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Vendor help, ASAP!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Dragonchilde, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    I've also posted this in the New Player forum, but it's pretty time sensitive, and figured you guys could answer the question more.

    I've now got a Luna vendor rental. Problem is... I'm not sure how it works!

    I've got all my stuff placed, priced, and that... but when I bring up the summary, this is what it says:

    Gold Needed for 1 Day of vendor salary: 2170
    My Charge per real world day is: 2265
    Gold held in my account is: 95

    Now, I read a few tutorials, but what I've read that scares the crap out of me!

    Specifically, this: http://uo.stratics.com/content/misc/vendor.shtml "If a player has not paid the vendor fee, or rent, the vendor will take the rent fee out of the money it has earned from sales. If the rent has not been paid and there is no money left from sales, the vendor will destroy itself, along with any goods on the vendor at that time."

    How do I pay the vendor? I have the cash to do so... but I don't know how to pay him! I definitely don't want to lose my stuff.
  2. Raider Red

    Raider Red Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:

    If I remember coreectly you can just drop piles of gold on your vendor and it will add it to the vendors total.I havent messed with a vendor in a long time but I do belive this works.

    besides if the vendor "drops" the stuff goes to the house sign.
  3. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    Well, in Luna, it wouldn't last long,a nd I wouldn't want there to be freebies. :) alright, thank you for pointing out the obvious to my silly head. Thank you very much!
  4. ZidjiN

    ZidjiN Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2006
    Likes Received:
    you could allso place a 100.000 gold check on the vendor and set the price to 100.000 and ask someone to buy that check. In that way you get 100.000 gold on your vendor the your friend looses nothing :)
  5. Put one bulk order deed in a book on your vendor priced for say 100000. Then you can buy it yourself and the gold will be on the vendor.
  6. skin2

    skin2 Guest

    I just did this with 35 diffrant vendors ( saved a lot of trips with the pack animals ) my vendors are now sorted for about the next 6 years if i read the info right LOL
  7. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    Well, as it turns out, I need not have worried. ;) I dropped some runes, and sold the leather I had... I've made just over 1 million gold! Which, by the way, is enough to keep a vendor up for 24 years. ;)