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[WAR Herald] Patch 1.2: Bitter Rivals - PTS is OPEN!

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by Skycapp, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    No stoppin da choppin!

    The wait is over and Patch 1.2 is now available on the Public Test Server! With your help we're aiming to make Bitter Rivals the best patch yet and kick off the first installment of Call to Arms with a BANG.

    If you have what it takes to hammer away on new content, blaze new paths, and put 55 pages (and growing!) of Patch Notes to the grindstone then come join us and show us what you've got!

    Even if you login to just check out how your career has changed or grab a glimpse of the new Zone Domination feature in tomorrow's Epic RvR Event you're helping to make WAR even better.

    For the first time ever all current players will be able to post their feedback on our new Official Forums! Creating your account is as easy as logging in with the same username and password you use to play the game. Join in on Developer hosted Focus Discussions, help hunt bugs in the Bug Report forums, and share your feedback on everything else - the forums are still in development though, and we're working out the kinks. We'll have them looking snazzy or prime time!

    There's a whole list of things to see and do with 1.2 - starting off we're focusing on the new career improvements and balance changes as well as Zone Domination, crafting changes and easy Public Quests!

    Coming soon we'll be releasing the Choppa and Slayer for your testing delight! Command these sworn enemies as you clash against a tidal wave of raw power and experience the brand new Rallying Cry mechanic as it summons you to conquest and glory! We've got a few action-packed weeks in store - we hope you're ready.

    To learn how to Copy your Character and for more information on tomorrows RvR event read the announcement The Public Test Server is Coming!

    For Karaz-a-Karak - WAAAGH!!!!

    See you on the battlefield,
    The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Team