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[WAR Herald] Hot Fixes 3/10/2009

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by Skycapp, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
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    We have the following Hot Fixes implemented during today's downtime:

    General Changes & Bug Fixes
    • The Bitter Rivals event has come to an end! Those who completed the Bitter Rivals event may now play as one of WAR's deadly new careers! Unsheathe your blades and unleash carnage as the Orc Choppa or the Dwarf Slayer a full week before your fellow players get a crack at them!
    • Fixed several issues which were affecting client stability.
    • Fixed an issue which was preventing players on servers with the Open RvR ruleset from using the Imperial Hunting Hound and Warlord’s Fell Hound Recruit-a-Friend rewards.
    Capital Cities
    • Lycithas the Harridan Seer will no longer attack players until Stage 3 of the Monolith Public Quest in Contested The Inevitable City.
    Combat and Careers


    Tank Archetypes
    • Challenge: Fixed a tooltip error for this ability.
    • Run Between Worlds: This tactic will now reduce the cooldown of the ability “Walk Between Worlds” by a percentage rather than a flat value.
    Witch Elf
    • Broad Severing – Fixed a bug that prevented the ability “Sever Limb” from firing when this tactic was slotted.
    Witch Hunter
    • Burn Away Lies: The damage done by the damage-over-time portion of this ability has been increased, while the finishing damage has been reduced.
    • Fixed a terrain issue within The Lost Vale.
    • Potions and thrown items: The following items will now require line of sight: Scorching, Scorching Blast and Sticky Bomb.
    • Battle Brew Backpack: This item will no longer ignore line of sight.
    • Nepenthean Tonic: The cooldown on this item has been increased to 15 minutes.
    Quests and Public Quests

    • Players who abandoned the quests “Taking Flight” or “Getting off the Ground” will now be able to receive credit for acquiring the Schematics.
    Realm vs. Realm
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Goblin Artillery Range battlefield objective not to award renown upon being captured.
    • Fortress Guards will no longer drop loot unless the campaign has progressed to the Fortress they are guarding.