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vv walk about guide

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by vvvv, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Moving to new page
    #1 vvvv, Jan 20, 2013
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  2. Hattori Hanzo

    Hattori Hanzo Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2008
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    This is cool.
  3. Rumpy

    Rumpy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2003
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    Point of this is...?
  4. Sam

    Sam Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 20, 2013
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    Ya missed me - i am so sad!

    Sam New Magencia 45.26 S 168.45 E Sam's Dark Tower
  5. Sam

    Sam Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 20, 2013
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    I am so happy!
  6. Adrianas

    Adrianas Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Gilfane

    Mar 13, 2003
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    At the EM Meet and Greet today, EM Aurora discussed the possibility of some sort of Historical Society being formed for Siege and she asked for volunteers. vvvv volunteered to help. The idea (if I understood it all correctly) is to document some of the historical and current homes and such - even the player towns which are no longer here, if possible. The concept of Town Banners was also brought up again and discussed. There has seemed to be some snag in that process, which will hopefully get resolved.

    There were other topics discussed as well. EM Aurora will be posting on her EM Forum about what was discussed today, and as soon as I spot those posts I will copy them over here. Also, it was asked why she cannot post directly on the Siege board while other EMs do post on their shard's boards - the answer is that she believes it has to do with tenure. She is approaching her 1 year anniversary as our EM, while those who regularly post on other shards have been EMs for many years. So for now, this is a workaround - as volunteer reporter I will copy her posts over so that those who do not regularly frequent the EM Board will still have a chance to give feedback.
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  7. Hoffs

    Hoffs Gilfane Keeper of the Hall
    Stratics Veteran Gilfane

    May 15, 2008
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    This is not really the best time to be doing it. There are still upwards of a couple of hundred RTB houses that will be falling in the next couple of weeks. I would leave it a month.
  8. Adrianas

    Adrianas Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Gilfane

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Aye, and they know that. This is just to get it off the ground. Get an idea of what is here now, so that when the influx of new people happens we have a base to start with. Areas like Barter Town and GIL are fairly well established, but this will tell them where our current boundaries are. And they *do* expect there to be a huge influx (as we've all expected). I think EM Aurora is hoping to have something basic set up so they can quickly learn the basic lay of our lands.

    To this day I remember my first encounter with a Barter Town resident, lol. I was not in GIL, not in NEW (I had played maybe a month several years earlier, so I knew the basics and wanted to see if I could do it without NEW). So I had my newbie crafter Camriel mining just east of Minoc when someone came riding in on a swamp dragon (I think it was Nightstalker - at the time I was too scared to pay complete attention). Camriel had his hiding and stealth already, so he stealthed around as this person performed earthquakes trying to reveal. I calmed down enough to just pop out of hiding and ask, "Are you looking for me?" A conversation ensued wherein he told me that I could not mine there unless I wore a jester's hat. I said "okay," and he replied, "You would wear one?" I replied, "Sure." So then he made me a deal - if I would go and get a jester's hat, he would go and get me a fire beetle! (Yes, I was so newb I had no fire beetle.) I wanted to pay him for it (as I did have some gold from my former short stint of playing). Anyway. So I got the jester hat, he got me the beetle. I think I tried to pay him for it, but cannot remember if he accepted the money or not. In any event, it was a typical 'welcome to Siege' encounter. So I GM'd my mining wearing that jester's hat . . . .
  9. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Moving to new page
    #9 vvvv, Jan 21, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
  10. tangar

    tangar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 24, 2011
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    Nice list hehe

    Add me also please - my house just near Yew bank )
  11. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Moving to a new page.
    #11 vvvv, Jan 22, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
  12. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Very nice job you are doing here, thanks alot
  13. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
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    AMITZA--------------- Trinsic---------- 123.39S 32.37E An Unnamed House
    Arium Whiteheart--- Trinsic---------- 73.12S 35.43E Trinny Workshop
    Azerium--------------- Trinsic---------- 72.30S 33.45E Smith's Rest
    Baal-------------------- Trinsic---------- 132.16S 26.00E MILF Hunter
    Black Shadow-------- Trinsic---------- 119.52S 36.50E Reserved for A friend
    Box of Rocks---------- Trinsic---------- 119.05S 37.15E The Lucky Pig
    Ceryn Windblade---- Trinsic---------- 157.14S 53.09E SO POOr
    Dalamar--------------- Trinsic---------- 108.27S 0.46E Solitude
    DrSinister------------- Trinsic---------- 77.25S 38.57E HELL
    Dupamine------------ Trinsic---------- 106.47S 31.46E Dupa's Pad
    El-Nino---------------- Trinsic---------- 125.19S 18.29E Torchwood Tower
    Elvander-------------- Trinsic---------- 78.34S 32.33E An Unnamed House
    Feline----------------- Trinsic---------- 133.09S 45.29E Manor
    Fenla La Muerte----- Trinsic---------- 152.45S 53.26E An Unnamed House
    Foolsgold------------- Trinsic---------- 130.09S 46.07E The House That Alt Built
    Grey Mouser---------- Trinsic---------- 63.01S 33.23E Grey Mouser's House
    Hattori Hanzo-------- Trinsic---------- 118.12S 33.11E Crimson Tower
    Igneous--------------- Trinsic---------- 131.55S 42.15E Wilsons Bros inc
    Kagaya Takeshi------ Trinsic---------- 118.39S 21.18E NMK in SP!
    Kotoro----------------- Trinsic---------- 47.06S 33.49E Kota House
    Lavender-------------- Trinsic---------- 107.03S 12.47E Foolsgold
    Led Zeppelin--------- Trinsic---------- 160.29S 57.52E Led's Work Shop (DTA)
    Lilth Newman-------- Trinsic---------- 43.14S 21.05E Guam
    Lore-------------------- Trinsic---------- 145.48S 32.37E An Unnamed House
    Mad McRand---------- Trinsic---------- 133.30S 39.52E Mr. Scotts Shop & Lactix Library & Trinsic Library
    Meat Popsicle-------- Trinsic---------- 76.17S 36.37E Meat HQ
    Menace--------------- Trinsic---------- 92.22S 14.29W "Smile" (Slightly Worn)
    Monk------------------ Trinsic---------- 130.52S 37.37E Monk's Manor (DTA)
    Naamah--------------- Trinsic---------- 168.55S 19.24E An Unnamed House
    Peking Duck---------- Trinsic---------- 119.52S 6.07E An Unnamed House
    PHALAENOPSIS------ Trinsic---------- 119.10S 40.46E An Unnamed House
    Pinkertson------------ Trinsic---------- 164.31S 30.18E An Unnamed House
    Prospector------------ Trinsic---------- 155.02S 62.55E Alts Keep
    Pyrite------------------ Trinsic---------- 141.51S 33.45E Fishes Den
    Pyrite------------------ Trinsic---------- 147.23S 34.10E Glory
    Quira------------------ Trinsic---------- 34.23S 34.52E The Red Skeleton
    Quira------------------ Trinsic---------- 130.57S 33.57E An Unnamed House
    Raven Tremere------ Trinsic---------- 130.25S 50.29E The Dark Castle
    Rizarium-------------- Trinsic---------- 76.38S 33.19E An Unnamed House
    Rue Tor---------------- Trinsic---------- 130.52S 35.51E An Unnamed House
    Ryaratha------------- Trinsic---------- 89.01S 10.20W An Unnamed House
    SEP--------------------- Trinsic---------- 131.13S 39.39E An Unnamed House
    Serra------------------- Trinsic---------- 78.39S 14.58E An Unnamed House
    Shadow kotoro------- Trinsic---------- 49.50S 32.58E Tama's 2nd House ^^:
    South Side Steve---- Trinsic---------- 142.22S 35.17E South Side
    Stone------------------ Trinsic---------- 70.13S 10.53E An Unnamed House
    Strife------------------ Trinsic---------- 81.07S 35.26E An Unnamed House
    Summertyme-------- Trinsic---------- 113.59S 34.35E Jasmin's Vendor Shop
    Tama------------------- Trinsic---------- 46.40S 34.35E Tama's House
    Tharen----------------- Trinsic---------- 67.40S 33.49E An Unnamed House
    Tiropon---------------- Trinsic---------- 110.55S 3.47E An Unnamed House
    Topugn---------------- Trinsic---------- 131.07S 44.22E An Unnamed House
    Toth Ur2rethi--------- Trinsic---------- 55.11S 34.06E Outhouse, I mean Outpost
    Van-------------------- Trinsic---------- 55.22S 29.44E An Unnamed House
    Victory Dance-------- Trinsic---------- 160.18S 41.29E An Unnamed House
  14. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Achilles--------------- Britian---------- 63.32N 59.57E An Unnamed House
    Aeowyn-------------- Britian---------- 67.14N 54.50E Poultry Palace
    Aika--------------------- Britian---------- 11.04N 46.32E Aika House
    Akryllic----------------- Britian---------- 41.34N 37.53E Think Twice
    ArcherGirl----------- Britian---------- 66.47N 64.45E TDO HQ
    Autumn Skye--------- Britian---------- 26.27S 7.10W An Unnamed House
    Axtschwinger--------- Britian---------- 52.01N 41.16E Burg Olahorand
    Bast--------------------- Britian---------- 50.26N 37.20E Ghost Riders Hide Out
    Bless-------------------- Britian---------- 44.07N 36.50E Light of Seige Still Burning
    Borric----------------- Britian---------- 63.01N 26.26E An Unnamed House
    Bovar------------------- Britian---------- 49.34N 42.40E Brit Land
    Buck-------------------- Britian---------- 26.37S 5.41W An Unnamed House
    Calin Rose----------- Britian---------- 67.14N 57.35E An Unnamed House
    Cima-------------------- Britian---------- 11.30N 45.25E Cima
    Coco------------------- Britian---------- 46.24N 13.21E Elenoas Bakery
    Deliah The Mad--- Britian---------- 69.52N 48.26E Silver Spirit
    Desiree----------------- Britian---------- 12.28N 38.44E Desi's Keep
    Dodger--------------- Britian---------- 61.31N 65.19E Smokers Hut
    Ducky Momo------- Britian---------- 69.04N 50.24E Quack
    Eek--------------------- Britian---------- 30.19S 5.12E An Unnamed House
    Eirlys Albyn----------- Britian---------- 61.57N 51.53E Seven Sisters
    Electra------------------ Britian---------- 9.03N 38.27E Electra's Brit Castle
    Elle--------------------- Britian---------- 27.30S 8.13W Geisya House
    Fire Core-------------- Britian---------- 23.12N 5.20W Empty House
    Freja------------------ Britian---------- 65.18N 62.13E The Dark Outlaws (TDO)
    Glutton--------------- Britian---------- 63.48N 57.26E An Unnamed House
    Gonzo----------------- Britian---------- 25.39N 29.19E The Shed
    Grace------------------- Britian---------- 35.46N 44.26E An Unnamed House
    Guiseppe-------------- Britian---------- 45.47N 42.45E (ECR) Eternal Circle Renegades (ECR)
    Heavenless----------- Britian---------- 30.19S 1.41W MURDER INC
    Hirankin--------------- Britian---------- 27.56S 3.05E An Unnamed House
    Infernal Rage--------- Britian---------- 32.10S 6.02W Dubstep'n Du Club
    Jom Eric Taylor------- Britian---------- 17.56N 25.22E Lina's Loot
    Kael--------------------- Britian---------- 47.32N 36.50E An Unnamed House
    Kato-------------------- Britian---------- 26.27N 28.15E An Unnamed House
    Keldens---------------- Britian---------- 13.58N 46.49E Keldens Place
    Kran------------------ Britian---------- 67.30N 59.45E I4NI PVP Outpost
    Lizette------------------ Britian---------- 34.43N 46.48E Plum Loco (LHL)
    Melinda--------------- Britian---------- 28.54S 14.54E An Unnamed House
    Mossmoedare------ Britian---------- 32.25N 53.00E Anthems to the weki in at dark
    MR. Sexy Eyes-------- Britian---------- 28.07N 3.56W Ens Haus Brit North
    Neila Eraw----------- Britian---------- 48.25N 30.26E Whiskey A GoGo
    Nest------------------- Britian---------- 70.02N 10.03E Hide Away
    OzDio------------------ Britian---------- 34.27S 14.03E Fogsbane
    Parnella--------------- Britian---------- 55.22N 10.20E An Unnamed House
    Possum-------------- Britian---------- 62.18N 62.43E Bayou Villa
    Prospero------------- Britian---------- 52.01N 30.01E An Unnamed House
    Rat--------------------- Britian---------- 29.31S 2.27E Lockpicking Crates
    Retlaw of Vesper---- Britian---------- 34.32N 24.11W North Britain Keep
    Rosalia---------------- Britian---------- 40.15N 47.44E TDO Castle
    Rusere----------------- Britian---------- 11.04S 3.09W Yuriyu
    Samantha------------ Britian---------- 34.21N 49.42E Samantha's Castle
    Santiago------------- Britian---------- 39.54N 52.27E _An Unnamed House
    ScOrfs------------------- Britian---------- 18.06N 30.01E An Unnamed House
    Seikatein------------- Britian---------- 63.32N 54.42E An Unnamed House
    Sensai Wu------------- Britian---------- 30.19S 0.29E I'm Back…
    Shalimar---------------- Britian---------- 5.48N 38.52E NEW Guildhouse East Brit
    Sheela------------------ Britian---------- 31.54N 47.23E Ruatha Hold
    Sheldon--------------- Britian---------- 25.55S 3.01E An Unnamed House
    Sir Morder----------- Britian---------- 30.56N 50.07E Castle Black Shack (LHL)
    Soulfire-------------- Britian---------- 74.37N 43.56E Silver Spirit
    Spike------------------- Britian---------- 34.37S 5.33E 7*8
    Taloon------------------ Britian---------- 10.43N 24.32E Coming Soon
    Tamara--------------- Britian---------- 56.20N 29.44E Crusader Outpost
    TapeWyrm----------- Britian---------- 61.10N 56.36E An Unnamed House
    Telmig----------------- Britian---------- 23.22N 6.32W Brit North
    Thunder Cloud--------- Britian---------- 38.19S 1.58W The Hunter's Cabin
    Trix--------------------- Britian---------- 43.25N 47.23E The Rubble of the Magicinia Rests Here
    Tyrath----------------- Britian---------- 62.29N 8.17E #NAME?
    Tyrius------------------ Britian---------- 34.53N 24.49E The Jumping Jester Tavern FPL
    Undertaker----------- Britian---------- 61.05N 53.43E Home of Australia Play
    Vernin Iron Star------ Britian---------- 31.38N 32.33E Verins Smithy
    Vincent-------------- Britian---------- 64.14N 38.31E Pimpin Place
    Zalfein---------------- Britian---------- 63.16N 64.58E Safe Haven

    #14 vvvv, Jan 26, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2013
  15. Leather Lucy

    Leather Lucy Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 30, 2004
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    I have no idea why I enjoy looking at that list, I am definately getting more strange as the years go by.

    I'm going to be moving Wydow's house in the next couple of days (I simply can't live without the weather in CC any longer heh, so I'm looking for new digs). Would you like people to inform you when there's a change we're aware of?
  16. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Love the last list, but it seem like some are missing in Safe haven. 7 TDO houses so far with one ones north road when you get there
    Great job, this will sure be a nice piece of Siege history
  17. Hattori Hanzo

    Hattori Hanzo Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2008
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    Yes I am a proud citizen of Trinsic.
  18. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
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    A Dead Elf------- Minoc---------- 102.44N 42.53E Keep West
    Acension------------ Minoc---------- 76.43N 96.23E Some what worn
    Alanis-------------- Minoc---------- 61.10N 70.18E Exchange
    An Elf------------- Minoc---------- 86.13N 62.05E The House is Grandfathered
    Ander------------- Minoc---------- 46.03N 70.31E House of Ander Gil
    Arthis--------------- Minoc---------- 87.00N 92.19E House
    Beatrice Quill-- Minoc---------- 128.13N 46.24E Bea'Keep'R
    Blind Otto------- Minoc---------- 90.15N 64.37E Knights of The Silver Serpent
    Bobby Joe-------- Minoc---------- 95.26N 51.02E Path Money
    Bona Fide--------- Minoc---------- 75.28N 71.13E A Man's Home
    Brothers Grimm-- Minoc---------- 80.56N 104.20E
    Brutus Fidelis------- Minoc---------- 80.04N 94.30E
    Camriel------------ Minoc---------- 73.33N 57.56E Northern Outpost
    Captain America Minoc---------- 89.33N 59.45E Keeper of Justice
    Cit------------------- Minoc---------- 73.07N 63.33E Not Again
    Clan Newmann- Minoc---------- 54.45N 98.13E Antique Dragon
    Dacatge----------- Minoc---------- 71.32N 61.27E Arr Outpost
    Dantrog Baenre-- Minoc---------- 56.57N 92.23E House of the Hierophant
    Destiny---------- Minoc---------- 116.48N 38.15E
    Do It---------------- Minoc---------- 60.33N 76.55E Covetous
    Doive------------ Minoc---------- 123.29N 40.42E Doive's Holiday Home
    DyckDastardly--- Minoc---------- 53.26N 101.57E An Island in the Darkness
    El Maton------------- Minoc---------- 87.37N 13.17E Annihalus Outpost #2
    Ethan Allen------ Minoc---------- 36.23N 67.59E The Story Petrel Brewery
    Faust------------------ Minoc---------- 82.47N 13.42E Faust Pad
    Fearano Seragon Minoc---------- 99.22N 24.02E
    Flynn---------------- Minoc---------- 86.50N 105.15E Home By The Sea
    Fogerty------------- Minoc---------- 67.08N 103.17E BEWARE
    Fra Abrosius----- Minoc---------- 53.15N 103.25E Vesper Abbey
    Freja-------------- Minoc---------- 90.52N 18.59E The Barn
    GaravonFlamebow Minoc---------- 95.05N 63.37E Garavon's Bow and Sparrow
    Garth Grey------ Minoc---------- 109.20N 49.42E Shades of Grey
    Giorgio Armani- Minoc---------- 42.42N 67.30E A monument to all those past and present
    Grateful Dead-- Minoc---------- 97.33N 39.56E
    Grendal------------ Minoc---------- 58.05N 87.32E Exchange Vendor Shoppe & Supply HQ
    Hardin------------ Minoc---------- 94.50N 58.17E Trantor
    Heinri Scliemann Minoc---------- 63.53N 71.18E
    Homeboy------- Minoc---------- 125.14N 58.08E The peoples Palace
    Horn------------- Minoc---------- 116.53N 36.54E
    IQ----------------- Minoc---------- 77.10N 21.09E Empire Trading Company
    IQ---------------------- Minoc---------- 77.04N 21.01E Trading Company
    Jane Goodall------ Minoc---------- 61.41N 90.08E Gombi Preserve
    Java Fixx--------- Minoc---------- 89.49N 31.38E My House Not Yours
    John Connelly- Minoc---------- 113.17N 37.07E Borg Megacube
    Julop--------------- Minoc---------- 92.48N 57.39E
    Kiraki------------- Minoc---------- 34.11N 68.24E Traders Company
    Klitsclio----------- Minoc---------- 106.15N 50.45E Box
    Knights Squire-- Minoc---------- 111.00N 44.30E KotR Outpost
    Lagran Velroth- Minoc---------- 121.12N 58.30E
    Lep Rechaun Minoc---------- 50.20N 100.41E Leprechaun's Rainbow Inn
    LocoDiabloGato- Minoc---------- 50.32N 101.40E LocoDiabloGato
    Lothlorien------- Minoc---------- 95.37N 27.46E The Little Home
    LUNO III---------- Minoc---------- 79.27N 22.17E Second Encounter
    Malica-------------- Minoc---------- 87.00N 98.34E Seige the Day
    Mariko----------- Minoc---------- 52.49N 99.50E Vesper Garrison
    Marisols McKay- Minoc---------- 96.30N 52.48E
    Molly Fyde------- Minoc---------- 97.59N 57.09E The Chateau
    Mystiq------------ Minoc---------- 66.10N 73.15E Mining Haven
    Nalvor----------- Minoc---------- 119.00N 38.31E Stoneway
    Noriat----------------- Minoc---------- 55.06N 1.20W Tairon's Place
    Othello------------- Minoc---------- 75.50N 103.34E Hunters Guild
    Parium The Black Minoc---------- 69.31N 83.31E Ore Knott
    Razzule----------- Minoc---------- 88.51N 62.09E The Junkyard
    Richard Le Void- Minoc---------- 86.29N 62.55E The Le Void Estate
    Righteousness- Minoc---------- 107.24N 36.46E Zabrina and Panterno
    Righteousness- Minoc---------- 107.13N 36.50E Zabrina and Panterno
    Saint Dismes----- Minoc---------- 74.16N 60.36E Saint's Shoetorium Museum
    Santiago--------- Minoc---------- 84.33N 31.51E
    Shadow Tama------ Minoc---------- 80.14N 97.01E Metal King Memorial Shop
    Sinaka------------ Minoc---------- 76.22N 55.41E For Sale
    Singularity------- Minoc---------- 73.49N 55.45E Cross Roads Keep
    Skeletor-------- Minoc---------- 103.16N 39.26E Castle Grey Skull
    Sprago----------- Minoc---------- 134.33N 56.19E I4NI
    Sturm------------- Minoc---------- 73.39N 71.26E House of Ludes
    SWARM--------- Minoc---------- 87.21N 18.46E EIG
    Synergy-------------- Minoc---------- 78.08N 97.01E Some what worn
    TDO---------------- Minoc---------- 72.04N 57.30E Mishosha
    Terra Haxxor-- Minoc---------- 110.28N 37.20E
    The Yatamotos--- Minoc---------- 70.45N 64.03E
    Tina Tink---------- Minoc---------- 65.33N 71.51E Newborn On Seige 2
    TorgolGaljen---- Minoc---------- 35.25N 89.05E Come Rune Library
    Tsuki------------- Minoc---------- 126.07N 42.53E Breeze Home
    Tyrant------------ Minoc---------- 108.22N 34.44E
    Ubajin------------ Minoc---------- 84.17N 58.38E Ubajin's Den!
    Ulysses----------- Minoc---------- 109.25N 43.27E Meadsin
    Uzell Cabal------- Minoc---------- 103.11N 64.15E Dragon's Watch Seige
    Vecna----------- Minoc---------- 119.00N 34.22E The Whispered One
    Wilson----------- Minoc---------- 128.08N 55.41E The Purple Shoe Storage Hut
    Yalla---------------- Minoc---------- 68.33N 91.07E Little House in The Big Woods
    Yonigo------------ Minoc---------- 47.54N 65.52E
    Zales-------------- Minoc---------- 81.28E 57.14E
  19. vvvv

    vvvv Visitor

    Jan 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    South Minoc

    Ashmen----------- South-Minoc-- 111.58N 125.30E
    Bacchus---------- South-Minoc-- 87.32N 138.35E Sonoma Invasion of Seige Task Force No.2
    Bill Phantom-------- South-Minoc-- 100.43N 104.37E Vesper Mansion
    Borg-------------- South-Minoc-- 133.09N 83.27E ONE Castle
    Bugatti Apparel---- South-Minoc-- 103.16N 105.28E Abode of Ill Repute
    Calm----------------- South-Minoc-- 131.18N 120.35E FTW
    Carl-------------------- South-Minoc-- 99.03N 104.50E My Place
    Cody Finger----- South-Minoc-- 133.51N 82.51E Spire
    Dash Jamison--- South-Minoc-- 115.39N 86.24E Barter Town Inc
    Dayton---------- South-Minoc-- 130.46N 96.28E Dayton's Place
    Demone---------- South-Minoc-- 92.59N 134.51E Demone's Pad
    Discovery------- South-Minoc-- 130.31N 81.00E Discovery's keep
    Draxous---------- South-Minoc-- 123.34N 87.19E Outpost
    Edward----------- South-Minoc-- 114.31N 87.07E Barter Town Station
    Elijah-------------- South-Minoc-- 72.25N 131.17E Treasure Cove
    Famine----------- South-Minoc-- 126.44N 88.39E Seige Perilous Museum Storage Facility
    Flavius------------- South-Minoc-- 122.10N 120.01E Wispy Meadows Abbey
    Flt------------------ South-Minoc-- 121.17N 141.40E A Long Time Coming!
    FreddyFingers-- South-Minoc-- 132.00N 95.07E Fingers Clan Abode
    Gar--------------- South-Minoc-- 129.38N 95.03E Fingers Abode Crafter
    Grumps---------- South-Minoc-- 135.36N 86.58E Red Hammers
    Grumpy------------ South-Minoc-- 125.09N 119.31E
    Henry Swift------ South-Minoc-- 117.30N 84.56E Barter Town Leisure Lodge
    Hooder---------- South-Minoc-- 130.25N 89.30E Makers Mark
    Hooder---------- South-Minoc-- 130.20N 89.30E Makers Mark
    Hyperion--------- South-Minoc-- 124.32N 86.16E Mine
    Ian------------------- South-Minoc-- 126.12N 121.17E
    Julia-------------- South-Minoc-- 130.20N 86.16E Choza
    Kaya------------------- South-Minoc-- 97.38N 96.53E Kaya & Vels
    Ladra-------------- South-Minoc-- 111.26N 86.58E Barter Town Pawn Shop
    Leawyn II-------- South-Minoc-- 126.12N 82.28E Casa De La Gilfane
    Lister----------------- South-Minoc-- 126.02N 106.52E Wooden Home in the Woods
    Mara Jade-------- South-Minoc-- 90.31N 143.55E The Cabin
    Matrix Hammer----- South-Minoc-- 93.15N 93.01E Need Walls
    Myon------------ South-Minoc-- 130.09N 82.45E
    Norfman-------- South-Minoc-- 134.23N 88.39E
    Preacher------------- South-Minoc-- 102.13N 94.38E Dirty
    Raven Ceres------ South-Minoc-- 84.27N 147.05E The Circle
    SamDonelly----- South-Minoc-- 124.06N 73.20E (ECR) Fishing Outpost (ECR)
    Silver Penny----- South-Minoc-- 81.17N 134.05E Keep Trying
    Sir Othello------ South-Minoc-- 133.51N 90.25E
    Skern------------ South-Minoc-- 130.31N 92.52E Dragons Den
    Trana Moonsilver-- South-Minoc-- 98.26N 105.28E Hammers Vesperwood House
    Trinity------------ South-Minoc-- 125.25N 80.09E Khaldun Castle
    Unclesham----- South-Minoc-- 133.09N 81.08E Uncle's Workshoop
    Vizzerdrix-------- South-Minoc-- 113.59N 90.00E
    Wrectangle----- South-Minoc-- 127.15N 91.15E Barter Town Expansion Keep
    Yahaxithonix------- South-Minoc-- 117.30N 103.46E Tardis
    Zoso--------------- South-Minoc-- 74.05N 131.24E …here There be Monsters …
  20. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Wonder where all this house owners are hiding
  21. Hattori Hanzo

    Hattori Hanzo Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2008
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    At the coordinates listed.;)

    But seriously, I suspect many play other shards. They have multiple accounts so holding an SP house is easy.
  22. vvvv

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    A Sewer Rat------ Luna------------ 91.19N 20.48W Shark Tank
    Aliecar------------ Luna------------ 83.08N 28.41W W^R
    Alt---------------- Luna------------ 100.01N 24.19W
    Apollyon--------- Luna------------ 92.54N 22.55W Apollyon's Lunar Pad
    Bartola------------- Luna------------ 91.03N 26.38W WaR|v|House
    Bear Cat---------- Luna------------ 95.26N 18.25W Strange Highways
    BellDonna--------- Luna------------ 91.13N 28.24W Townhouse
    BigEd------------- Luna------------ 100.06N 18.25W Ed's Place
    Blind Otto------- Luna------------ 90.52N 65.52E The Temple of Mithras
    Darkstar------------ Luna------------ 97.38N 28.49W Philosophers Stone
    Diablo--------------- Luna------------ 99.08N 28.32W
    Dipsomaniac---- Luna------------ 105.28N 42.56E WoY Outpost
    FireironHand---- Luna------------ 112.19N 33.49E
    Gan--------------- Luna------------ 92.59N 26.13W
    Gizmo----------------- Luna------------ 100.38N 28.58W Smoke Shack
    GloriusLadyJi--- Luna------------ 101.11N 22.30W Guardzone Vendor
    God--------------- Luna------------ 92.54N 25.35W
    Gu'Jek----------- Luna------------ 101.41N 21.30W
    Humandong------- Luna------------ 91.50N 28.58W
    JadeDeathwatch Luna------------ 85.52N 23.20W The White House
    Jennifer---------- Luna------------ 100.01N 21.26W Equuleus
    Jottam------------ Luna------------ 92.43N 18.21W
    Kodran---------------- Luna------------ 99.29N 36.12W Kodran's Hang Out
    LaFletch--------- Luna------------ 97.22N 27.37W Pawn Shop
    Lark--------------- Luna------------ 73.54N 71.47E Simada
    Lexx--------------- Luna------------ 117.46N 20.06E
    Lexx--------------- Luna------------ 116.11N 21.30E
    Lucavi------------ Luna------------ 92.54N 21.30W Lucavi's Luna Abode
    Lyra--------------- Luna------------ 131.23N 18.25E
    Marodeur------- Luna------------ 93.04N 27.00W
    Mel'va Thunder-- Luna------------ 91.13N 25.10W
    Metallic Green- Luna------------ 95.00N 27.37W Pagan Patterns
    Myon------------ Luna------------ 99.03N 15.11W NWS Supply Center
    Myon----------------- Luna------------ 101.36N 25.10W Myon's Main House
    OfLordVosh----- Luna------------ 92.54N 24.11W Missys Place
    Pola--------------- Luna------------ 90.55N 5.5W
    RamJam--------- Luna------------ 101.41N 22.55W
    Richy RicH------- Luna------------ 98.20N 20.02W Soulweaver's "hot" goods
    SamuelSavage- Luna------------ 79.32N 20.40W South Luna
    Shoko----------- Luna------------ 91.40N 13.34W Nagoyaka Tei
    Silly Savage------ Luna------------ 129.59N 39.43E
    Sir Dread--------- Luna------------ 91.19N 19.32W
    Snake---------------- Luna------------ 101.36N 27.04W
    Splinter------------ Luna------------ 91.19N 22.04W
    Suleiman-------- Luna------------ 101.41N 20.02W Dead House Saloon
    T.K.---------------- Luna------------ 97.59N 18.25W I4NI (COM)
    Tamnir---------------- Luna------------ 117.20N 11.10W Luna Heights West Wing
    Tazar---------------- Luna------------ 93.36N 29.02W The Fortress
    Thy End maker--- Luna------------ 91.29N 23.12W IDOC
    Tru-------------------- Luna------------ 101.36N 26.26W Tru's Crib
    Valen------------- Luna------------ 93.57N 20.02W Land of Choice
    Vanpy--------------- Luna------------ 95.42N 28.41W
    White Witch---- Luna------------ 102.55N 9.25E Witchy's House
    Wolf------------- Luna------------ 97.28N 13.46W The Wolf's Den
    Wurskusper-------- Luna------------ 101.46N 27.59W Lex-Germany icq 283008-Sm031
    Xavier----------------- Luna------------ 119.31N 10.08W
    Yummy---------------- Luna------------ 95.48N 31.55W Workers Lair
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    Hi, I decided I wanted to


    this for vv