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[Feedback] Waterfall art...

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by guum, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. guum

    guum Guest

    This isn't a huge deal (fix the paperdoll art first), but since it was mentioned in today's FoF...any reason why the KR waterfall art was retained while so much of the KR house art was jettisoned? Are the designers just too in love with the translucent particle effect dealies to lose them for the simple old-school water? I have waterfalls in my house, and I gotta say, in spite of their simplicity, 2D waterfalls look flat out better. Particularly egregious in the SA client are the waterfall "tops" -- those curly pieces that are supposed to represent where the water actually "falls" -- the horizontal part never looks like it's coming out of anything...instead it just looks suspended over whatever water it's supposed to be coming from; also, going vertically, this top piece looks like it's going through the tile it's built on rather than over the edge of it. Side-view diagram of how waterfall tops currently look:

    waterfall "top" tile-> -----

    water level -> -------------|--

    Not sure if that comes across properly here (damn auto-formatting!). But anyway, if a major design goal is to promote consistent game behavior between the SA & 2D clients, this clearly violates it -- these tiles look just fine in 2D, but not in SA. You can do away with them entirely in SA (just omit the top part) when building your house, which looks better (but still a little goofy), but then there's no top in 2D. Etc.

    I'd really prefer to see the old 2D waterfall art used, but in lieu of that, could the waterfall tops in SA be fixed please? Thanks.

    (On a tangential "it'd-be-nice-to-have" note, it'd be *awesome* if waterfall tiles looked and behaved like wall tiles rather than floor ones, so that they could be used in house construction in a more intuitive way...of course, this would require a change in the 2D client too, so I guess that's probably a bit much for now.)
  2. guum

    guum Guest

    Doh. Forgot about them there high-tech "screen shots". This is what I mean: