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(RP) Virtue Patrol - "Kingdom Besieged" [RECAP]

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Lore Denin (GL), Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
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    Lore looked at the remaining members of the Virtue Patrol. Four stalwart defenders remained of the original eight that had begun. They were bloodied, bruised, and mostly naked having lost most of their gear along the way. The Vice Forces that besieged Britannia were organized and skilled. They were led by a guild calling themselves the Brave Amateurs which included many powerful agents of darkness, Crunch, Arnold, Dark Star, Sir Vincent as well as some new faces Virem and Irene. The combined forces of the White Council were simply over matched. The towns of Britain, Moonglow, and Trinsic had already been lost.

    The call to arms was raised, and word that a second raid on the capital was about to begin. Perhaps the treasury of Britain had not been fully drain and so the forces of Vice gathered to sack the city once again.

    Susie whispered to Lore "You have nothing left but a war fork! Lucius is naked under that robe and can no longer cast spells! I am out of arrows, and Sarah, well there isn't much she can do alone! Face it, its over!"

    Lore turned to Susie and smiled, and spoke gently, "I carry with me much more then a war fork M'lady. I - no all of us carry the ideals of Virtue and the last hope for Britannia. So long as I draw breathe, I shall return for any spell directed at me is one that is not targeting another."

    Susie shook her head, this was like trying to reason with a tree. Lore's voice was oddly steady and calm as he continued...

    "Can we win Britain from Vice in this condition? Against these odds? Maybe not, but I know we have no chance if we fail to answer the call of its defense. I gave my word to Dupre, I will finish the patrol and do all I can in my power to save as many people from the invading armies as I can. I did not give my word with the condition, 'as long as I have the stronger force' or 'as long as there is no risk to me.'

    I gave it without condition or reservation, and so long as I am capable, I will stand and fight. I hold no anger should you not wish to follow, you have all sacrificed more then any person should ever have too.

    Susie blinked, she had forgotten how truly insane Lore Denin was.... and how addictive his nonsense could be. She looked around and saw the effect he had one the rag tag team. Sarah, and Lucius were already preparing to head to Britain and likely their deaths.

    "Well I still think its a bad idea" Susie grinned and grabbed some arrows.


    The Patrol returned to Gilfane with even less clothes and more battered, but despite what could only be summarized as a complete and lopsided loss, moral was higher then it had been all day. For despite the odds, the rag tag team stuck together, finished the patrol and with some help from Pinkerton and a little luck, managed to salvage the last town for Virtue.

    By patrol's end, Vice successfully raided the towns of Britain, Moonglow and Trinsic, while the forces of Virtue successfully fought off the last siege of Britain.
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