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Warhammer crashing ?

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by Belmarduk, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    Servers are being merged again ???

    What is NOT good is that it looks like my open rvr-rp server can only merge with a standard-non-rp server.... Standard is out of the question for me...
    As you cant lose items ala Wow I DONT want ANY safezones.....
    And for the rp-community on my server - they will not be thrilled...

    Thing is, once you hit 40 there is a lack of content.(castle-raids,open rvr etcetc is GREAT fun, but not after 1000 times...)
    Making it more carebear will only make it worse.

    Things warhammer seriously lack imho:
    advertisment (You do have an advertisment department EA/MYthic????)
    a player-driven market (current market is a joke - but difficult with all items being ala Wow....)
    crafting (current crafting is a joke)
    harsher pvp
    a server statistic when on a server the capital city is conquered

    The last point is vital I think - otherwise the whole thing has the taste of an arcade game.....
  2. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    So other than the rampant doom in your post, where is there statements of them closing servers and consolidating? I've not read anything on that at all.
  3. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    There are 22 careers in the game (11 per realm) if you have all of them at 40 then i guess your right there is a lack of content for you. Consider actually playing the game instead of rushing to max level, that might actually help a little.

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for anyone who rushes through the levels and bypasses content in order to complain about the end game.

    Advertisement? The only MMO that has ever done "real" advertising is WoW and they shouldnt count. Also, WoW didn't start really advertising the game until after the first year or two. Since WAR has only been out for 3 months I think we can give them some slack on this one.

    Player driven markets almost always fail. At least as it is now it balanced and fair.

    Crafting... Ok i agree with you on this one. Crafting has no point when you can get better and cheaper off of drops.

    harsher PvP, ummm how much harsher does it need to be. i despise item wear/loss and considering that PvP in WAR is suppose to be a team effort not a solo grind its crazy to rely on others to prevent the side effects. Your already on an open RvR server, thats probably your problem. if you want to gank people try making a witch hunter on a core server and run some scenarios.

    Player housing, I will never understand player housing. It might be "fun" for some people in a year or so, but right now it just doesnt make sense for the game. Either way, you will probably never find me owning a house in an MMO unless it offers some sort of trasportation/currency/storage benefit.

    server statistics (at least the ones they are displaying) are found on the official site in the realm war section. It does show if a capital city is attackable, or has been taken, but if you want more details i would suggest using the feedback form on said site.
  4. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    Dont know how to quote single paragraphs:
    There are 22 careers in the game (11 per realm) if you have all of them at 40 then i guess your right there is a lack of content for you. Consider actually playing the game instead of rushing to max level, that might actually help a little.

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for anyone who rushes through the levels and bypasses content in order to complain about the end game.
    quote end

    I only just reached lvl 40.. Maybe you are right but the careers sofar i have seen are second looting corpses or pharmacy etc- Both are not very exciting for me personally.

    I think you are very wrong about advertisement - Wow advertised from day minus 100 heavily and has till current - The result is 8 mio (?) subs...
    No advertisement = death of a mmorpg

    player driven market: Eve Online: Show me a bigger,healthier more diverse market in an mmorpg ;) Eve is a mmo-traders dream ;)

    Player housing : Matter of personal taste

    server statistics: As far as I saw not what I meant - Whats the point in conquering a servers capital when its then reset and there is zero history about that? I wrote a feedback form about this issue fyi - Lets see - Imho it would be vital to give "end-game" some flavor.

    harsher pvp: War is a harsh cold world (I have been reading the books for years) I repeat a standard server is not for me - Might aswell play wow then (looks for puke-smiley but finds none)
    I dont gank but I want the possibility to attack everywhere/anytime - plus I like the "thrill" being able to encounter a hostile anywhere during questing.
    RvR-Lakes are.... not exciting....
    Jesus Christ - all items are bond - you cant even lose anything....
    Having safe-zones with bonded items is taking carebear heaven to another stage... Well whatever - Open rvr or nothing for me.

    Not dooming ;)
    Most european servers show up as empty or average - havent seen a server show up as "high" for weeks now....
    Servers are being merged..again - Fact (Mine is for example)

    I still enjoy Warhammer but I just have a funny feeling atm.
    Is this usuall EA/Mythic-Disaster management or have they a big plan they will shortly reveil ?

    I am thinking further ahead: With current "endgame" they will hold players for a few months but VERY few will stay for longer...
    The idea/princible of the game is very good - but it still needs tweaking
    Going carebear or Wow-way will definatley kill War in the long run.
    Warhammer IS a pvp-mmo - You didnt forget did you ;)
    Greetings Belmarduk
  5. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    I'm sorry, but WoW does not have an end game either. A bunch of failures constantly running the same dungeon over and over for marginally better gear is not an end game. BTW, WAR has a tremendous end game, one that involves actually sacking and taking the other city, and unlike the joke that is WoW at least the PvP in WAR matters and is fun, unlike WoW.

    Really, if you want the 100 man raid, then go eslewhere. That model of gameplay has long since been faded out, even by WoW.
  6. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    A good mmo should not have the feeling of an endgame.
    In the warhammer/wh40k universe there is constant war - no endgame.

    Really, if you want the 100 man raid, then go eslewhere. That model of gameplay has long since been faded out, even by WoW. ? moi
  7. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    You spend a lot of time contradicting yourself don't you?
  8. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    Whats your problem ?
  9. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    The fact you can't even offer up proof or facts, and ontop of that, you spend more time backpeddling around thsoe facts and playing the Artful Dodger and changing the subject instead of actually answering the questions at hand.
  10. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    What Questions???????

    My server is being merged and about 20% of the people are quitting.
    The feeling about warhammer crashing I get when I look at server-statistics and when I read various Warhammer-Forums.
    Thats the current way it is - In Europe atleast.

    Artful Dodger/Backpeddling - What the hell are you talking about ?

    Whatever Warhammer is history for me as I am not resubbing my account.I t started promising but in the end is just another Wow-Clone.

    See you all in Darkfall
  11. Velvathos

    Velvathos Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Neither do I..

    Only MMO I have ever seen advertise is WoW and

    No comment

    I agree with this.. Warhammer should be very focused on having a skill based game for the PvP enviroment, there should be everything from weapon skills, crafting skills, and skill caps with attributes that govern them, put a cap on a skill and then let us train them all, they can fit in probably like 100 skills or so.. As far as crafting goes, World of Warcraft wins, only that we should be able to craft everything in the game.. :D

    Would be nice but I do not think the game was built for it, I could think of a lot of good ideas that would come out of this..

    1. I can think of a lot of things they can do to make PvP not just more harsh, but more fun, faced paced, and fair.. For starters, a game with so much PvP should never have levels or classes, EVE wins with this.. The game should be 100% skill based..

    2. Instead of this big order vs chaos crap, I wouldn't mind seeing something where we could kill ANYONE(including our own race.) But when we kill our own race, our characters would turn evil with a alignment, which would make for a harder life..

    3. Make the game less item based, and allow full player looting

    4. Make the game more skill based

    5. Disable auto attack, targeting and name tags, allow us to actually hide from others and sneak up on others, name tags seriously suck and there is no point to them, it just makes you a instant target since you can see a name tag from anywhere, like a mile away.. I like the idea of no targeting and allow us to dodge spells and other attacks.. I like the real time combat in Age of Conan, bad game, but awesome combat, we need something like real time combat, but also allow us to manually block and then add a parry skill.. So we would manually block, aim our sword blows and aim our spells.. This would make PvP that much more awesome.. :D

    6. Something isn't right about water in the game, oh, it sucks! There is no creatures in it and you can't dive in it or swim under it (there should be a swimming skill.) Allow us to craft player ships in WAR, everything from small merchant boats, rafts to huge war ships.. How this would work is we would craft a boat and it would be like a little ship model in our pack, we would take it out and place it in the water.. Then they could allow us to sail the waters and the seas with ships and have naval combat, and sink other players ships or capture them! :D

    7. Also, they should add in FPS combat, now that would be sweet..

    I agree.. There is so much they could do if they really wanted to add in end game content, I have given awesome examples, there would provide enough end game content so they would never even have to make a expansion..