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(RP) Victory-Case Closed!!!?-Todays Headline-Moonglow News*R.A.S.*

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Roland Of Gilead, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Roland Of Gilead

    Roland Of Gilead Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 8, 2008
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    What began- as an investigation into the tampering with our zoo and later vandalizing of city property, and squirrel invasion, concluded yesterday in an all out war with large vicious mutated squirrels! Champions from all corners of the land were summoned by the Governor of Moonglow D.L. Keenan, with the Kings support no less! They came out in droves to support the good people of Moonglow , hoping to follow the pests to their source an stop them once an for all.
    Gov Keenan had this to say. "It was no easy battle today..but after a long hard fought battle we had a decisive victory over Naataki Naan and his minions. We have all the lands greatest warriors to thank for our salvation--we couldn't have done it without all of you!"
    Strong words from the governor but something's still on a lot of peoples minds. When all these scary mutated squirrel minions and then the vicious Squirrelnator- as some have dubbed it- were defeated, our sources say the leader Naataki Naan went poof in a cloud of smoke! But not before yelling something about "you will never know who among you conspires with me" then laughed an went poof before he could be apprehended. Strange indeed...could there be more to the story? Who in fact is/has/does/or will conspire with this villain?
    I believe we will all be keeping an eye on any investigation into this revelation ...or lack thereof by our Governor who goes by the name of Dark Lord Keenan...Some would say the guys name alone...just sounds...sketchy...Then again he did lead us to a solid victory over the latest threat to our fair victory. I'm sure time will reveal all ...as will our sources!
    As for Naataki Naan ...is he now out there plotting revenge? Word has it he has it out for Moonglow bad, due to being somewhat shunned as an "outcast" there growing up failing to catch on to the major local trades. They say he left as a young man vowing to return to "someday make all you tamers an mages pay!"
    He is now being labeled by some as the "Squirrel Master" after his recent unleashing of killer squirrels on Moonglow. They found a number of odd things at his hide out including many squirrel statues that seemed to pulse with some sort of magic. They confiscated all his contraband -though no ones seems to understand how to make his magical statues "work" if in fact they do at all...Other than the occasional poof of smoke from a failed attempt.
    To this reporter it sounds as if this Naataki Naan may have quite the story himself and maybe isn't such an "Evil Villain" so much as a poor young man pushed too far away by those who maybe should have brought him closer an helped him to find a proper way of life. Perhaps a use for the skills he must possess. After so many years alone out in the wilds with nothing but wild animals for company is it any wonder why he's angry with the city folks who made him? I guess one lesson to be learned here-Don't be a bully! It just may come back an bite ya in the arse as a giant mutated ninja squirrel!
    Moonglow News-Special Edition * R.A.S.*
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