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(Player News) Vesper Times- August Edition

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Khaleesi, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Lady Khaleesi

    Lady Khaleesi Seasoned Veteran

    Jun 27, 2013
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    Town News

    We are delighted with the addition of the trough and horse at the front wall of the Mint of Vesper. Marmorie has charmed both the young and the old with her good nature. She does seem a bit lonely for her kind but the addition of a stable master will alleviate her distress. Rumor has it that interviews are in the works for the perfect candidate for the job.


    We have weekly town meetings to gather together to share ideas, adventure the city and sometimes visit the traveling store wherever it journeys. Town Meetings will continue on Wednesday Evenings at 8 pm EST and Saturday Afternoons at 3 pm EST. Having two meetings will facilitate our overseas citizens who wish to be active in Vesper’s activity. Someday, just maybe the Traveling Store will venture Vesper’s way!

    The Governor’s Office has once again moved and is in a great location off the road next to the road by the Northwest bridge behind the mint of Vesper. Please stop in and say hello. There is a bulletin board accessed to everyone and a mailbox should you want to drop anything off.


    The Virtue land games were a huge success! The night started out festive in the bar area with our own brew master, Bodhiharma serving up some of his best liquors. Our own vesper citizen, Istari won and took the first prize of $1,000,000 gold. Many thanks go out to Sinful Obsession, Corinthian, SunWolf, Bodhiharma, Raven and Quacklebush for making the game fun and easy to follow!!

    Skara Brae hosted a Pirate Festival on Saturday, July 27th. Of course, our citizens have to represent Vesper in such an event. Quacklebush sailed us quite expertly through the canals and into the sea. We arrived at the port of Skara Brae in plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. Somehow we did miss the costume contest, I believe that my outfit has a few singe marks on it from the Scalis attack which left many wounded but was eventually brought down. Thank you for including us in your event, Sage. We hope that Skara Brae as well as the other cities plan to attend out carnival on August 24th @ 7:30!!!


    Is this a prediction? Do we take heed? Let us hope Loric visits our town and graces us with more of his tales and melodious voice.

    Political Newsflash

    A petition was presented to the King with signatures stating the citizens wishes to have the Minoc moongate renamed. The citizens feel that given the location of the moongate (only steps away from Vesper to the east, it should be represented by name. Minoc and Vesper have shared the moongate’s destination and reaped its benefits from the beginning. They have relied on each other for its relevant strengths. For example, Minoc has the stone required for Vesper’s masonry expertise and Vesper’s shipwrights allow for the transportation since Minoc does not have docks at this point in time.


    The King not only decreased the Magincia tariff to 20% but issues a decree stating, ““Any bartender caught watering down drinks... Shall be fined 10 gold per glass. Payable to the town treasury. Labels of course should be honest and true. 100 gold fine per bottle mislabeled purposefully.” The King guards escorted Niamh, Vesper’s contracted privateer from the last Consiel du Rio meeting. Khaleesi wrote a letter and was granted audience with the king to discuss arrangements that would allow Naimh,s admittance at the next Conseil meeting.


    Bodhiharma has been issued a Letter of Marqee as part of Vesper’s Trade Strategy. In the coming days, Vesper will attempt to broaden its horizon to bring more selection to its shores. Bo has been in talks with various Trading Companies as well as working on ideas to build a distillery to market Vesper’s unique blend of Mead. Governor Lew of Trinsic has been mort gracious and allowed us to tour his new distillery [which made Bo quite envious]. He will be giving a Tasting of his fare on Wednesday, August 14th at 8pm. We will meet at the Mint of Vesper and make our way to the Marsh Hall tavern.


    A special thanks to Tze Naga, Vesper’s esteemed architect for donating the building and design of the Justicar’s Citadel located a short distance from the Governor’s office. Anchwor has been named the Justicar Captain as well as Alward and Sir William part of the justicar’s Guard. A voluntary draft has been issued for those wishing to join the Justicar’s Guard to work closely with the contracted Privateers in keeping Vesper’s borders safe for all who cohabit and visit our land.



    Save the Dates!!!

    Fishing Competition- August 9th Trinsic will host an extraordinary event to begin at 9pm. Please come prepared to battle the behemoths of the sea and bring your largest catch of the week within the dates specific. Check out your local boards (Stratics) for more details.

    Vesper will host a “Carnival” on Saturday, August 24th. We extend an open invitation to all who would like to participate, whether a contest, booth or event. Please contact Khaleesi, Quacklebush, Niamh or Sinful Obsession for information. To date lined up the following; a swimming contest, a petting zoo, kissing booth, and Ship Skipper contest.

    The third Conseil du Roi will assemble onSunday, August 25th @ 8pm EST - @ Castle Blackthorn

    Wine Tasting- Bodhiharma will be giving a Tasting of his fare on Wednesday, August 14th at 8pm. We will meet at the Mint of Vesper and make our way to the Marsh Hall tavern.

    The Emerald Trading Company’s Traveling Store will travel on Wednesday, August 7, and Wednesday, August 21. Meet here at the Mint of Vesper at 8pm est. for a brief meeting before we join for some fun with the caravan.


    Please contact Khaleesi with any requests at 100379308 [Pigeon] or [email protected] [Snail] Or leave a message on the bulletin board in the Governor’s office in Vesper! Fare thee Well!
    #1 Lady Khaleesi, Aug 8, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
  2. Bodhidharma

    Bodhidharma Visitor

    Jan 29, 2013
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    Come, Drink, Be Merry!
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