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[WAR Official News] Game Update 0.27

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by WAR Stratics, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. WAR Stratics

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    May 31, 2011
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    Patch Changes

    New on the Store
    • Xuq'ls the Horror of Tzeentch has been added to the Store. See the Hero Lineup section for more information.
    • Ornate Chest: This item has been updated with additional contents.
    • Wood Chest: This item has been updated with additional contents.
    • Look for new items to appear on the store periodically!

    Hero Lineup

    Xuq'ls is here! The first Daemon Hero has arrived to revel in the triumph of chaos over reality.
    • To play successfully as Xuq'ls, you must always be watching for Empowerment and must act quickly to react to it. Empowerment only lasts for a few moments once triggered, so don't let it go to waste!
    • Unstable Servants are potentially the most damaging use of Xuq'ls's Empowerment, but only if the enemy stays near them. If you think that the target is going to be more mobile, use Expel Energy instead.
    • Fire of Tzeentch deals more damage as Xuq'ls loses hit points - towards the end of a close fight, it will become one of Xuq'ls's best burst-damage attacks.

    The following Heroes are considered free and available to all during this week:
    • Durrig the Engineer
    • Korelei the Witch Elf
    • Ozgrot the Savage Orc Shaman
    • Serkhet the Tomb Scorpion

    Note: Free to play Heroes change on a weekly basis.

    The following Heroes are available for purchase on the store:
    • Aessa the White Lion
    • Albodi the Chosen
    • Amenadresh the Liche Priest
    • The Archivist, Chaos Scholar
    • Bax the Black Orc
    • Bonechewer the Ghoul
    • Conrad the Warrior Priest
    • Drulg the Ogre
    • Durrig the Engineer
    • Felicia the Bright Wizard
    • Glowgob the Shaman
    • Ikkrik the Gutter Runner
    • Ilanya the Sorceress
    • Korith the Shadow Warrior
    • Korelei the Witch Elf
    • Nethys the Vampire
    • Olwyn the Ironbreaker
    • Ozgrot the Savage Orc Shaman
    • The Red Duke
    • Rydion the Archmage
    • Serkhet the Tomb Scorpion
    • Volrik the Marauder
    • Wilhelm the Ghoul
    • Xuq'ls the Horror of Tzeentch
    • Zathis the Assassin

    Keep an eye out for future additions to the Hero Lineup in weeks to come.

    Hero Changes


    • Mastery Loadouts: There is now a Mastery Loadout tag for the Garden of Morr.


    • Precision: This Tactic now costs the correct amount of Mastery Points.

    Malus Darkblade

    • The lobby page for Malus no longer attempts to link to the Store.

    Red Duke

    • Bloodblade: Fixed a bug which caused this attack's critical hit chance bonus to be calculated incorrectly.


    • Crushing Grab: This ability is now correctly treated as a Root effect.
    • Dual Pincers: Fixed a bug that caused this ability's tooltip to erroneously display an "Area Damage" tag.
    • Pincer: Fixed a bug that caused this ability's tooltip to erroneously display an "Area Damage" tag.

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