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We like Fire!!...AKA Oriana's trip to the Townhall

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Oriana, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Okie Dokie, had a few hours of sleep and ready to share (pics to come later, have to find the other camera with more of them lol)

    For the record, Jeremy and Patrick are really very nice. They are very passionate about this game and understand a lot of our frustrations. Time and bandwidth constraints are two of the biggest problems the development team have in getting the good stuff out and sometimes, as much as they may like to do things, they just aren't feasible given everything else going on. In other words back off the poor team, they really do care about what we want and our input and really want us to continue to send in feedback and bugs reports. This game is so expansive it would take much much longer to get anything out if they managed to have the time to get it perfect. I learned a lot from some other MMO's meetings I attended and our problems are not unique by any stretch. A lot MMO's have the same issues with bugs and quirks and a lot of other MMO's have their PLAYERS send in feedback and bug reports to help them make the games better for the players. So as is in my sig *points all the way down to the bottom* SEND IN FEEDBACK!!!

    Now then to Dermott's very well put together transcript. I hope he doesn't mind me stealing this to use to add thoughts and experiences to. And I'll try to add other things as I remember them as well. My extra notes will be in .red

    Initial Jeremy Notes:

    - Cocoa Trees, 8 new seeds internally testing
    - OSI Owned houses are being identified and falling in batches as locations and received. Falling isn't actually the right word. They will just be dropped as they are given locations. It didn't sound like loot would be falling in the spots, but I could be wrong on that.
    - Malas area opened in an upcoming publish This was very exciting news. Still no keeps or castles in Malas but I personally would love a house in some of those areas.
    - Draconi and a group of people in Japan through rest of this month. Sounds like some very interesting things happening. Training and sharing.
    - Spring Cleaning turned off in August
    - 2 weeks notice on turning off Spring Cleaning Yup time to finish up those quests and cleaning out the chests and bankboxes!!
    - Account ages are weird, updates once per week, run by elderly asthmatic hamster...Jeremy comment that if you think you're age is further off than say a couple months let them know...They whole billing process and the connecting processes telling the game what the age is, is naturally off a month or so. But sometimes, as was stated..the poor hamster needs to be nudge. Give your acct a week or so if it's only a month or so off before you flood them though.

    Continued in next post I ran out of characters lol.
  2. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Q/A Factions
    - Jeremy asks for feedback on Factions, most info is off mic at the moment
    - Beneficial acts in Fel had a bug
    - Asking for help on updating the Factions Guide
    - Asking for ideas to be sent in on making owning towns more valuable
    - Speedman introduced/called out, Speedman was in fact there. He is not back with UO, he was visiting. But it was nice to see him again. A few of us had a bit of a conversation about cheating with him during the break.
    - "Might as well get the Siege stuff started early" Siege stuff never really came up after that except for the statement about the ROT and wanting to get numbers tested before they did it. They want to get it right, changing numbers for one thing can screw up dozens of other things, so it's not as easy as one might think. And to correct whomever said it dealt with 120's meaning scrolls misunderstood what was being said, she was using examples of number sets to explain it, just happened those were the numbers she chose. The 120 scroll conversation was completely separate from the ROT discussion.
    - Dyable Monk's Robes not allowed because they are basically the same as GM/Counselor's/etc robes. It was discussed because not everyone in this game is honest (No seriously) People have/may approach and unknowing player in these and well be mean. It would be neat in some respects but I can kinda understand where they are coming from on this.
    - Dyable hooded shrouds = dupers win This was not so much a dupers win, it was more a problem on Siege that allows them to be dyed. Correct me if I'm wrong about the shard though.

    General Q/A
    - Faction vendor pricing is interesting, but what use are the vendors lately anyway.
    - Threads, Cloak, Daggers: Part of Draconi's secret plan. Scenario is not done yet...The live event team are not done with us yet. Draconi being away has slowed things down yes, but he is due back in roughly the end of this month early next. so give it to about midish August before they kick that particular hamster.
    - Current event to continue tentatively around mid August, expect a week or so notice *points up*
    - "Dueling" guildstones for player run events being "passed on" to look in to. This was a very interesting idea. And Jeremy and Leurocian seemed interested, but as with most suggestions, it will be looked at for viability.
    - Contact for clean up of EM content Jeremy is all about cleaning up messes. If you have a EM spawn *coughs* baja*coughs* or anything blocking play or something left over that maybe usable left over from an EM event let her know!!
    - Jewelry Boxes was never on the schedule. They would "like to do" but is not on schedule. That pretty much sums that up
    - 90% of weapons are not viable, revamping of weapons being done internally, "cannot talk about" but being looked in to
    - Weapon balance tentative for within the next few publishes Honestly weapon balancing and thats stuff gives me a headache lol I know whats good to a point but clueless in the pvp arena.
    - More stable slots: Cannot promise, but "on the list" All I can say is PLEASE!!!!!
    - Hand to hand combat: "I would LOVE to"
    - Male KR paperdoll "needs to be changed, no ETA" LOL Some of the "demostrations of how the male were hysterical!!
    - Housing: Lockdowns lower than secures because of loading Well their not lower they are equal but it is an issue with loading from days of old and still is to a point.
    - Bounties: Cutting off heads and turning them in made parents go nuts. Well at least the parents were watching their kids
    - Customizable keeps and castles: an absolute nightmare I believe Jeremy said she asked Cathat about that once and he went pale as a ghost and she decided to leave him alone
    - Certain headpieces not on the magic item lists They dont know why but thing like caps and connets never made the list. They also took suggestions about possibly making hats enhanceable and craftable with runics but again these were suggestions from us so don't hold it against the devs!!
    - Tinker's Runics: Maybe Tinker BODs, but nothing specific
    - HCI on shields: Noted for weapon rebalancing
    - Crafting hats with barbed kits: "We'd have to think about it" *points up*
    - Controlling layering: going to be brought up to artists ie Sashes going over robes various clothes and coloring, and the such all was mentioned.
    - Togglable hood for robes: Good idea, no idea *ponits up a line*
    - Heartwood quests: Stupidly tedious, looking to revamp or change in some way, especially for runics I believe the word Leurocian used was horrible. And I agreed (of course I was the one that asked that question lol)
    - Problems with Melissa quests (crashing): QA working on it, I am sure They would love you guys to point out specific areas that are issues and the circumstances surrounding them to the feed back forums.
    - ROT on Siege: More difficult than intended, Messana is on it, scaling bug, ROT broken I don't know about being broken as much more than just a quick fix is available
    - Buglist in KR "frightening", asking for better interaction for bug fixing "good idea, but runs into Volunteer problem", limited bandwidth to fix LOL the buglist was more than just for KR that was frightening. Someone asked if it was possible to get a list of bugs they were aware of to help us send in more information on them, but as Jeremy stated we would be frightened by that list. Keep sending in that USEFUL feedback, with as much information as you can, not only to the feedback forms but to [email protected]
    - "You cannot see that"is a bug, unknown on status of fix What he said
    - Spring Cleaning Phase 3 is last phase Thank Goodness!! So start getting it turned in or thrown away already!!!
    - Arcane Focus: Must talk to Draconi when he returns
    - More cooking stuff maybe "We love cooks" Jeremy said as she walked around
    - Tokuno Dyes: Good idea, people ask, something off mic "I cannot comment on that" But a lot of smirking and expressions that indicated more than that lol.
    - AOS resists: Damage types vs armor, not on the table
    - Accounts "losing" expansion status: must research
    - Speculation on dupe/exploits: "We like fire" That phrase was thrown out a lot with evil grins, so watch it cheaters!!
    - Stygian Abyss: "Can't talk about it" "Very soon you might hear more" (wow... "soon" and "might" in the same sentence) And expressions that you just can't duplicate over the radio or in text. I think we should all start getting ready for some reaally exciting stuff happening!! The faces reminded me of someone that had found the perfect gift for someone else and was just dieing to let it out
    - 9th Anniversary was a limited release However is stilll pretty available in many areas but has been pulled from the shelves, when you go into the game stores and ask for it ask for "Ultima Online 9th Collection" that seems to be the listing so fear not just use that and should get a better response
    - Volunteers very unlikely due to legal issues. Counselor Guild buildings... who knows Again send in suggestions you never know
    - Oceans: #1 request for expansions. Ship code would have to be reworked. Ships are houses that float. This is probably the most popular and asked for expansion so keep stabbing at them pirates
    - Stables in houses: requested... "on a list somewhere"
    - Crimsons drop on Melissa's body, not to backpack correct and it is not a rumor, drop rates where unknown
    - Stranger lockboxes: Draconi's evil plan Everytime they said that and they said it often, I got more and more scared lol
    - Burning houses in Luna: Draconi's in Japan
    - GM interaction in removing problem players: GMs will not tell you what happens to the person reported on
    - Origin = public test shard for new stuffs, Basically the conversation was about making copies of characters, weapons skils pets etc over on Test so that it was easier to test, But that just isn't a very feasible idea. Origin gets it first, make a character there there and test it out.
    - Damage exceeding 35 "cap" in PvP: unanswered I blinked on this one sorry
    - KR vs 2d: something about speed, 2ders whined about a speed fix for KR
    - Cannot speak much about KR right now, but they have a lot of focus group data
    - Memory usage issues, lot of work needed for KR
    - Strangers are no longer spawning, murder mystery is current
    - Player run servers and ideas: tamer pets growing "cool idea, not on a schedule"
    - "I just drank an entire Coke" LOL and was beginning to dance, poor girl just couldn't get her break!!
    - PvP thieves: Aware of issues, not an easy fix Removing insurance is an answer but would tick off more than it would make happy so, do the math
    - Finishing the virtues: conceptual gaps I asked this, The virtues were never really designed to be a "system" of their own, they had some cool stuff that could be incorporated using the virtues but the others virtues opportunity has just not yet come up. But it's not something they are actively pursuing at this point.
    - Leaving Alliances: Fix was not retro-active, if stuck need to talk a GM. Send into to Messana at [email protected] if a GM tells you can't be done

    They're talking about volunteer programs, support, ect. so nothing really game-critical here

    Brief break after Blade Thugluv's question about marketing, shelf presence

    "Where's Marketing?"

    WHOA!!! there went the audio We all had to go tinkle dang it!!

    ok back... shelf space is shrinking for new games, used games = margins. Marketing doesn't have anything to market ATM *points up several lines* Answered that up there sorry, it came up a couple times


    Part 2

    - Chapels in UO towns: No plans currently
    - End of UO2d: 2d is not going away any time soon
    - Question on Green Acres: Jeremy raced Wilki testing Speedhacking The question was more specifically about what was the large green expanse on the radar. Which is Green Acres. Then Jeremy commented that it was for testing etc, and she once Raced Wilki to test speedhacking.
    - Returning Tokuno Arties: NOT off the Table
    - Legacy artifacts: behaving as designed This was in response as to how long the atries dropping in the virtue dungeons would be. The answer was they are working as intended and they may add or take away at some point
    - Crimson drop rate on Melissa: unknown on drop rate
    - Why isn't UO on Mythic website: Have to check on status
    - Vet rewards: cannot comment, haven't forgotten
    - Revamping Detectives: nothing at the moment
    - "We like fire" (this got the audio overloaded, so dunno exactly)LOL Thats fuuny, it was in response to the downtime of the character transfer service, was it related to any dupes or what have you. That was the response with a evil grin.
    - "Show us your tatoo" Pictures to follow once I can get them
    - More co-owner slots on houses: Again send in suggestions
    - Salvage bags: wood/tinkered items: Not recycleable, but good idea
    - Choosing starting town: will have to look at in the future
    - Town Hall in Vegas: "That sounds like fun" And was resoundingly agreed on by the room and the internet lol
    - Send town hall suggestions through feedback Gee where have I heard that before??
    - Lockpicking: Desire for jewelry/talisman... a good idea
    - Lack of spellweaving jewelry intentional...at the time...but needs looking into now.
    - Promotion of religion in game: check ROC for types of speech permitted. Not promoted as it has nothing to do with the game. This was asked about in game events such as this being included in the FoF and other areas of the game. If it doesn't directly relate to game play then isn't included.
    - Rare armor pieces, ingredients and crimsons as well as VERY high end random loot from Melissa look for info on Five on Friday
    - Weddings in UO: System planned, but pushed out, unkown on current status
    - Hacking protection: VERY big issue, Jeremy hacked on a different game via flash banner keylogger Yes wasn't anything she could have done no one to be held accountable, it just proves how determined these people are sadly
    - Item returning: other games have better item logging than UO. Very true, but we've also been around a lot longer than most of these games and they have had the opportunity to learn from it's mistakes.
    - Lot of talk about being hacked This was more amongst ourselves really than with the team. so nothing really missed there.
    - New Haven Quests: missing quests ran out of time on some quests, Leurocian has docs for tamers and bards but other things took precedence.
    - Timer on IDOCs: random
    - Cut and paste to and from books: Supreem to look into it
    - Arcane Focus: not sure what's going on here, lots of cross talk. It was a lil chaotic then, it had been discussed earlier, that the ability to get to level 6 was a bug and people were never meant to be able to focus by themselves. This was per Leurocian. So don't yell at me!!
    - When will KR get some love: Missing art: have to harrass GrimmOmen
    - Account binding: not likely Between the billing systems and such and that poor asthmatic hamster i would think it would be difficult
    - Locked down boxes, removing items (Airmid): probably a bug, not on the list of changes, side effect? Send into to uobugs...you get the idea!!
    - "Yes but we can't say"... I missed this question LOL not sure either
    - High end runics popping up:... FIRE!..Again WE like fire with evil grins lol'
    - Pandas: "I'll send that to art" Patrial hued polar bear?
    - Powerscrolls: for some skills not for others: No content above 100 for some skills. Skills would have to be rescaled so get off your high horses about the 120 scrolls for begging (yes I would love mine to be legendary too, but I'll forfeit that for other fixes)
    - GM magery WAS nerfed for PS purposes Nerfed in some ways but made a bit more accurate in others. same for all the skills that have 120's
    - Backend not available to share skill points between accounts (soulstones I guess?) Correct, soulstones were discussed to be transferable to other accts etc
    - Smithing BODs: high end BODs imbalanced... on the list But doesn't hurt to poke them about it and send in suggestions (tired of me saying that yet?)
    - Balancing animal damage: different balancing pass than weapons, on the list (specifically greater dragons)
    - How will you remember all of this: "It is being recorde" It was being recorded and trust me Enough of us diehards will not let her forget!! lol
    - Instant GMs with items, Vamp form Bushidos working around skill cap: Needs a HARD look, Vamp Form needs a HARDER LOOK and a "kick in the nutz" Ok a LOT of people took this one very very wrong. The point of the discussion was one that has been presented here, is it right that people can "vamp up" using jewls then drop said jewels and maintain the form. Most agreed if the level to maintain the spell is a certain point if the skill level isn't present any more the spell should come off.
    - Something about jewel-encrusted stuff: "That's a good idea" Oh Bard Mal gave a really great suggestion...to be able to "decorate our weapons and armor using jewels not for resists or anything just for show like to a wedding or special event.
    - Commodity Deeds: redeem in houses: YES!!!! *MUCH APPLAUSE!!!* Actively developing! Yes please send in the suggestions!!!
    - KR only shard: no plans (dammit!) Sorry guys, I would have liked that too.
    - Pet dye tub: No. Nothing but test center If you heard the very loud NO right after the question was asked, that would be me!! Lol. The looks on Jeremy's and Leurocian's faces seemed to agree with that general consensus
    - More than one house per account: To prevent owning too much real estate. Basically don't expect anything on this one... no sympathy here. Hey what can we say, people who have multiple accounts would take up the darn shards in no time flat, yes I would love a small house on the shards I do occasionally visit but not enough to take away from those that "live" there

    Stratics thread
    - Handing in items player unfriendly: Limitations of the system they are using, deadlines hurt player friendliness
    - Stacking: "We want more things to stack" They are aware working on it and Leurocian said he is taking that very thing into consideration as he develops new things.
    - Player townstones: really cool but long dev time
    - Moongates to other shards: "I can see the dupes now" (x-sharding issues, coding issues) Oh Poor Jeremy and Leurocian looked very uncomfortable at that thought. I that maybe Jeremy needed to hae a seat she looked wobbly at that suggestion.
    - Lots of Stratics questions phrased very negatively: And I don't blame Lil of WRR for turning those away, they were very negative and you know what thats just not kosher
    - Begging powerscrolls: There would have to be content
    - Alternative ways to get PSs: Nothing planned
    - Disguise kit bug wiping macros, used while locked down: engineering issue Again send it into [email protected]
    - Greater Dragons not obeying: will have to look at may be deliberate

    Crowd: 5 minute warning
    - Making it against the rules to sell for real cash: Making it against the rules doesn't stop it. They could do it, GMs would have nmore work for NO difference (I could have told everyone this)
    - Seattle: We can't talk about Seattle
    - Not against the rules to "game" the 90 day decay Little sympathy for people who screw gaming the system up
    - Lots of off mic, can't talk about the good stuff, presentation nixed
    - UO Journal Coverter: cannot save journal in KR "I'll tell Supreem"

    Giving out swag Game X Bar, WRR and one other entity, (please don't hurt me I forgot the name) Gave out some really cool prizes ...T-Shirts, hats, UO figures...was really fun with all the neat questions that came up.

  3. AesSedai

    AesSedai Guest

    - Thanks for the recap Oriana!


    And expressions that you just can't duplicate over the radio or in text. I think we should all start getting ready for some reaally exciting stuff happening!! The faces reminded me of someone that had found the perfect gift for someone else and was just dieing to let it out

    Thanks for the recap Oriana!
  4. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    "Dupers Win"

    This was me trying to rush as they were going to the next topic. As I recall, the Dupers Win comment was the quickest way I could explain that by making the Monk's Robes dyable, that basically amde it where the dupers were allowed to "dictate" the direction of UO mainly in terms of new or odd items, thus the comment of "dupers win".
  5. Joyous2K

    Joyous2K Guest

    I really can say very little nice about this game or any of the topics.

    I'm glad you had a good time tere. It sounded like fun.

    EDIT: Thumbs down is from post I chose not to submit.
  6. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ahh good point Dermott. Thanks for not busting my chops on using your transcripts. You did really great keeping up BTW. I just filled in the gaps. *bows to Dermott*
  7. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    *Climbs onto his high llama (horses are for the wealthy.)*

    LOL. Yeah, it would be SOOOOO hard to just add begging power scrolls to the loot table of the begging items. Content above 100? How about begging in search of legendary status. I would say that is more content than the current nothing.
  8. Kral

    Kral Guest

    That question really threw me.

    UO has "chapels" in towns. Some towns have the Virtue shrines (At least Britain does)

    Other more Pagan shrines exist in other towns, grisly piles of bones and crude alters in the Savage Villages and the lizard man towns, to the pentagrams and stone alters in Wind and some of the mage shops.
    Shinto style shrines dot the landscape of the Tokano Islands. The old lands have the Virtue shrines.

    Just what was this player asking for? :coco: Well, Christian shrines of course! :bowdown:

    Hopefully the devs will never give in to this type of player request and place anything even remotely like a real world Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Judaist, or like shrines in any part of UO.

    I suppose they let the cat out already with the Shinto stuff in the Tukano
  9. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ok I picked on beggin cause I would love Lil Beggums to be legendary, But Leurocian said the possibility to gain over 100 right now isn't there, the way those skills that do not have the 120 scrolls simply do not have any where to go to gain above 100.

  10. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ya thats kinda why I left that one alone.

  11. legendsguy

    legendsguy Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    soo. my take on all this is: once again, we'll have cocoa seeds "soon", even though i have no idea why it matters if we can grow chocolate since it gives no benefits. malas is opening up for scripters to get new houses to sell. draconi is in japan so they can have fun events while we get to x-shard it all back afterwards. and what else? oh yes, fire. lots and lots of fire. which means one house -might- burn and everyone will assume the world is now a much safer place because a duper was inconvenienced.. not that the actual duping bugs will be fixed. but hey, .. fire, right? fire! yay! making heartwood quests easier.. for scripters (i can only assume that's what they meant by their previous actions). no stygian abyss ever. yada yada.. we like fire yet again. so no real answer but it probably appeased the brainless masses. and of course the negatively phrased stratics questions (or as i call them: 'quests that deserved answers').
  12. Vyal

    Vyal Guest

    Oriana are you kidding me?

    The devs for UO are terrible to say the least. They take two years to move a story along becuase of bandwith issues? LOL

    I don't really expect much from this game I know the devs are terrible and more then half the people that play know this BUT the only thing people have been asking for how long now is GET THE UPDATES AND THE STORY OUT FASTER!

    How long have we been hearing OOO MY GOD its going to be a very exciting time very soon, then soon comes and goes then turns into next month then next month turns into next month...

    Is this some sort of evil plot to keep people playing UO in hopes that next month will finally bring the most retarted of stories to some sort of end?
    That is when you make a new story.

    I really hate to sound like I hate UO cuase I don't this was the first MMO I ever played and is what got me addicted to them. Well this and EverQuest.

    As far as being a big game? Are you joking? This is a 2d game with 2d sprites in a 2d world made with a 2d map maker and 2d artists. BIG, I think not. People can host a free shard on a home pc. I'll tell you big, EverQuest is big EverQuest is expansive. MUCH MUCH bigger then anything in UO. Heck I bet you could put all the EQ models and meshes in a zip file and have that file be larger then UO installed and in a folder. I just don't get it, EverQuest's world is twenty times the size of UO's Sosaria and it's in 3d it has millions of more items and thousands of more monsters and MILLIONS of quests and 3x the player base per server/shard and I am not kidding when I say they don't have problems like UO they don't. They have new events all the time the GM's are there to help hell if you petition a GM for help they actually show up and talk to you or send you a private message. EQ is nearly as old as UO.

    With UO's age its lack of anything even remotely close to complicated programming other then it's basic framework its very 2d world with 2d everything. The size of a peanut compared to other MMO's. They are having problem after problem after problem becuase of the DEVELOPMENT CREW! EA needs to take a look at Sony and figure out what they are doing wrong, i'm done typing - UO DEV's are terrible, period, period, period, !!!!!!
  13. Violence

    Violence Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Thank Zog this thread at least has no pictures. You are trully mercifull.
    Other than that, yadda-yadda, blah-blah.. I've said it all in that other Nameless thread.

    Oh well, at least I got ...............

    :postcount: GO ME!

    What, you thought you would be the only one to get one for saying THE SAME THINGS AS IN THAT NAMELESS THREAD? :pP
  14. canary

    canary Guest

    Some people will be an apologist no matter what is done in UO.

    Most people, however, have come to their senses and see the team and game for what it is... the truth of the matter is that the team is understaffed, has no resources and no clue as to the future of the game. It's like they are fumbling around blindly. Cocoa seeds and burning down a handful of duper housing are lame, but most get it' that the team have little to no implementation ability and Punkbuster would actually signal the demise of UO (HUGE cut back on scripters = less accounts, and imo they'd rather see the $$$).

    Still, at least the apologists feel that they get their money's worth, so for them, that's good.
  15. Aboo

    Aboo Guest

    When they say "turned off" I'm guessing that means you can't turn in anymore stuff for tickets. However, does it also mean that you have to choose what to spend your tickets on BEFORE it's turned off?
  16. Tjalle

    Tjalle Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Gilfane

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hmm, I´m not sure I understand this one. What Malas area would that be?

    The only area I can think of is the "island" where the Labyrinth is...
  17. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    Oriana.. I know we've shared the same questions about alliances.. I see one small tidbit from the town hall.

    Do I understand correctly?

    we are to once again.. try to ally, when it fails... page a GM .. wait in the que for hours on end, if lightening and a pot of gold containing 10,000 four leaf clovers fall on our heads and a GM actually shows up, said GM can't fix it, only to be told to send in a bug report?

    Have the dozens of reports we've already sent in been lost? Or thrown away? Or ignored? Will the 25th bug report be the one someone takes notice of?

    Pardon my frustration.. this has been broken for us for more than a year now.. and today.. I have no desire to swallow that crap.

    LORD Yalp of Zento, CTDM
  18. BardMal

    BardMal Guest

    I was hoping for a good pic of Jeremy's back. That tatoo looked nice, but I didn't want to seem like a perv checking her out so I was going to wait for your photos.
  19. Sheridan

    Sheridan Guest

    Sorry, bub... You might want to avert your eyes. Got some pics from the UO Town Hall... It was great to meet everyone who showed as well as Leurocian and Jeremy.



    Many thanks to Whispering Rose Radio for their coverage of the UO Town Hall!



    Some of the UO Stratics Crew and Jeremy after the Town Hall. From Left to Right - *zigzag*, me, Jeremy, Ghost Writer, and pasMountainDew.


    Jeremy's tattoos - she's got some great ink!




    Congrats to DJ Sandman for his recent 500th radio broadcast! The UO Stratics and Whispering Rose Radio crews at Dave & Buster's after the Town Hall.
  20. Oriana

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    Jun 24, 2003
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    Sweet!! Thanks Sheridan!!!

  21. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    :danceb: Thank you for those pics Sheridan!!! We had a blast at town hall in San Diego! Looking forward to the Seattle meeting the end of August then to Austin! Once again we will broadcast live and party afterwards! The WRR D&B studio on Lk Superior seems to be getting great reviews! It gives people ingame a chance to be at the meeting even if they aren't there in r/l. Draconi and Leurocian were watching it alot on the large screen during past meetings.
    We at WRR would like to thank everyone involved with our broadcast including Jeremy & Pat of EA/Mythic, Adam and Queen Mum of UOForums, Nok of UOToolbar and the many Stratics staffmembers. (Sorry if I left anyone out) Everyone did a great job!

    See you in Seattle!!!
    Crystal Rose
  22. Crystal Rose

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    Hey Oriana..thanks so much for posting this! Was great seeing you again and meeting your family!