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Web Game Steals UO Sounds and Art: Check Out Protector

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Richtor Darkbane, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. It amazes me that this games seems to have blatantly stolen some graphics and sound from UO, but doesn't mention UO at all in any way. Some stuff is actual art from int he game scaled down, and I think all of the combat sounds were stolen from UO... yes the game is kinda fun, but wow the blatant rip offs turned me off.

    Anyway heres the link:
    Click Here To Play Protector
  2. monnie101

    monnie101 Guest

    I don't think it's a big deal. Everyone takes from something else one way or another. I'm a music producer and I think things have gone way too far with being being all, "don't touch my stuff, don't even sample a second of mu sounds unless you can pay me" I mean it's all about money these days. Half the time I try to get someone involved in a project, they want money and they want to be paid like their stars. They act as if I got millions, as if I make millions. I've slept on the street before who are they kidding.

    Metallica helping kill Napster was the worst. Talk about greed. I guess millions aren't enough. Other big bands tried to help Napster. They even made tshirts! Their has been no place since Napster to be able to get any music you need such as underground very hard to find stuff that plenty of people would buy but is unavailable for purchase or out of print. So many of these companies and people, I ask "so I can I use it or can I pay you a little for it" and they want a ton of money. So what happens is, I walk away and they get nothing and no one gets to have their stuff anymore because they are so greedy. We all lose in the end.

    To better understand what I mean. I highly reccommend getting Negativland's "Fair Use" CD. Feel free to download it and copy it and sell it because you know what, they don't care! That's right, they don't mind at all!

    My name is Jason Grimm. My music goes by "Grimm" if you ever see it or like it, feel free to copy it, pirate it, feel free to make 100s of copies and sell them to your friends. Because I actually like more people to get my music. And if they trully like it and would like to support, they'll buy a copy. Feel free to sample it, use it as soundtrack music for your videos, whatever.

    Did you know that folk music and folklore was made up of stories passing around? Did you know that's all dead now because of copywrights that protect the big companies and hurt the artists more then help them? Yep, remember making a collage in school by cutting out pieces of magazines with your art teacher? Did you know that the most famous stories that have stood the test of time are taken from the bible, mythology, and folklore? Have you ever heard Shakespear saying, "Their are only 7 stories to tell?"

    When I was younger and wasn't able to hear alternative views that the mainstream didn't support, I didn't believe in sampling. I didn't know about "Fair Use" copywright law. But I learned more. Their was a person here on Startics that was upset when I used a 1inch piece of art they made to make an item on my private shard which only I and a few friends played on. I posted a picture here because I thought UOers woudl enjoy seeing it. Instead of being happy and letting everyone enjoy the item in a scriptted item, the end result was the person upset because they sell their icons, and me taking it off.

    Now if someone is taking an entire game or music CD saying, "hey I created this myself, this is mine, I own it so come buy it" I can understand. But what's wrong with a little borrowing? Everyone borrows ideas. Art is everything around us that we see. We are all copying everything around us but putting it into our interpretation. That's what art is.

    So just enjoy the game for what it is. I don't know much about it but unless they are taking 90% of the game (which it didn't look like) I see no problem with it. I have a new CD out that says, "You now are free to use this for whatever you like. A credit would be nice if you use a large piece of sample but is not required. Feel free to email me with it in use, I love seeing people enjoy my work."

    Did you know that cooperate labels and the RIAA have been hurting artists far more then helping them? Did you know that tons of artists are begging as activists to have copyright laws redone but that it will never happen because the companies make millions from it? Most artists don't even own the rights to their own songs! The companies go on to reuse the music in movies and most artists never see a dime unless they had the money for powerful attorneys to combat the board room attorney assult teams they keep which spend thoughsands on lavish meetings getting drunk and doing other things I won't mention here.

    I've got a disibility and been trying to get a business going but America has so many laws that it is almost impossible for me to even sell my mothers fresh made jam from our grapes! What this means is that the corperate companies control everything. Have you ever seen an old lady at a flea market selling her pies or jam? She's breaking the law. She probably doesn't know it but she is. Unless she has her permits and licenses in order. Unless she has spent thoughsands to convert her kitchen to a licensed one or bypassed the law by renting a kitchen to make it in.

  3. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:

    Just because you hear similar sound in UO doesn't mean those same sounds were lifted from the game... Heck, maybe EA is trying to generate revenue from licensing rights to soundfiles and graphics to other companies. Maybe EA only licensed use for these files themselves and the company that actually own's the rights has exercised their right to sell those rights to another company?

    How can you presume to say that they were stolen?

    As for the poster that made comments about music and jams...

    Well DRMA has made a mess of my personal digital music collection. Even songs that I have on CD won't play on my computer because I've had a hard drive crash, or had to restore the operating system so I agree with a lot of that.

    But honestly, bringing jams and jellies into it? Folks can get seriously ill from improperly prepared foods. The laws regarding foods prepared for public consumption are strong for a reason... They have to be just as strong for "Mom and Pop" as they are for Con Agra or we all suffer.

    Before I got into business writing computer software I needed a business license... every hear of anyone getting sick from a software glitch? No? Then why do I need a license?

    We all need to follow the law.

    Safe Travels, Sam
  4. monnie101

    monnie101 Guest

    Well their is a big difference between being careful and having a long list of required permits and needing to spend 10,000 dollars just to make jam in your home. It's perfectly healthy the way we make it in my house without abiding any laws. I'm actually a bit of a germaphobe and research everything. It has no unnatural chemicles either. Want to know how bad the laws are? When I went to city hall to start my business, the people their didn't even know the answers to my questions and yet they were in charge of that area! Their are so many laws, the people in charge can't even keep track of them. So many laws, some contridict each other. Today I was reading about scooters laws in my state on the registry's website. It started off saying the law says one this and that. Then I continued to the next page and it repeats the laws but changes them. I bet you if I print it out, bring it to the registery and ask about it, that the people working their won't be able to give me the right answer. The city hall people said to me, "well you should be okay, I mean I guess the owner of the house can be taxed even though it's your business but I doubt the IRS is going to do that." Then my mother said, "well could we have it in writing that you told us that we will be alright and that we asked first?" Do you think she wrote it down for us? My buddy who owns a bar will let me use his kitchen to make the Jams in. But that Kitchen is dirtier then the one in my house! If I make it at the buddy's bar it's legal though. Ironic isn't it. My mother doesn't want to go on with the venture anyway because she's afraid of breaking a law accidentally. She's an extremely moral church going person. I have an idea for another spread that isn't sold in America and I know it would be huge and I can't believe that companies like skippy haven't done it yet. I bet they end up stealing it from me if I do end up making it.

    I understand needing to have a permit and having an inspector come by the kitchen. I understand food needing to be tested. But then that isn't enough. You have a loooooooong list of legal needs and money that needs to be spent. You can't even burp these days without checking if it's illegal to do so.

    Do you actually believe that these stacked laws after stacked laws, are for our own good? Reminds me of the RIAA who claims to be there to help the artists when they are actually hurting artists a,d sueing every Tom, ****, and Harry who copies a car honk horn sound. Their is a lady on YouTube that put up a video of her daughter dancing to show her family. She has a radio on in the background while the short video was filmed. Can you believe that the company sued her for that! Come on now let's get real here. With so many laws we have now out of control, only the big companies and those who study law very well, or buy an already made business, can operate one without struggle. I can't even sell my mom's jam but Starbucks, Walmart, and DeBeers can do some of the scummiest immoral, illegal business practices, not to mention down right evil. They should lockup the DeBeers players.

    We need to take back America from the corperates and the bankers who control the country. Not going to be suprised one day if we're under marshall law asking the guard if we can go to the potty now.

    Many years ago, the constitution was totally against controlling what people wanted to do.

    One last story before I go. This lady was driving her car fiddling with the radio with a child seating in the front sit. She smashes into another car while looking at the radio for too long. She sues the car manufacture and wins. Then goes on to make a law that says every child 7-11 years old in the front seat must wear a booster seat. She is praised for this! She never admits her mistake or takes responsibility. Sounds sager about the booster seat but what if my kid is too tall and is better without one? I should be the one to know whats best for my child and believe me I am gioing to do the best I can should I ever have one. And the seatbelt laws... I know it's safer and I know I should wear it but the state is not my mom and dad. Now you can't even talk on the cellphone because a small percentage of people made mistakes. Lets just outlaw every single thing that has even the slightest possibility of having us hurt.

    How about when the family of that baseball player got Ephedrine made illegal because they wanted someone to blame? The guy wasn't in good health and abused a drug that helped myself aswell as a lot of others who has asma and chronic fatigue syndrome. 1 guy died! Ban tabaco and alchohol, they are top ten killers.

    I'm sorry for the rant. I'm just very upset with this country. It's not what our forefathers wanted at all. Maybe it's best to just stick to the virtual world and have fun. Most Americans watch only mainstream media anyway and ignorance of the truth is bliss.
  5. Aran

    Aran Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend -A-

    Apr 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Psst, might want to check around on the internet before slinging accusations.