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Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Rykus, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Rykus

    Rykus Guest

    It's good to see some familiar names here still.

    I've had a pretty exciting past year, but things have calmed down a bit, thank goodness. :)

    I've recently gotten back into doing some gaming, and my new home is Darkfall. This is not a commercial for elsewhere, or any kind of beckoning to check it out, but if we were friends here and you are thinking of it, please PM.. :) I've ran across a few old friends and foes there, including a certain guitar playing vampire..

    I hope that when my keeps and houses dropped there was at least a little bloodshed, and mayhem going on. It would be a shame if it all fell silently, then decayed.

    I hope everyone is well.

  2. Afterglow

    Afterglow Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 15, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Fare ye well, shall Darkfall get you the satisfaction you are looking for.
    Thanks for your time and participation on Siege! :beer:
  3. Skylark SP

    Skylark SP Available Storage: 0
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    How do we know this isn't a fake Rykus? :eyes:

    Glad to hear you are doing OK. Say hi to Wyrm for me. :)

  4. Calibretto

    Calibretto Guest

    wyrm is one of the most memorable people I have ever met in uo.
  5. AEowynSP

    AEowynSP Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    X 2 He is very much missed.
    Glad to hear from you Rykus, you too are missed even if I was only a noob when we met.
  6. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I was there when it fell... There was some blood spilled. I believe the BFF crew has the soul stones and such.
  7. Patty Pickaxe

    Patty Pickaxe Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hi Rykus! I am glad to hear everything is good. I was sad to hear that your keep fell, but at least it went in true siege style- :twak:, and :sword:. Enigma and I are in the process of packing up and leaving these lands. E has actually been playing DDO for awihile. Weren't you playing that at one time?
  8. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Hi Rykus, good to hear from you.