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Vent and Roleplaying.

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_OldAsTheHills, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. If some players use Vent to interplay communicate and others do not
    then does this cause a problem for the non-users?

    Is Vent an in-game advantage for the users?

    I wonder if a poll answering the questions: Do you use Vent? answers: Yes, No.
    would be useful to know.

    Will the moderators do this poll?

  2. Vent has its uses in group battle. I do not use it for role playing.
  3. Rykus

    Rykus Guest


    Vent has its uses in group battle. I do not use it for role playing.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    I rarely use it period. I actually enjoy the abstraction of text communication.

    I'm not opposed to using it when fighting though.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Vent/Team Speak is very useful for both PvP and events. I will do your poll.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Vent in and of itself is counterproductive to roleplaying. One can be at an in game bank and folks be blabbing on the vent and not even speaking *in game* no words float up that were typed it is all often just in vent. Roleplaying in and of itself should be *in game* otherwise it is an entirely different format not *in game* where words actions can be seen and *heard* ie reading them on screen.

    That said I can fathom folks using it for fights pvp factions etc. more realtime connection for them.

    Problem is some over use vent to such a degree, those whom do not or can not use it *ie slower connections* unless guildmates guildleaders or alliance peeps bother to clue one in ...as to realtime what IS going on *in vent* the non vent one has no clue and often is not informed..,nor kept informed. This sucks for say a guild meeting if no words are in game on screen ..may as well not even attend if no one is there *as the speaker* to have the vent ones and non vent ones on the same page at ..the same time same place. Alliance or guild chat only goes so far if everyone else is in vent you are left out.

    Reason some do not use vent..it is anti roleplay and some are not as speedily connected and would be lagged to hell to play in the game they would be slower yet and so they stay off vent and often off icq and uo auto map all at same time to MOVE as effectively as a slower connection can go. . minus all that extra stuff. Not everyone has dsl or cable...sometimes it may be right close to your residence but not THERE yet. I would be one of those...it is all around this area but this particular area is still out of that loop ...they do plan ON it but whom knows when. Any extra stuff I would utilise IN GAME just lag me more to hell can not use it if I wish to move !

    Vent often is not used by guilds that are more roleplaying types ..it is used more by pvp types for that real time connection of em all.

    It is a great dividing wall though of haves and have nots left outs and included ins .. and that is a very sorrowful issue ..but doubt those IN vent will change to include more the rest of us that can not use vent due to connections or..just feel it is contrary to the spirit of UO as a *roleplaying game*.


    never the two will meet I fear so, those left out go hang with those whom are also *left out* of the vent loop. *not much choice* in the matter. [​IMG]