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[WAR Official News] The Daemon Moon Rises - October 18th to November 1st

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by WAR Stratics, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. WAR Stratics

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    May 31, 2011
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    2012 Oct 18 19:16 GMT
    "Cool winds blow across the empty fields of Reikland, wiping away the memory of sun-bleached grains and summer days. Thoughts turn now to the long, bleak nights of the coming winter, and the foreboding darkness that accompanies the death of another year. The sickly green visage of the Chaos moon begins to flicker and change, and the superstitious people of the world hide themselves away behind locked doors, and pray not to fall prey to the foul terrors of the Daemon Moon.

    Now, with the war in full swing, the horrors of the Daemon Moon are worse than ever. Malevolent creatures borne out of the fabric of Chaos itself descend upon the world like daemon locusts, intent upon devouring the souls of every living creature they encounter.

    The Daemon Moon shines its baleful light down upon the world. The screams of countless tortured victims mingle with the howls of their daemonic tormentors. Who will stand against the hordes of Chaos?"

    The Live Event 'Daemon Moon Rises' is now live on all servers. Check our event page to discover the dangers and rewards that await you.

    Please note: This seasonal event is not linked to the ‘Daemonic Gifts of Khorne’ event introduced in today's patch. The Gifts of Khorne can appear any time from now on, just keep an eye on you Tome of Knowledge.

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