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Virtues of Sosaria: Honesty (EM Event) Thur. Apr. 2nd

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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  2. Maximus Neximus

    Maximus Neximus Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 23, 2008
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    Hopefully someone can do a write up. I have to work that night...
  3. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
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    am i the only one that finds it funny that in the picture the "Virtues of Sosaria" have 'no significat value'


    thats kinda like foreshadowing, eh?
  4. TheUsualSuspect

    TheUsualSuspect Visitor

    Mar 4, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I think we should have ferris wheels, potato sack races and those medieval thingy-me-bobs you swing around on, i'm sure some renaissance lover will know the name. Plus you guys mispelt 'Lady Bug' it says 'Lady Buy' instead, was lady buy spelt that way on purpose? And if so, what the hell is a Lady Buy. I think some designers get on the old fire water when working. :lick:

    Oh and I want one of those owls, the parrots are for pirates and junglish themes, not someone who squats in ruins. Remember, next time you devs knock back a few tequila's, jack daniels and illicit substances think of gifting me an owl k :bowdown:

    ps and don't mispell it's name.
  5. I did not attend either, so a few snaps and what happen would be cool to see.