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Warrior tamer template help

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Malrieth, May 1, 2011.

  1. Malrieth

    Malrieth Guest

    ok, im new 2 taming, I was a mage and went archer/palidine/tamer. It isn't working very well but if anyone can change around my template a bit to put back magery, please do. I like taming at 120, for GD's, lore at 100, vet 100,
    chivalry 100, tactics 100 and archery 100. Now if I have lore at 110, then I can lore monsters, and I can take away archery and tactics and make them magery and eval intel 100 each. That sound like a good template? If you find a way 2 swap chivalry 4 peacemaking and musicianship at some strange level, please tell me. thx!:heart:
  2. Malrieth

    Malrieth Guest

    Re: Guide to beginner tamer

    Ok i thought about it and decided that instead of peace and musician, spellweaving. That should leave me with some points to mess with. Whach'a think? :heart: P.S. like my signature heart?
  3. tatey

    tatey Guest

    Re: Guide to beginner tamer

    First you should decide if you'd rather primarily be a tamer, or a warrior, because the template might change based on which you would rather focus on. When taming and lore that high, I'm guessing that you'd rather be a pure tamer. Magery is almost essential on a tamer because of greater heal. Once you start tackling high end monsters, you won't be able to vet your animal because of the damage effects, so you will end up relying on ranged healing. Spellweaving is also good at this, although I don't play one. My current template is:

    110 Taming
    110 Lore
    100 Vet
    110 Magery
    65 Chivalry (for remove curse)
    + Meditation

    As you can see, I have a lot of left over skill points, I'm currently debating on what to fill the rest up with. I've actually considered throwing:

    110 Taming
    110 Lore
    100 Vet
    110 Magery
    120 Throwing
    120 Tactics
    65 Chivalry
    45 Meditation
    (780 points total, 60 from jewelry)
  4. Malrieth

    Malrieth Guest

    Re: Guide to beginner tamer

    ok i get what u r saying, but i really wana be able to get more of a person that can heal in big battles and dish out alot of damage in them too, so i think i have a template worked out, tell me what u think.

    Eval intel:100
    if i can find a better template elsewhere i will say but for now :heart:
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Just in case you're wondering what happened, Malrieth, I've pulled your template posts out into a thread of their own so they don't get "lost" in the advice thread.

    I'd say looking at your last template, you will find mana an issue I think if you're casting with magery and spellweaving and using chiv as well. I'd try it on test center anyway and see how it "handles," but my feeling is you need meditation in the mix. Spellweaving is pretty greedy on mana IMHO.

    If it was me I'd be inclined to drop chivalry for meditation and make a spellweaving/mage tamer. Then I'd probably put my warrior skills all into a new tamer template. Perhaps one that used pets that required much less taming skill - like vollums or even boura. Kitsune only really need 85/85 taming and lore to control fully.

    Have a potter around on test center and see how things feel before you commit to any drastic changes, that might help you decide too.