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[Price Check] Varies items w/ selling in mind (GL)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Carmen from GL, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Items on great lakes if interested, but for now i just need to find out what the value of these items are. Ill list them out, then post pics after entire list is finished, looks chaotic other wise.

    Sigil Bone Suit -
    Sea Serpents Suit-
    Sigil 'Of Exceptional Quality' Kite shield-
    Sigil Bear Mask (night sight charges-29) -
    Sigil Bracelet (invis charges 82) -
    Fishing weight-
    Blood Tile- Sold
    Rubble Blood x2-
    Glacial Spellbook full-
    Happy 6th Anniversary Spellbook-
    Executioner's Axe (blood red)-
    Sigil Sandal (pic w/bone suit)- offered 7mil
    Sorcerer's Suit-
    Scout' Suit(w/ female chest)-
    Greymist Suit-
    Darkwood Bloodwood type suit-
    120 Stealing x2-
    120 Necro-sold
    120 Chiv-
    120 Disco-sold
    120 Animal Lore-
    120 Vet-
    8 HCI / 15 DCI /FC 1 Metal Kite shield-
    Polar Bear Ethy-
    White Hair Dye-
    Blaze Hair Dye-
    Liquid Gold Hair Dye-sold
    Feathernock Quiver-
    Gypsy Headress-
    Twilight Lanterns (Black & Orange)-
    Weird Strength Charge Brace (check pic plz)-Sold
    1000 Rubbies Weddingband (newby blessed)-
    Sigil Lantern-










  2. Blesh

    Blesh Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    um. lol.


    Whoops, nvm, missed the blood red part. lol. miiggghhhtt wanna show that its red in your screenshot though. :p

    by the way, i didnt realize there was a purple twilight lantern. only the black and orange. do you mean a sigil purple lantern or did i miss something?

    Attached Files:

  3. First post updated, sorry was late when i posted. And im my defense alot for 'black' things in game are really a shade of purple, however, the lantern is actually black. Thanks for reminding me i have a sigil lantern i could sell too.

    *added- sigil lantern w/ pic
  4. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    These are all rough estimates for values. Certain collectors may offer more or less depending on mood. ;-p

    Sigil Bone Suit - Ive seen helmets go for 7-8m alone. Sigil bone suit 3m per others, 20-25m
    Sea Serpents Suit- 500k, junk
    Sigil 'Of Exceptional Quality' Kite shield- 250k, kite sheild can be dyed, no way to authetincate sigil color
    Sigil Bear Mask (night sight charges-29) - 3-5m
    Sigil Bracelet (invis charges 82) - 2-4m
    Fishing weight- 1m
    Blood Tile- 2-4m
    Rubble Blood x2- quoting stratics list, 3-4m
    Glacial Spellbook full- depends. 2-5m
    Happy 6th Anniversary Spellbook- 4-8m
    Executioner's Axe (blood red)- 500k-1m
    Sigil Sandal (pic w/bone suit)- offered 7mil (cant bleive the offer, i value sigil sandles at 2-3. highly duped.)
    Sorcerer's Suit- 16-20m
    Scout' Suit- 5m junk.
    Greymist Suit- no idea
    Darkwood Bloodwood type suit- 3mish
    120 Stealing x2-
    120 Necro- 1m max (people rarely raise necro over 100)
    120 Chiv- 1-2m (same story with chiv)
    120 Disco- junk 200-400k
    120 Animal Lore- 1-2
    120 Vet- 800-1.5m
    8 HCI / 15 DCI /FC 1 Metal Kite shield- 1-2m
    Polar Bear Ethy- 3-5m
    White Hair Dye- 1m
    Blaze Hair Dye- NA
    Liquid Gold Hair Dye- 15m
    Feathernock Quiver- Ive seen this sell anywhere from 3m to 20m. depends.
    Gypsy Headress- 800-1.5m
    Twilight Lanterns (Black & Orange)- 150k a pop
    Weird Strength Charge Brace (check pic plz)- bugged brace, 1-2m
    1000 Rubbies Weddingband (newby blessed)- junk throw it away.
    Sigil Lantern- 500-1m

    Hope that helps. Just my rough opinion of course. Lots of room in the middle for prices as people love to haggle.
  5. Thats the extint of my price checks off the top of my head hope that helps some :D
  6. I think you're quite mistaken about those suits. They average about 6-8m and 10 mil max unless you're a desperate buyer.

    quite possibly one of the worst opinions Ive seen about a rare for awhile. Its one of the harder to find suits and is quite great on archers. I've seen scout suits sell for 25m post trade-in.
  7. Doh forgot to mention the Scouts suit is a female chested suit too
  8. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    Wow. The worst opinion you've seen in a while?

    In what fantasy marketplace is the scout suit worth the same as the sorcerer suit? Come now. Maybe 5m was a little low. 7-8, max.
  9. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    LOL. Perhaps because it was probably the least selected suit, and thus is "rarer" than the others. I took two of them at the trade in. I sold one for 22 million within the last month on GL. So much for 7-8 max.......;)
  10. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    Just because you can convince someone to pay you 22 million gold for a suit does not mean they are worth said amount. I have sold several of each of these suits. I've had them sit on a Luna vendor for weeks priced at 12. The only time they ever move is you lower the price. Perhaps I am biased against these scout suits, but they are a useless set of armor and I would not even consider them to be rare yet. You can still get them.

    An item being worth alot of points does not automatically make it worth its gold variant.
  11. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    May i ask on what method you valued this????

    As far as i am aware Sea serpent scale suits are no longer craftable and any attempt to craft with sea serpent scales would result in blue dragon armour (or something simular to that being created),

    Maybe i should have accepted the 30 mill i was offered for mine.
  12. so what made 25k point tickets worth 1-2m? They were a point variable. The Sorc suit is as useless as the scout suit now with the abundance of available artifacts. What makes it worth 25m when I can go out an buy the arties to make a better suit with better mods for 20?

    and if you have any scout suits, I'll take as many as you have for 5m.
  13. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Again I LOL. So what makes the sorcerer's suit worth anything? It too is junk. For the same 20+ mill that people will pay for these, I can put together a suit that is superior in all respects. Not to mention the undyable, hideous color. They are common, and bad to boot. I think you will find over the long haul (assuming the game lasts lol), that the rarer suit will continue to increase in value. The sorcerer's suit will stay flat in value as there are tons of them. Sorry you can't move yours, but I would have no problem selling the other one I have for the same kind of gold. Oh well, to each his own, and opinions are like backsides...................
  14. Wouldn't take less than 30 my self :lick: Infact I might buy her sea serp suit. Just depends on what she wants:D
  15. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    i was suprised i got offered 30 i had an guestimate at it being about half that but did a little research into it!

    Still scratching head as to whether or not your being serious in your post lol those darn pokey out tongue smillies should be shot on sight:gun:
  16. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    I was checking this thread today to see what kind of uninformed opinions would pop up. Lets have a little bit of a history lesson and see the breakdowns, shall we?

    First of all a person in this thread remarked that my estimate price for SIGIL BONE ARMOR, the RAREST SIGIL you can find, is only worth a mere 10 million for the entire set. Anyone who actually collects sigil armor would know that this person does not understand the sigil market to true sigil collectors.

    However, in the same breathe that this person denounces my price for sigil, he will then turn around and say that junk, useless, blue scaled dragon armor, is worth 30 million gold.

    Why is this? This does not make logical sense. For sigil armor is much rarer, and much more coveted than this junk dragon scale armor. Does anyone here care to disagree with this statement? I would think carefully on this matter.

    Sigil is much older. And much rarer. it is much more difficult to find than this so called 30 million gold set of blue scaled armor.

    Sigil bone suits are worth 20-25m. Blue scale dragon armor is useless and has no real value. Yet the so called "experts" in this thread who are critical of my prices are no where near even close to the values.

    I am a merchant. It is what I do and what I have done for the past 10 YEARS. I firmly stand by my prices and estimations of the values. As always you have to take this message board with a grain of salt because everyone seems to think there opinion is the correct one.

    I assure you, my friends, that they are all wrong about this peticular subject.
    Thank you.
  17. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    I mean I truly can't believe how smug and misinformed you both are.


    It is very....typical.