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[WAR Herald] Hot Fixes - 6/27/2009

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by Skycapp, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
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    While everyone has been out there pounding away at the desert sands of the Land of the Dead, we've been hard at work pounding away at these Hot Fixes:

    Land of the Dead

    General Changes & Bug Fixes

    • Ambient Dust Devils can no longer be damaged by area-of-effect spells.
    • Lair Glyph objects can no longer be damaged with area-of-effect spells.
    • Test monsters have been removed from the Necropolis.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the effects from their pocket items.
    • Players will no longer be branded cowards after successfully purging a Land of the Dead instance.
    • Players will now correctly receive a loot chest after successfully defending a Land of the Dead instance from invasion.

    • Four Tombs for Four Pillars: Raven’s Wing will now spawn properly in the waypoint location for the associated steps of this quest chain.
    • The Keys of Zandri: Aloysius Roemer will now spawn properly in the waypoint location for the associated steps of this quest chain.
    Public Quests

    • Ricci's Raiders: The bandit groups required to begin this Public Quest will now respawn correctly and consistently.

    • Lair Boss Loot Drops: Fixed an issue causing Lair bosses to drop Silver Ankhs as loot, in addition to awarding a Silver Ankh directly to each player. Lair bosses will no longer drop these additional Silver Ankhs.
    • The Tomb of the Moon: Fixed an issue with the Bride Aura’s. This fix will ensure that all players can see now the visual effect for this ability.
    • The Temple of the Sun: Saa Khasef will not cast Disruptive Force on players who are standing in the Mists of Eternity.
    The Tomb of the Vulture Lord

    • Hall of Awakening: Corrected an issue with this encounter in which the High Priest Herakh would not reset correctly when the party wiped.
    • Hall of Awakening: Corrected an issue with this encounter in which the Immortal Champions “Guard” ability was not being removed correctly from the High Priest Herakh in some situations, causing him to take too little damage and become more difficult to kill than intended.
    • Sepulcher of Swords: High Priest Herakh can now be properly targeted and attacked after teleporting, allowing players more time to damage him before he becomes enraged.

    • Fractured Crystals: These talismans will now place the correct effect on the items they are slotted into.
    • Tyrant Armor: Fixed an issue with the broken items that are repaired into Tyrant armor set pieces. As a result of this fix, players will no longer loot a broken Tyrant armor set item that they cannot use. Players whom have been affected by this issue may submit an in-game appeal using the “Missing Item” catagory to have the item replaced with the correct repairable Tyrant armor piece for their Career.

    • Expedition Resources may now be obtained from Tier 4 RvR guards.
    • Tier 4 High Elf and Dark Elf zones will now properly contribute resources to the Land of the Dead expedition.