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Wanting to build a warrior template please help

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by imported_armed4Fun, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I see people all time with ,most of em, a soul seeker hitting high end monsters just standing by them and seemingly never get hurt. I have only ever used a tamer and even with 70's pow pow pow im dead. i even hear people with warrior template kill dread horn in minutes. What is this godly template, str/dex/int, any hci/dci/mr/lmc/reflect, or any helpful arty/ml craftable? Thanks.
    Also any training methods for the skills.
  2. To actually answer your question, I'd have to re-read the entire samurai forum. I suggest you do that, focussing on the template and equipment advice threads. The template you're wanting to know about is called the "Sampire", or samurai-vampire.

    The key ingredient to the template you want is 120 melee, parry and bushido with 35-45 necromancy, which, with enough items, can be raised to a high enough level to cast vampiric embrace.

    As far as your equipment, the most important is DCI, followed by your resists.

    The reasoning behind all of the above is to make you harder to hit.

    Your weapon choice has two ingredients, SSI and HML. This lets you keep casting spells while you're fighting. There's a lot of debate about what else is needed, so at the end of the day, it's all good.
  3. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest

    The Soul-Seeker really is a great weapon, I use it on my Warrior and it even performs better than some of my dedicated slayers i.e. I can kill quicker with Soul-Seeker than I would do using a slayer at double damage! And the Mana/Life Leech help a lot [​IMG]

    As well as a full 70's suit you'll want to get Magic Resist to 100+ and Parry/DCI are musts.

    Another tip would be to get your DEX as high as possible, aim for 120+, even if that means sacrificing STR slightly e.g. having 100 STR 120 DEX would be better than 120 STR 100 DEX. Not only would you swing faster but you will bandage yourself quicker which helps your survivability.

    Sacrificing a little bit of damage is worth it if it means gaining defense & speed. You might not hit as hard with each swing but you'll hit faster & last longer.
  4. Thanks for help guys i'll go investigate the samurai thread and find the skills i need