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we tamers can be so ugly in our game play.

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Poo, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    ive been noticing this over the last year or so.
    the Cu Sidhe spawn.

    i play on a bunch of shards so i have gotten the chance to go and tame Cu's on about 6 shards so far.
    and ive seen the same thing on all of them.

    a player or guild who farm the cu's

    no big deal, everyone has their fun stuff they like to do to make money.
    but what i find sooooo ugly is that as soon as they have farmed the cu's up to 4 paragons, they are GONE.

    which under most circumstances woulnd't be that big of a deal.
    but my tamers for the most part are brand new and im usually in there trying to get my FIRST Cu.
    so trying to kill a paragon cu solo on a new tamer...... well it SUCKS!

    to make things even worse, on more then a few times out there ive tooken the time to come in and kill off ALL the paragons, then watched the player/guild come back in and start up again cause the cus are reset.
    its allmost like they are running death cams at the cus waiting for them to respawn.
    you think im kidding, but im starting to wonder!

    i killed off all the cu's yesturday on pac and 2 different cu farming guilds where there INSTANTLLY!
    so thats not too bad.
    but then as soon as all the cus where paragon again... boom, they where GONE.

    now really.
    i have some fully done tamers.
    it takes me all of like 2 minutes with my tamer to kill a paragon.

    youd think these guys would have a little play nice in them and cull off the paragons that they spawn.

    why do they do it?

    here is a copy of my icq log.

    Date : 27/01/2008 Time : 2:08 PM
    From : *
    poo I know you ahve a good pup now but we jsut got one that have over 1200 hits asn a strength of 1214

    To : *
    what are the resists on it?

    From : *
    we already sold it

    From : *
    we got 10 mill for it

    From : *
    we\are still tamming daily though

    greed. money. wealth.

    its ugly. Its an ugly side to taming and im begining to understand why i see new players saying that they dont wana be tamers in game.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I did some shard-hopping recently. And, yes, I saw all kinds of ugly in the Weald.

    On one shard (which will remain nameless), while there were a fair few tamers in there, not one spoke a single word to another. I just stood and watched for a few minutes to see how they operate in their Weald. Once I felt I wasn't going to step on anyone's toes or ignorantly commit some local Weald sin (*gasp*), I stepped in and tamed a normal cu in which no one seemed remotely interested.

    In the absence of any paragon cu's, I set my pooch on a wild cu. Too late I noticed someone was just walking around to tame it. I called my tame back, mounted it to prevent any further interruption, and apologised explaining I'd not noticed in time that he was about to tame it.

    What was sad to me is that he expressed shock that someone not only spoke to him, but had actually <u>apologised</u> for inadvertently interrupting his tame attempt.

    There's just a different attitude on Europa where so many of us tend to give pups away to just about whoever will get'em off the Ilshenar server. Ya get what ya give out seems to work well. Wannabe Tame Stealers, for example, soon discover that it's a verrrry long walk to the Spirituality shrine and back for a res. The cu tamers know one another, chat amongst themselves and ensure word gets around about so-and-so who committed which Weald Sin.

    It's always a possibility that all bets may be off should a blaze spawn, of course. I've seen greed kill blaze pups and on the other hand I most certainly have witnessed a blaze spawn and turns being taken with heals provided by onlookers. What ya give out, you're likely to receive in kind. I like that.

    For balance, I have to say I did see some nice, too, across the few shards I visited in the form of everyone in the Weald on one notable shard ceasing their own taming in order to help &amp; cheer on a new-to-cu's tamer tame his first pooch. I completely loved that and you can bet I was cheering him on, too!

    Wherever we are, whichever shard, the Weald is its own little microcosm. It's also exactly what its residents and visitors make of it. [​IMG]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ouch, definately not good, I've seen the 4 paragons on Napa twice now, not sure if it was a lazy guild farming, or a solo who couldn't take a para. When my guild organizes a Cu farming (not very often we have more than 2 tamers on) we clean out whatever spawns, regular or paragon (just takes a bit longer).

  4. Conrad99

    Conrad99 Guest

    I have run into similar problems. I found the love of taming cu about six months ago. I always had a problme with the paragons. I would tame until 3 showed up then leave them but felt bad because it was not fair to others.

    So what did I do, I created a tamer on my second account souly to take out the paragons while I was there taming. One so I could contiune to tame and two so I did not leave it for others. She sits down there with me with a mare rune and when I need her I tame the last reg cu for the tank then sick the mare rune on it with my other tamer. I heal the tank and the mare rune kill it. Works great.

    Not saying everyone has two accounts to do it but I did so why not take advatage of it.
  5. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    you know what i do.
    and this is really very simple.

    i take the cu i tamed, i discord the paragon.
    then i put the cu on it.
    then i cast poison on the paragon and keep doing that.
    cause it kills his healing.
    every time his healing kicks in it cures the poison NOT heal him HP.
    so i just vet the cu and poison the paragon every couple seconds.
    take about 2 minutes and they are dead.

    other then that i get on my laptop and do like listed above, have my other tamer there with a mare/rune combo (gotta love that armor coruption AND POISON!)

    if you are gonna do the poison trick, be sure that if the cu, when near death, makes its break for it that is dosnt walk past you, cause sometimes they will give you a little love nibble.

    and unlike Nico's love nibbles, theirs KILL!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am not sure about how other characters play on Atlantic, but I can tell you that I go to the weild a couple of times a week to tame Cu's. And in general, I don't care if it's colored or not. And I will ask if someone needs/wants the colored I just tamed before I kill it off.

    To kill Para Cu's, I'll try to enlist the help of another tamer there, having them use a just tamed Cu and I'll get my Beetle/Mare to take them out. If I can't find someone to help, I'll log my Chiv/Bushi/Archer (was ninja, but dropped ninjitsu for bushido) on my laptop and 2-box killing them off.

    I would like to say I am astounded that people are that way, but in the many years of gaming (not just online, but pen &amp; paper as well) that I've been involved in (over 20), that it seems something embedded in the gaming culture for people to be asses.
  7. Ceridwen DF

    Ceridwen DF Guest


    I would like to say I am astounded that people are that way, but in the many years of gaming (not just online, but pen &amp; paper as well) that I've been involved in (over 20), that it seems something embedded in the gaming culture for people to be asses.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    While I would love to agree to that (you have no clue what some people have encountered in UO if you think that´s even remotely astounding...), I must disagree. There are some players around which are very kind and are more than willing to help others - like Lady Nico for example (although I´ve encountered numerous others).
    Those are the players which make me enjoy Ultima as much as I do. [​IMG]
  8. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Walked into a Weald full of Paras on Atlantic once &amp; put in a call to my guild. I logged out and back in with my nox dexxer and had 2 more friends come in with theirs. We cleaned out the area in no time, attacking the para and healing the tank.
  9. minick

    minick Guest

    Greetings all:

    I have recently encountered another situation lately and could use some clarification.

    I went to the weald with my ww/mare (my personal favorite for killing paras, about 2-4 mins, tank ww of course) in search of a cu chest, some loot, and to see if I could clear out a few, and got a few fellow tamers really mad at me.

    I too apologized sincerely (still not sure what I did) but it didn't work. Not wanting to argue, and a horribly slow typest..I left.

    I realize that one sics the newly tamed, "throw away" cu (colored or not) on the para for easy disposal, but for the experienced player (and most there are), there are other ways to get rid of the unwanted cus.

    Is there any other reason for keeping paras around?
    They angrily tried to explain/school me in the art of taming cus (I've done my share), but I didn't understand. I'd much rather help than harm, any ideas what these fellas were up to?

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Is there any other reason for keeping paras around?

    [/ QUOTE ]I'll start off by saying I wasn't there and can only speculate, Minik.

    If it was just one or two para cu's, and although it's not terribly considerate to anyone else who fancies taming, it's likely the tamers were simply using para cu's for convenient kill-off of their tames.

    As you say, there are all kinds of other methods of culling cu sidhes. I find new, improved Swoop on Steroids does the job every bit as effectively these days. Few on many shards seem to be Swoop-farming anymore so they are often freely available for kill-off duties. Using Swoop rather than a para cu has the added benefit of not preventing a tameable cu from spawning.

    When a number of tamers are leaving the para cu's, well, it might suggest an attempt to block tameable cu's from spawning. Again, I wasn't there, and I really have no idea what the tamers' beefs with you killing off para cu's might have been.

    The fact of the matter is that cu's and para cu's are freely attackable by anyone &amp; everyone who wishes to have a pop at them.

    Me? Heck, I'd be thanking you &amp; offering up a fresh tamed cu for tanking duties for saving me a job for my para-cu-exterminator-bard! And if you'd happened to mention you were after chests, I'd offer you as many as you could carry away from my house lol.

    Good luck &amp; good hunting!
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Was at the Weald on Napa last night for over an hour with a pair of guildmates searching for a Cu. We got tons of colors to spawn but none with stats I wanted (prolly never own a Cu, I'm so picky) I'd like to think we we're pretty considerate, we killed off any para's that spawned, and left the "nicer" colored ones for any tamers that might just want color.