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Warhammer Getting Live Content Update

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SWATJester, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. SWATJester

    SWATJester Guest

    [drupal=29995]Warhammer Getting Live Content Update[/drupal]

    Warhammer is getting its first live expansion starting in March. Entitled "A Call to Arms", it is a "live expansion" instead of a traditional box set, meaning that it will be updated via a series of content patches between March and June. Two new classes will be added: The Dwarf Slayer, and the Orc Choppa (kind of a new class, it was originally planned for the game but canceled. The Slayer, however is all new). Both classes will be berserker style forces and are expected to counter each other. The release will come with a live event entitled "Bitter Rivals".
    The next update will be entitled "Beyond the Sands", and while not much is known about it, it's expected to introduce some new gameplay features or mechanisms, but no new classes or areas. Beyond the Sands will be followed by the "Rise of the Tomb Kings" live event in
    May, in which Order and Destruction will fight to
    unlock the Land of the Dead for their realm. Info on what exactly the Land of the Dead will be is sketchy at this time. It could be anything from a new RvR zone, to a battleground, to a special zone with content only accessible by the side that controls it. We do know that the Land of the Dead is can be contested by both sides; and gaining access means you are
    safe until the other side regains control; presumably this is from PvE enemies and not from RvR combat. Finally, in June, players will be able to access the deserts of Nehekhara via a RVR-gated dungeon zone.
    We're looking forward to this new content at Stratics Central and Warhammer Stratics, and we'll keep you posted on what we find.

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