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Discussion in 'UHall' started by Xin Law, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Xin Law

    Xin Law Guest

    Can you please make virtues decay 'SLOWER'. I cant tell you how many times I simply did not want to even think about UO, because like clockwork every few days up to a week I have to burn 20-30 min just refreshing the virtues on my characters.

    So would it be too much trouble to have it decay only once a month? or lower the amount of virtue points you are stripped of when the 'refreshing' occurs. Get the other virtues to work for something other than to look at.

  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Maybe finish off the three that remain to be done, then look at decay rates and balancing?
  3. Xin Law

    Xin Law Guest

    I agree with your priorities, first get the rest on board because this is so over due, its not even funny, its pretty f'n sad. (I do not mean this in a cut down to the current dev team, this is entirely directed towards the past 'teams' who were clueless as to how to finish off the virtues without making it a beefed down case of UO on steriods. Seriously for you all to still be able to keep this game running even after mulitple, perhaps over a dozen of leadership/dev/gm staffing changes, company ownership, etc. is very uplifting.)

    Now, it would be absurd, no no, down right stupid, to expect you all to be able to suddenly squeeze virtue enhanceing/activating/ect. in the middle of 'ironing out the wrinkles' in KR, an also maintaining the older 2d client, along with fixing/attending to any bugs/exploit/ for LEGITAMENT. player harrassment/plus ironging out the next expansion, which looks like a lot of fun along with a lot of content.

    Never the less, even though us players are upset about the half'arse virtue system that wasn't put on a back burner in a kitchen, it was put in the dumpster behind the kitchen.

    I want to see significant changes to the game before I will ever reactive my acounts. Changes such as that 'evil omen' paralyze crap needs to come to an end, 50-60 point concussion blows from the x-bow is absoluely ********, and should have been altered/capped for this reason a long time ago, so either the dev team are complete morons, or EA is so stupid they couldnt keep an EASY, SIMPLE, BASIC service for a game that doesnt need a crap load of people, rather it needs small number of people that know what they hell they are doing.
  4. Hannes Erich

    Hannes Erich Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Don't beat a dead horse. See this thread.

    If Mythic could communicate with us about the virtue system, we would have heard something by now. They do read these forums and it would have been impossible for them to miss all the noise about virtues. Most likely it's not something our community rep is able to discuss publicly, for whatever reasons Mythic might have. This is pretty obvious if you think about it. Silence is how the dev team lets us know they can't discuss an issue with us. It may not be the most efficient method of community relations, but I've seen worse.

    So either one of two things is happening with the virtue system.

    1. They're working on it but aren't allowed to discuss it with the community.
    2. They're not working on it but aren't allowed to discuss it with the community.

    I still love you, UO, even with some of your virtues hanging open. :love:
  5. daisuke

    daisuke Guest

    i think the virtues system is probably the best thing going on uo right now. i do however agree that the decay rates should be severely nerfed. its a huge pain in the bum to attain knight in some of them, and its no fun to have all your hard work dissapear so quickly. having the other 3 implimented would also be a great deal of fun. calling the devs outright morons isnt right! i think they do try, but they miss the mark between what they want and what the community wants far too much, though.
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    The virtue of commpassion is the best one for groups and it decays soo fast! I dont bother anymore! Sacrifice is pretty easy to maintain and honor on my sammy too. Valor is easy if you do spawns regularly but let it rot a week and you are starting from scrtch practilcly.

  7. Ancient Sosarian

    Ancient Sosarian Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hail Sosarians & Britannians,

    While I agree the remaining Virtues of the in-game Virtue System (off the paper doll) need to be made functional...I must sound a note of opposition concerning decay rates.

    Being virtuous should be ones natural inclination. Obtaining "rewards" for doing what is just and reasonable is already a tremendous "Blessing."

    Let us be thankful for the Blessings and never complain or "whine" about the difficulty of being and remaining Virtuous.

    Open thy hearts without closing thy minds.

    Just another voice and view.

    An SoS