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[War] Protecting the resources

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Bruin, May 4, 2009.

  1. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    As Saugus sits at his table, still aching from the defeat in Stonehaven the previous day, Lieutenant Toth walks in and asks "Commander, Gilfane member Alizaren wishes to speak with you." "By all means, send her in," replied Saugus.

    The Elven Crafter Alizaren walks in and sits down across from Saugus and begins to speak "Saugus, we have found many rich veins of verite ore along the mountains between Spirituality and Sacrifice gates in Ilshenar. However, the area is frequented by our enemies, and our miners have not the abilities to defend themselves. This verite ore is instrumental in being able to craft for our warriors adequate equipment for the war."

    "You need not say anymore," said Saugus as he calls over Lieutenant Toth. "Toth, round up whatever warriors we have left that are capable of fighting. See to it that regular patrols are conducted all this week of the mountains between Spirituality and Sacrifice gates in Ilshenar. We must protect the resources if we wish to continue to fight this war."

    "It shall be done commander," Toth says as he walks away to ready the troops.


    OOC - Basically during this week (Monday - Friday), if you're part of the war and looking to fight, lets try and meet up around Spirit/Sacrifice gate area of Ilshenar. Stop by every hour on the hour between 7pm and 12 midnight EST. So basically if you're in game, show up at 7pm, hopefully someone is there to fight, if so keep fighting, if not come back at 8pm. I personally won't be around on Monday but should be able to Tuesday forward, though I'm in Pacific time zone and don't get home until about 10pm EST - just throwing out the times I figure most people are active.