]

    61/63/69/77/68 (In vamp form and after protection)
    23 HCI
    63 DCI
    73 DI
    30 HLD
    7 MR
    30 LMC
    21 HPi
    10 Dex
    16 Mana
    15 EP

    Weap is Ornate Axe
    38 DI
    30 SSI
    12 DCI
    50 ML
    42 SL

    Stats is not finished yet but I will settle for either 137/170 (real dex)/56 or lower the dex a bit and put into strenght.

    So the real question is - is the survivability better with a Sampire - Regular Whammy - Bandage Whammy?
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    I'm probably going to give the whammy a try next. I always liked mace weapons in the old days and with the stamina drain that they cause in PVP and PVM I feel like exploring the template again. I've read about macer whammies soloing MOBS fairly easily because the mace drains off their stamina slowing down their attacks and with the mana leech effect of the wraith the mobs run out of mana also.

    I have a few friends that play macer templates in PVP and their pretty tuff to kill also. Drain off stamina and a pvp opponent can't run away and their swing speed drops to almost nothing.

    As far as your template goes I'd drop SS for tactics. You'll have a much easier time if you can use weapon specials along with your bushido specials. With 100 tactics you'll get a damage bonus and if your in wraith form you should have plenty of mana for chiv heals, if and when needed, and specials. You can still use curse weapon but it won't last as long.

    Hope this helps.