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[WAR Official News] Game Update 1.4.8 - 12/03

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by WAR Stratics, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. WAR Stratics

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    May 31, 2011
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    Patch Notes
    2012 Nov 30 20:28 GMT
    RvR Currency

    RvR Currencies have been unified into a new, single, RvR Currency: the War Crest. All RvR Currency rewards, and all RvR Vendor pricing will now be in terms of the War Crest. The new War Crest has a stack limit of 2,500 Crests per stack, and will first go into your currency bag, then spill over into main inventory if your currency bag is full.
    Currency Exchange

    Two new NPCs have been added to the EvC Warcamps in Tier 1, and to the RvR Vendor areas of both Capital Cities. These War Crest Vault Keeper NPCs will take your old RvR Currency and give you Exchange Bags, which will refine into War Crests. There are two War Crest Vault Keepers to help exchange your currency, one who deals in Crests and Medallions, and another who deals in Insignias and Emblems.

    RvR Currency has the following exchange rates:
    • 5 War Crests for 1 Warpforged/Doomflayer/Captain
    • 4 War Crests for 1 Royal
    • 3 War Crests for 1 Warlord
    • 2 War Crests for 1 Invader
    • 1 War Crest for 1 Conqueror/Officer
    • 1 War Crest for 125 Recruit
    The exchange vendors will not exchange for single War Crests; however, Royal Exchanges can be done in bags of 8 or 80. Warlord Exchanges can be done in bags of 9 or 90. All the others can be done in bags of 10 or 100. This keeps prices in terms of whole currency values.
    War Crest Acquisition

    Zone-Lock, Scenario, City Siege, Incursion, and RvR Quest rewards that previously gave out other RvR Currency as rewards have all been updated to give the new War Crest at a 1:1 ratio. This means if you previously would have received 2 Warlord, you will now receive 2 War Crests; if you previously would have received 4 Soldier, you will now receive 4 War Crests.

    Player Kills will retain their previous drop rates (again, War Crests being swapped in 1:1 in place of the previous Currency rewards), and in addition to that:
    • 1 additional War Crest will drop 100% of the time
    • A second additional War Crest will drop 25%/50%/75%/100% of the time based on Tier you are in
    • A War Crest Special Drop has a 1% chance to fire, which has...
      • Between 2.5% and 5% chance to drop one of 6 Fused War Crest items (refinement values vary)
      • 3% chance to drop a Satchel of War Crests (refines to 10 War Crests)
      • 1.5% chance to drop a Box of War Crests (refines to 50 War Crests)
      • 0.5% chance to drop a War Chest
      • (Only one of the above will occur per Special Drop)
    The War Chest, being a very rare find, refines to a full stack of 2,500 War Crests, and is greeted with great fan-fair: An effect plays on the player who found it, accompanied by fireworks, and an announcement goes out to everyone within 5,000 units.

    Equipment and Merchants

    Warcamp Quartermasters

    Quartermasters in the War Camps have been changed. They have been exchanged for Supplier Quartermasters from the Capital Cities: Raven Host Supplier for Destruction, and Griffon Supplier for Order. In Tiers 1 through 3, these Supplier Quartermasters will greet newcomers with a quest, provided you are of an appropriate level for the area. When you accept the quest, you will receive a set of "standard issue" gear for that area. This isn't exceptional gear, and may even be passed over depending on what uncommon and rare drops you've been able to acquire, but you never know. The Quartermaster will also have that same gear available for purchase in his store, in case you lose/sell any of it and later on decide you'd like the alternate appearance for new gear.
    • Tier 1 Base: Uncommon Body, Gloves, and Boots – Req Rank 1
    • Tier 2 Base: Uncommon Body, Gloves, Boots, Helm, and Shoulder – Req Rank 16
    • Tier 3 Base: Uncommon Body, Gloves, Boots, Helm, Shoulder, and Belt – Req Rank 27
    He also has Tier-Appropriate potions available for Emblems and Medallions, to help you make use of any you may have left over after you're done exchanging currency.
    Novelty Quartermaster

    A new vendor has arrived to the Capital Cities. This Novelty Quartermaster accepts only War Crests, and has a number of interesting things for sale. His stock will change as time goes on, but some of the things you can expect to see for sale are the following pocket items:
    • Ledger of Learnedness – Equipping this book will double experience gained from killing monsters and players.
    • Starswirl Treatise on Time – Equipping this book will stop experience gained from killing monsters and players.
    • Becoming Popular – Equipping this book will double renown gained from killing players.
    • Delancie’s Guide to Public Affairs – Equipping this book will double influence gained from killing monsters and players.
    Additional Merchant Changes

    Armor prices were normalized per tier except for Tier 4. For example, all Body items in Tier 1 cost 10 War Crests, while all Glove items in Tier 1 cost 5 War Crests. These normalized prices are intended to help players quickly gear up without having to skip anything that they are eligible to wear.

    All of the Tier 1 Warcamp Renown Gear stores were consolidated onto a single Renown Gear Merchant. All of the items that required a Renown Rank are now available from this merchant for War Crests. Additionally, the merchants in the City have been rearranged and moved slightly.

    The Commodities Quartermaster and the Sundries Quartermaster have been merged into a single store: Commodities Quartermaster. The Sundries Quartermaster is now the Novelty Vendor and has the new Library of Pocket Books as well as some items that are very rare and difficult to find. The prices reflect the rarity.

    There are now 4 Renown Armor Quartermasters. Two have fairly basic Tier 1-3 armor, weapons and miscellaneous gear available for War Crests. The third has Tier 2 and 3 armor sets (plus the new T2 Upgrade armor). The last one has the Tier 4 armor sets and miscellaneous gear. Some of the prices have been altered to reflect the appropriate Tier.
    • Tier 1 Upgrade: Rare Body, Gloves, and Boots – Req Rank 12 Renown 12
    • Tier 2 Upgrade: Rare Body, Gloves, Boots, Helm, and Shoulder – Req Rank 24 Renown 24

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