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Wanting to return to ff11

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by Marylene, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Marylene

    Marylene Guest

    i was wanting to return after a 2 year leave and found out my pol id doesnt work anylonger

    so here i am searching for a digital download to buy it and download it as i lost my cd's

    but the digital download link on playonline eu doesnt work anylonger

    i found that direct 2 drive usa sels the digital version but it says us/canada only

    does anybody know where i could digitaly buy it

    or how to get the direkt2 drive us version to work on EU

    cause im a eu player ^^

    thanks in advance
  2. Marylene

    Marylene Guest

    wel found oout my xbox version works on the pc aswel so i re opened my old account :p

    but now i see i only have the first ffXI files * aka trial*
    anybody know how i can get the other expensions the files legal ways please i do own al the expensions xbox 360 wise

    any help whould be very welcome ^^
  3. kouper

    kouper Guest

    filefront and other major file sites should have them for download, since what you actually paid for was the content ID its legal to download them that way. If not, check the trial disc thats at gamestop, it should have all 4 expansions...
  4. Marylene

    Marylene Guest

    ok trying to find them so far no luck on where to download it

    tried filefront sofar and all torents to the installlation files are slow as hell :p

    its also the EU version that im looking for not the USA version ^^

    if anybody knows a link or anything :D