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Vengeance - Dragonbrand Server PvP

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by Eurlin, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Eurlin

    Eurlin Guest


    Guild: Vengeance
    Tag: [VNG]
    Focus: Semi - Hardcore
    Time Zone: EST
    Website: www.VengeanceClan.com


    Vengeance is an international gaming syndicate focusing on team orientated gameplay across multiple genres and platforms.

    Mission Statement:

    Vengeance is a guild of like-minded gamers pursuing a common goal. In the rather egocentric environment of competitive gaming, we strive for a guild before self philosophy, allowing for maximum support of our primary goal: to win. We achieve this goal through various means. Team-play, coordination, dedication, communication, cooperation, unification; beyond mere personal means, we also apply strategy and tactics, which include psychological and philosophical aspects that some may deem unconventional.

    As we aspire to "win”, we need to do so in a fair way. A victory holds no bragging rights, if you cheated your way there. The entire gratification and satisfaction derived from a victory is demolished through cheating. As such, it is our agenda to adhere to a strict "fair play” policy that bans the use of any programs interfering with the game code, the game’s performance, or the game’s rules. In other words, we don’t cheat. We as a Guild abide by the technical definition of "fair” as the moral or ethical implication of it is a pipedream that is simply impossible to meet.

    We hold our standards high. We expect our members to perform on the best of their abilities and we expect our members to work as a team; as a cohesive unit. Through our high standards and our close cooperation, we became more than a loose group of gamers with a common game, we became friends. We became a family. And those bonds reach beyond the game, beyond the computer. For those of you, who are interested in joining our guild, you can leave your application in the recruitment section of our forum, where we also provide an application form for you. Get in touch with us, join us in the game, get to know us. It is important to us, that you are the right fit, and as a natural result of that, that you are comfortable around us. We expect you to follow orders as a member. We expect you to be honest, dependable and proficient. If you can meet and accept those criteria you will find a welcoming, mature and competent family of gamers to call yourself a part of. If you can’t… there’s the door.

    Guild History:

    Vengeance has it's roots in the earliest days of online gaming. Some member's first started in gaming with the BBS systems. Moving on to MUDS, then graphical systems such as "The Sierra Network", and "Air Warrior". These were the days of paying $6 an hour to be logged into a game on the Delphi Network. "Ultima Online" was the first true graphical MMORPG that most of us played, and we've moved on through the various online games since.

    RF Online

    Vengeance first formed in "RF Online" in early 2006. We are the product of a merge between two smaller clans, "Nemesis" and "Eternal Chaos". During this time, we were at war with our own faction as much as the enemy factions. We even called ourselves the "Fourth Faction" for a time. Because of this, the name "Vengeance" seemed to fit, and it still describes our playing style to this day. In "RF Online", we proceeded to become the most powerful Cora clan on our server, and enjoyed the fear and hatred of our enemies.

    SYN: The Synergy Project

    SYN was founded in 2003 as a Star Wars Galaxies PvP guild on the Naritus server. From SWG, we moved to World of Warcraft upon launch on the Illidan server. We played on Illidan for about 9 months at which time we moved to the Dalvengyr server due to server instability and queue times. We played as both a PvP and PvE guild on Dalvengyr a few months into the Burning Crusade WoW expansion at which time most members began working on alternative projects and gaming interests.

    With friends across various guilds and organizations SYN was brought back together with Vengeance in Age of Conan where our two guild's merged together to create a single like minded gaming syndicate.

    Honorable mention games that Vengeance has been in include Warhammer Online, Aion, RIFT, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

    Vengeance gives repect to everyone in the games we play. We will be friends with anyone who offers friendship in return. Including those in enemy factions. This does not mean we won't attack enemy factions, but we will be respectful as we slaughter them. However, once a clan has shown malice to Vengeance, we will do everything we can to destroy that clan. We can be no better friend, and no worse enemy.

    We are currently not accepting Thief characters.
  2. Eurlin

    Eurlin Guest

    Still looking for players, we play all day and night. players from all around the world! Apply today!
  3. Eurlin

    Eurlin Guest

    Looking for players in all time zones!