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Viscount Goop's (advanced)guide to training Discord on siege p!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Viscount Goop, May 4, 2013.

  1. Viscount Goop

    Viscount Goop Journeyman

    Apr 1, 2012
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    NOTE:I haven't looked to see if any of what im about to suggest is in violation of terms of service...if its not it will most likely be after this post. :eek:

    With that said ...here we go!

    first: you'll need a crystal ball of knowledge and some instruments , normal and exceptional and slayers of as many types as you prefer.
    Now,here comes the odd part! (only suggestions, don't get caught doing this and say i said it was legal)!!!!!

    Normally you cant use inanimate objects to raise discord but, I've found 3 items of interest, Parrots, Tillerman and commodity deed brokers!

    Parrots you can use to get to 0-25 then move to tillerman to go from 25-40 then use commodity deed brokers to train to 70
    now what you do is use the crystal ball now to find a broker that is harder then the rest....sound strange? it is

    i've discovered that the gear on these vendors changes the barding difficulty .
    case in point--there is a comm. vendor named "Satan" in new mag center that is harder then any other vendor and the only reason i can account for this is the gear she is wearing.

    I used my comm. vendor to check this.
    I put a monks robe on it and it increased the barding difficulty
    so get yourself a vendor and try some combinations of equipment and watch for mssg that tells you your chances (crystal ball of knowledge) thats how you tell if the said item does the trick.
    As for the exceptional and slayer instruments use them to either make you chances harder or easier depending on creature you using. this is how to change up the target for some diversity to break up the monotony of vendors/tillerman/parrots
    Im going all the way to GM w/ comm. vendors unless i can find other items besides monk robes and whatever "satan" is wearing. If you find any objects that work plz post them on here and there might be enough items to increase the barding difficulty enough to take discord all the way to 120 using comm. vendors

    addendum: posted info on how to use SoA's on other post so I wont be posting that here. I'm lazy*sigh*
    good luck and good tunes! V.G.

    _______________________________________________________________________________________ pulled this from one of my earlier posts _______________________________________________________________________________________
    1. Chew on this little meatring.....I started training music/discord.. accidentally discorded my tillerman!!! no joke!! Ended up using him to get me to 30ish then notice I could use parrots no less, and commodity vendors in new mag!!!!! I have no idea on the legality of these exploits/bugs but I used these 3 "objects" to get to R.O.T. and am still getting gains from a comm. vendor due to equipment on said paperdoll (assumption) but have switched to using summoned things like elementals,deamons..and will be switching to RC when i hit GM and above. as for time it takes to log in/gain/log out while under effects of a skill gain scroll.. i'm not sure what you get charged for seconds or is it 1 min even if you log in/gain/out in like 10 seconds??? I took Tinkering from 74- 96 using only 1 SoA!! I got more then 15 gains so im assuming you get charged less then 1 min if you take less then 1 min. to do all this. if thats the case then figuring out what equipment on a comm. vendor increases barding difficulty. could be a good idea,==> [vendor in ?? is , God's comm. vendor-lol-Satan, no less!!!]<--I tried putting different equipment on my comm vendor but couldn't change the barding difficulty. i'm using crystal ball to determine difficulty.​
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      Viscount GoopAdventurer
    #1 Viscount Goop, May 4, 2013
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  2. Wolfman

    Wolfman Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2008
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    Interesting stuff!