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(RP) Vampiric RP and You... (Ricean Lore)

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Pandora_CoD, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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    For CoD, we use what is often referred to as Ricean lore. It is based on the books by Anne Rice --- many of you are familiar with this lore. Though we appreciate and try our best to meld with White Wolf lore, it does not apply to us as a whole. So I have created a dossier on how to create a vampire for Ricean lore followers, which also gives everyone a solid understanding of the basic principles that we use in our RP.

    That "How To" is found here: Creating A Vampire | The Children of Darkness

    Some notes to consider when interacting with us:

    1) We often user verbal clues which can be seen as "mess ups"... for example: No one would use the word "coven" to refer to their guild other than Ricean vampires. So sometimes I will say, "I am the leader of our cov... err guild." Some of you may pick up on this, and if you ask us about it we'll deny it or say its nothing.

    2) Emotes for us are used for much more than just actions we're doing. Sometimes we'll preface our emotes with "Telepathy" to signify that we're engaging those around us we know could hear us in such a way. Those that do not have telepathic powers (vampire or not) could not hear us at all, but those that do might be able to open new and exciting RP lines of interaction with us. For example: *Telepathy: I thirst for elven blood.*

    3) We're almost always in "masquerade" to use a White Wolf term, we call that "pretending". But we're not 100% always in the pretend. For the most part, mortals would consider us "eccentric" and laugh off any reference to vampires; no such beings exist in Sosaria. If you come at us somehow "knowing" we're vampires, especially around others, we'll laugh and taunt you saying how no such things exist. A CoD vampire that is pretending to be mortal would be hard pressed to be "found out" with any degree of certainty. The only way you could tell we're vampires for absolutely sure, would be to witness a mortal kill, which no CoD'er would do. We can choose to reveal to mortals our true nature, if we trust them enough to keep our secrets and others may have clues or hints to that fact, but never known for sure. This contradicts our rule #5, but only ever so slightly.

    4) No CoD vampire would ever turn a mortal into a vampire without the consent of the elders of our coven, as per rule #1, and the player of that character. Should you want to be "turned", you must accept that you will forever have a mind link to your maker, and perhaps only your maker, and you will be bound to him/her. So choose carefully if that is your goal. No overly powerful or extremely weak characters would ever be chosen to be turned either, in line with rule #3, so keep that in mind too. Mortals seeking to join us cannot join us as mortals unless they are gargoyles. Gargoyles will never be turned into vampires because they fail to pass rule #2, neither can children. Also Gargoyles would be all too powerful as vampires, per rule #3. We refer to Gargoyles as our daytime watchers/guardians/slaves. If you wish to role play that, its probably one of the hardest most challenging to role play WELL with us.

    5) In Ricean lore, no vampire could ever be "born a vampire" --- they must be turned. To be born a half-breed --- half vampire, half mortal --- your mother must have been pregnant with you at the time of her turning, and far enough along for you to survive the birth. At the moment of turn, she would have been induced into quick labor. No vampire could "grow up", but half-breeds can although delayed, severely. For example, it would take 100 years for a half-breed to go from baby to say age 18. We would not recognize vampires that say they are "born as a vampire", we'd role play them in our interaction as half-breeds. Half-breeds have limited powers, can eat and drink like mortals, and also require blood, although in much smaller doses.

    Enjoy the RP!

    - Pandy

    P.S. Character Biographies: The Children of Darkness - Character Bios (We'll be adding more soon!)