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Want a greater dragon or able to help out taming?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thought as these dragons can be a tricky to tame, anyone who is struggling could post here and get some help. Likewise, if you can help others out in any way or have dragons to rehome or sell, why not add your name here.

    Please try and keep your sale prices as fair as you can, this is a good time for us to work together as a community [​IMG]

    Posts a bit like this would be nice and clear if you're offering assistance. If you need help, just tell us what shard and rehash the following to suit your needs. -

    Shard: Europa

    Chars available: Tamer/disco bard/mage and tamer/herder/stealther/mage

    Help offered: Can help work spawn, herd to quiet areas, beat up and assist in taming. Tram or Fel.

    Pets available: I have a couple of dragons stabled at any time, which are getting replaced by better draggies when I find them. A couple are being used to work the draggy spawn, so they'll have a teeny bit of training too.
    Prices: Special offer for tamer board folks - free for basic draggy, 250k for "decent" and up to 1mil if I get a good 'un...if I get a super-duper he stays with me lol [​IMG]

    Going price on Europa seems to be around the 1mil mark on auction, though I've seen one go for 3mil or so too and it didn't look "uber". Please check the stats of any you see for sale, as I think there may be some "cashing in" tamers trying to make some fast gold on very average pets.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If i go live whit my account i defenetly will need help. Im not sure if i remember how to tame any more or even move.
    I am on Europa to.
  3. If you are on BAJA shard we are community taming.. come to destard, find the group, help the current player get theirs by offering healing/rezzing or invising, and we'll work for you when it's your turn. We'll kill alot of lower stat greater's for you until you see the one you want. Hopefully about 1850 pre-tame hit points. Then if you want to tame it yourself we'll help, or if you want a legendary tamer to get it fast and save yourself some gold, we can do that too.

    LORD Yalp of Zento, CTDM
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good to hear you guys have a good system going [​IMG] Destard seemed a little crazy when I poked my head in on Europa, but it's not always apparent who is helping who at times [​IMG]

  5. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hail Folks,

    My cousin Dar (TOT) on Baja echoes Yalps words. Members of TOT have gotten a greater dragon with 995 hits & one with 993 hits. I hope to post pics of them & their An Lored Infor tonight.

    Dar is always seeking better companions, and is also blissfully happy to assist others in taming these amazing beasties. Dar can tame for others, invis & heal those who wish to tame their own, and/or bring his companions to "smack some sense into the beasties."

    I have also received word that Methuselah (SLOB's) a truly Legendary fellow in all the Bardic skills & Magery is willing to aid those in need.

    Lastly, Diedrich of TOT is equally willing to aid others asking only for their aid in return when its his "turn" at the next uberagon. hehe

    Tame On!