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(RP) Virtue Bound

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Lore Denin (GL), Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
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    Blood oozed from multiple wounds and Lore could feel his strength leaving his body. He looked across the field and could see the Vampire Freja cocking another arrow.

    The fight had been long and grueling, both were injured but neither willing to give an inch.

    This was his chance, if he could reach her before she was able to summon her healing magics, he could end the fight and the magical spell of binding would take effect.

    Lore charged shield up, racing to close the distance between them.

    Freja did not blink, a veteran of a thousand battles, she smiled and let loose. Her arrow flew perfectly, aimed not to kill but to slow, striking Lore below his shield, piercing his armor, entering his right thigh. His furious charge came to a sudden halt as he stumbled to the ground.

    The words of Tina Tink echoed in his head, "You would not like to meet my sister."

    Lore shook his head, trying to remain focused. He slowly rose and continued his charge.

    He could see the confident look on Freja's face, she reached into her pocket to summon her healing magic. She had all the time in the world to play with her wounded toy.

    "I will drink your blood foolish Virtue Knight! To think you could bind me to Virtue. I shall enjoy making you lick my boots as my mortal slave."

    Lore could see it was hopeless, his wounded leg could barely support his weight and he'd never reach her before she summoned her healing magic, Still he was determined that if he should fall this day, he would do so with honor of a Virtue Knight, and so he charged one final time.

    A less experienced archer might have panicked at the sudden, desperate charge, aimlessly firing and leaving themselves open to an attack but not a veteran like Freja. She took a calculated step back, and reached into her satchel. She would heal herself then finish her wounded prey without risking her own unlife...

    Freja's eyes widen, not in feat or panic, but surprise. Her healing agents were extinguished, hadn't she packed more..?

    She expertly turned and fired an arrow at the desperately charging Lore Denin who despite his condition was closing the gap with surprising speed. The arrow entered his shoulder, piercing his armor and passing out the other side. His arm went instantly limp, sending his Order Shield sprawling across the field but now he was right on top of the vampire.

    Lore lurched forward, grasping his kryss with both hands, summoning all the strength he could muster, for this would be his final strike. Freja held her ground, reaching back into her quiver for one last fatal arrow.

    Freja moved faster then any mortal could; her hand clasped an arrow, and drew it, expertly placing it on her bow string. She began to pull back... But Lore was only a few feet away and his Kryss was faster. His thrust was true, and the blade pierced her armor and plunged straight into the unbeating heart of the dark outlaw.

    Freja howled in pain, her arrow flying harmlessly into the air. Her unnatural scream lasted only a moment as the magic of the spell of binding took effect.

    A blue light engulf them both, the terms of the magical contract took effect. The Vampire cursed as she felt the magic binding her to the Lore's will; a week of service in the name of Virtue. Her mind already thinking of how she would make this arrogant knight pay, for a week was a blink of the eye in the undying life of a vampire.

    Lore lay on the ground still wounded, and barely conscious. He gave Freja a mental command feeling the effects of the magic take effect, "guard me while I rest...."

    As he began to fall into the darkness of unconsciousness he swore he say a peculiar animal at the edge of the clearing... Lore smiled as he fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of a ferret carrying a stash of bandages between his teeth.
    #1 Lore Denin (GL), Apr 20, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
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  2. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Freja looks around, how could she let this happen. Guarding towns and guarding a Virtue Knight, Freja dislike this towns, now she is bound to guard them for a whole week. She had seen what this so called Virtue people in town do to people, she feel some of them do not have a heart at all, when they deny poor people and families that little help, they need to survive.

    She do know, there are good people between the people in this town, but sadly to many of them greedy and heartless. She look at this Lord Lore Denin, he seem to different, he did come alone as he told he would, she know he feared to lose the fight just as much as she did.

    She had expected to win, this Knight is still new to this land, but he surpriced her, he was stronger than she expected and it was sure not just because of her sisters work with his armor and weapon, he know how to use it too.

    Freja look at him again, would he had been a good slave? Freja remember her own time as mortal slave for the Undead Lords. Some of the other slaves had a very hard time and some did not make it, they was not able to show a little respect, they thought, they already was one of Myrkuls Lords. They was punished badly for that.

    Freja have the feeling, Lore would feel in a wrong place, taking orders from a Vampire Lady but he would had done the task he was asked to do and counting down to he was released from the bound to her. There are other virtue knights, Freja would had enjoyed to break down and make do really nasty thing to serve her, but this knight is different, he seem to understand what the Virtue really stand for.

    When Freja long ago choose the Vice side, she saw people, she thought was Virtue, act very wierd. She thought they was friends but now they looked at her as an enemy and as scum. She did not changes and she understood, it was people like them, who made her choose the Vice side.

    Freja became a Highwayswoman, she would hold up the rich, demand their gold and gems. Freja did not need their gold and gems but all this miserable people, trying to survive in the forest, they really needed food, clothes, medicin and a place to sleep. Freja gave the loot to the people who needed it.

    This Virtue and Vice really confuse Freja, she try to balance between it and respect the good ones on both sides and help the ones who need her help.

    Freja feel it will be a hard week, but she will use it well, trying to learn a little more about this town people and who of them, that deserve her respect and who she will handle, when her week is over, if she ever see them outside town.

    Serving this Knight may not be as hard as she feared, as he already gained her respect and Freja feel he may have the power to changes the towns and make them a better place. Maybe he will end up fighting with her against this false Virtue people she despice so much.
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  3. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
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    Pinkerton smiles. A chuckle might give him away. He settles in on the grassy knoll and blends in. Quick as a flash a dagger leaps to hand as Pinkerton slowly reaches into his pouch. He pulls an apple out and slowly slices it and eats... quietly.

    He had found the ruckus. It appeared to be a duel to the death! Pinkerton studies the archer, he knows her. Already this has promise! There will be blood!

    Pinkerton turns to see what hapless victim it might be this time. The smile turns to a wry grin. He has heard of this fellow... A knight or some such.

    This will be interesting...
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