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Warhammer newbie

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by Girl_of_war, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Girl_of_war

    Girl_of_war Guest

    Hey! My ex really got me into Warhammer just before we broke up and I'm loving it! Was wondering if anyone had any gaming tips for a newbie like me? Also, I'm loving the books that accompany the game - are they official? Dan Abnett is my favourite, going up to Witney in Oxford on Weds to meet him and get some stuff signed - will anyone else be there? If anyone fancys coming along it starts at 6.30pm and you can get tickets from the store, the number is 01993 703525 (hope the net is reliable on that one!!!), they're nice and cheap too - it'd be great to meet some fellow gamers!
    Hope I'll see you there!
    Thanks in advance for the tips btw(!)
  2. Anathesius

    Anathesius Guest

    Since no one else is jumping at the chance to welcome you, I will.


    I have some advice for you regarding WAR, or gaming in general...

    1. Find yourself a guild/group that plays the same hours you do. There's nothing worse than being in a guild where you never see anyone.

    2. Try to be 'good' at whetever it is you like doing in game. PvP, PvE, Questing, Crafting, Raiding...if you're a competent player, it makes your experience more enjoyable as well as the people you play with.

    3. Play the game your way. First and foremost, you're here to enjoy yourself.

    4. Remember, RAoV are the cat's a$$ :)
  3. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    What Anathesius said.

    And welcome Girl of WAR
  4. Gaming tips?

    Get a comfy chair and plenty of wrist support.

    Stock up on microwave pizza.

    Stock up on your favorite seizure-inducing, bowel-cleansing, caffeine/guarana laced stimulant.

    Don't sleep for 3 days after launch.

    Stop when you hear voices.

    That's about it really.
  5. UONoob08

    UONoob08 Guest

    Stop when you hear voices?

    Don't be a quitter!!

    Those voices will get you through the big fights!!
  6. LunaMoth

    LunaMoth Guest

    just remember to have fun!
    and get up every once in a while, having your foot fall asleep or you rleg fall asleep then trying to walk is a pain and potentially danergous! lol.

    :heart: Lunamoth
  7. Lillyuo

    Lillyuo Guest

    mmmmmmm pizza
  8. Warblade

    Warblade Guest

    Hey at least he did something good, he introduced WAR to you :D Well, what I can say, I have no time to farm WAR Gold. It really does help if you have tons of moolah on your character, you'll never know when you need to repair and buy stuffs. Well, keep enjoying the game! See you around :)
  9. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest


    I guess still being a newbie...LoL..Im happy with me 2 gold pieces...

    still learning the public hunts..the quests...the solo monster kills for exp in your book..which is fun if ya bored and waiting for people...

    The whole rvr and the pvp..

    hey if someone wants to farm gold in this game oK...But there is so much more to check out..the special locks to find..That are just out there in the middle of nowhere..The speical people to check out in each section...

    Plus as i watch my Book get bigger and bigger..and read the stories in it..amazing it is...

    If anyone wants to get a super uber toon..max them out as soon as possible hey go for it...But thats such a small percentage of this game..there is so much more to it..Its just amazing... I do believe thats why people get bored with these types of games..All they care about is being the super uber pvper...and forgetting there are TONS more stuff to do...But hey people play the way they want to play..Just plz dont complain saying there is nothing else...when there is :D

    Thats all..btw glad your ex brought you into the game...that is a big plus there :D The ex is gone but the good game is here to stay... :D

    P.S. Pretty much what Anathesius said..but with the better spelling :D Lord I have had Way to much Dwarf beer...hrm..then again can you really have to much of that good stuff?