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Volunteers Needed - A Rescue Attempt

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by EM Nathael, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. EM Nathael

    EM Nathael UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Closing down The Ironworks armory for the evening, Abe reached for a nearby cloak to protect himself from the sudden rains that started falling earlier in the evening. His shoulders slumped and he sighed when he doused the lone candle lighting the room before heading out the door. The door closed with a thud and Abe placed a key in the lock, securing the building for any would-be thieves. Vesper was usually a peaceful town, but he was taken additional precautions of late since the disappearance of his brother Jon who owned The Ironworks armory. Leaning on a gnarled staff as a makeshift walking stick, Abe heading North to his home outside of Vesper.

    Along the way he mulled over jumbled thoughts that have been plaguing him since last Saturday. He recalled how his brother Jon hired able bodied adventurers to protect him on his trip from the Minoc Mines to the blacksmith shop. Halfway through the journey from Minoc to Vesper however, he and those with him, were ambushed by brigands and mercenaries that seemed intent on separating his head from his neck. One of his pack horses was killed during the attack, and the remaining two pack horses fled into the wilderness along with the iron ingots they had been carrying. The battle with the brigands and mercenaries was well-fought but eventually the hirelings Jon employed proved to be victorious. They quickly shuffled Abe back to Vesper after the skirmish without further delay. Upon arrival at The Ironworks, Abe asked several hirelings to fetch Jon from inside the shop and tell him what happened. Much to his dismay, Abe was told Jon was missing, and the only clues as to Jon’s whereabouts lay with a bloody dagger and a pool of blood. His heart sank at the thought of harm coming to his brother. Several of the valiant adventurers soon noticed a trail of blood leading outside the shop and many followed the blood trail which lead to the Healers in Vesper. Within hours, several concerned people told him they had investigated his brother’s disappearance and tracked the kidnapping brigands all the way from Vesper to Britain and from Britain to the old brigand fort just north of the Britain Crossroads where Jon was currently being held prisoner. He was thankful for their help, as his aged bones and withered frame could never have traveled so far so quickly.

    Coming out of his reverie, Abe pushed open the door to his home, took off his protective cloak, and poured himself a drink. With the knowledge that his brother was held at the old brigand fort, at the hands of the Antony Minot, he decided he would once again ask the same band of adventurers to lend aid rescuing his brother Jon. That pompous young brat, Antony Minot, must not be allowed to get away with this! He fumed, knowing full well that Antony Minot’s skill as an apprentice blacksmith was no match for Jon vast years of experience, and as a result, resorted to tactics such as kidnapping and attempted murder instead of competing directly based on products and trade. He brought his fingertips against his aging gray wiry beard, tugging at it gently, and started penning another note to nail outside The Ironworks tomorrow morning when he returned for another day’s work.

    “Help needed in rescuing my brother Jon Dering from the old brigand fort where he remains a prisoner of that young scoundrel Antony Minot. Anyone willing to volunteer their services should report here on Tuesday, July 20th at 8PM EST. I ask that you sheath all weapons until I have a fair chance to parlay with Antony directly. It is my hope that young man listens to reason and returns my brother safely without resorting to violence. I plead for your help as I worry that Antony might try something hasty should I arrive alone without vigorous allies at my side. – Abe Dering of The Ironworks”

    Event Date: Tuesday, July 20th
    Event Time: 8PM EST
    Location: The Ironworks Armory in Vesper (Trammel)
    (gates will be provided from New Haven and Luna to The Ironworks in Vesper)