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Voyage Century -- A Free Online Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cloudwindvco, May 26, 2008.

  1. cloudwindvco

    cloudwindvco Guest

    The Introduction of Voyage Century
    Voyage Century is the first 3D nautical online game which owns an integrate world chart and based on the real world of 15th and 16th century. It reappears the great geography discovery of the navigation age. The players will begin with a small boat, accumulate wealth by trading, recruit sailors and finally own strong ocean-going fleet of their own or shuttle through all over the world, control the golden sea rout of trading and even become a mysterious pirate steering their own Black Pearl.

    The brand new City Building system for the new version of Voyage Century will be released soon. Seizing a port is always important in Voyage Century, but it takes on added value now. In the old version, a port can be occupied by a guild, and the guild will obtain a lot of benefits from it. However, only powerful guilds have the ability to occupy the most prosperous ports. In addition, these ports are so few that once they are captured by a guild, it may never change hands again. As time passes, the difference between the powerful guilds and the ordinary guilds will become more pronounced.
    In order to change this unfair situation, all guilds are allowed to build their own ports if they meet certain low requirements in the new version. Furthermore, players can develop their own ports in many directions, which will definitely bring a new dimension to business as usual.
    So far, the new version of Voyage Century is still being tested, but players can keep a close eye on the official Voyage Century website for the latest information.

    Characteristics of Voyage Century
    Prior to its English launch, Voyage Century Online was available to players in China, South Korea, and Germany. An alpha test open to 1000 players began on the English version on December 8, 2006 and an open beta version was launched on December 22, 2006. A warm-up event was staged the day before the open beta launch where players could take pictures of their characters with the GMs. The game's full version was released April 8, 2007.
    Merchant system
    The merchant system is subdivided into three jobs: vendors, who gain money primarily by selling goods; investors, who profit through purchasing goods at low prices and selling them at high prices; and traders, who increase their wealth through trading goods between ports.
    There are three types of ships in Voyage Century: the Battle Ship, Raider Ship and Merchant ships. The battle ship is able to hold the most amount of cannons and can take the most amount of damage. The raider is the fastest ship and has the most amount of sailors so boarding would be a good strategy in PvP. The merchant ship is the slowest ship of all and does not do well in PvP but it has the highest loading capacity. Players are able to own multiple ships so they do not need to stick to only one. There are 10 levels ships along with the beginner ship and the Dragon Head Gunboat. Each type of ship is leveled up differently. The Battle Ship is leveled by fighting other ships in the battlefields. The raider is leveled up by exploring and the merchant ship is leveled by trading. Once a ship has met the requirements, players must gather or buy the necessary materials needed to upgrade the ship. The Dragon Head Gunboat is a newly introduced ship which is given to new players. It is roughly equivalent to a level 5 battle ship and can go very fast but has a somewhat limited loading capacity.
    The table below shows what ranks are achievable in Voyage Century Online. It also includes what nation, reputation, and silver is needed to gain them. Ranks are needed to wield certain weapons and armor. In order to get to a higher rank, you must have a certain amount of reputation.Reputation plays a great part of Voyage Century. Reputation is achieved by log books (from discoveries), treasures (from treasure maps), completing various quests, and sinking ships. Higher reputation will also cause your name to become more blue than others.
    Exploration system
    The exploration system is one part of the game which has a lot of content and a huge scope for the player to explore. The exploration system is the long, vast, ocean inside Voyage Century Online. Thus, the exploration system holds a large amount of the file. This is because the ocean is much larger than the land in Voyage Century, a more realistic figure compared to other MMORPGs which may have little or even no seas. Voyagers may come across islands, passages, and many other interesting obstacles while sailing the seas. Some of these obstacles are storms, pirates and even other players. The ocean is actually a scaled down map of the earth's oceans with some variations.
    In order to get discoveries, players need to sail on the high sea and look for sparkling spots near the shore, which means that something special is hiding nearby. Players can begin their exploration by clicking the explore button in the operation menu and input the number of sailors dispatched. Equipping higher level telescopes will help to find more findings. Players will acquire the discovery logbook of their findings if they find something. By giving the discovery logbook to the authenticator, the players can get some money and boost their reputation. Higher level discoveries offer more money and reputation, reputation is your social standing in the world. Reputation is used to gain higher noble titles; higher level noble titles allow a user to wield equipment that is stronger than regular equipment. For example, an ensign command falchion that requires 11 falchion and level 2 noble title, is much stronger than a weapon that requires 17 falchion.
    Other Characteristics

    Siege War
    Unique Sea Battle Mode
    Treasure Hunter
    Guild War
  2. cloudwindvco

    cloudwindvco Guest

    some screenshots of fashion in Voyage Century
  3. cloudwindvco

    cloudwindvco Guest

    some images of ship in Voyage Century
  4. Nok

    Nok Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Great screen caps. I love the 88 cannon frigate... that's cool. :)
  5. cloudwindvco

    cloudwindvco Guest

    Thank you, Nok. Next time I will upload more and more beautiful images.