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Wanted - Village Public Executioner

Discussion in 'Government' started by Ethereal Void Imperium, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Ethereal Void Imperium

    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Looking for a roleplayer or new roleplayer interested in being the village executioner. This person will create or use a preexisting character of their choice. How the character acts and looks is completely up to you. Human? Gargoyle? Undead? Elf? (Halloween Costume?)

    Does he, she or it...love executing people? Do they hate it? Do they like to use the classic axe? hammer? Lethal Pixie dust injection? Use your imagination.

    The Village Public Executioner works with the Magistrate for all legal executions (And Illegal *cough*) They will reside in the Executioners Hall located next to the Iron Bandit Inn.

    **This is not a life long commitment and you may leave it whenever you choose. You may also use this as a stepping stone to learn different RP roles. Open to any roleplayer.**

  2. Full Name: Raven Blackwing

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Purple
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Height: 5.9"

    Place of Residence: Wondering
    Place of Birth: Old Haven
    Known Relatives: Dead

    Occupation: Looking for work.
    Weapons of Choice: Ornate Axe,Cleaver, and many types of axes.

    Likes: Showing people the other side.
    Dislikes: Cleaning up the mess.
    Favorite Food: Applepie
    Favorite Drink: Water
    Favorite Colors: Red
    Hobbies: Farming, Exploring.
    Physical Features: scar on left hand.

    About Me:
    I grew up as an orphan on the streets of Old Haven, when it got destroyed I had no place to go. I learned how to fight and lived my life as an assassin, hiding in the shadows. I was tired of being poor, wondering and alone, so I started researching a new occupation.

    How does she like the job as an executioner?
    She has been an executioner for many years "under the table". Her weapons of choice are ornate axes and cleavers, but will use any weapon that gets the job done. She enjoys having the power peoples lives at the end of her axe.

    Raven Blackwing
    icq: 614962563