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* Weekly Poll * How do you rate the Bardic Changes ?

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by _Morgoth_, Mar 9, 2002.

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  1. _Morgoth_

    _Morgoth_ Guest

    Hail All,

    The barding changes still are hot UO news , so lets do a Drachenfels poll on them. The concept for the barding changes has now been revised 2 times, which indicates that the most resent design document is in a very advanced state. We are all aware that its not final, but I'd say it gives a good idea of where OSI would like to see barding to go.

    Note that this poll relates to that most recent design only, so if you havent read it then I suggest you pop over to the Stratics General News section or UO.COM and read up on it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    This thread is intended to be an anchor for comments about the bardigng design with a poll where you can rate it. This poll intends to gives you a linear scale for rating it.
  2. ymadril

    ymadril Guest

    You REALLY want to hear my opinion ? As you already don't you know it ? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    Before latest taming proposal I was almost ready to "bite the bullet", in the name of the Luminous Future of UO. After the taming proposal, I know they don't mind at all about economy or balancing, and I feel much less inclined to accept death while they're planning a great evolution of taming ... so, while there are some ideas I like, two or twenty thumbs down /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif.
    Mind it, as I always said, I agree in the principles of tweaking bard's power, but I don't agree in spoiling us our characteristics of crowd control and fun.
  3. _Morgoth_

    _Morgoth_ Guest


    > Mind it, as I always said, I agree in the principles of tweaking bard's power

    Indeed the most often expressed opinion seems to be : "something must certainly be done ... but the way OSI is doing it is wrong". So, speaking as a non bard, what would be right ? Are there ways to do it better then OSI is proposing to do it ?
  4. ymadril

    ymadril Guest

    The main problem is that osi has not stated the real reason why it wants to do those changes ... all the propose where clearly made by non bards, and lots of lies where spent in the process.

    What would be right would be to leave some sort of spawn control to bards while removing camping and gold farming capabilities, especially from twink bards ... things like difficulty based provo should be enough of a start. Then you may see how it goes and adding stuff.

    Of course, what bard are asking now is something much more fun than Stam Buff, and by asking the developers to give feedback to our proposes, that is work as Oaks did with tamers.
  5. Chytul

    Chytul Guest

    There certainly are:

    I wont start a ant again..but the basic of it is:

    Add options to barding (playstyles, skills, choices, music, songs)..

    What OSI should not do is eliminate barding options..

    If they want to balance the game there are much simpler options (deaf monsters etc)..

    Just my 3p..
  6. I think the main problem is that no bards actually asked for changes to be made to their skill.
    I realise that 'the powers that be' wanted to nerf the skill so that bards are not as powerful, but did they really have to introduce all this barding song crap in an attempt to make up for it ?
    The problem as I see it at the moment is that the game is being made too complicated.
    The question I want answered is 'do any bards out there really want these changes' or would you instead settle for a skill based provocation (ie the higher your skill, the more powerful mosters you can provoke)?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, proposal that takes 6 pages cannot be good - good things are simple and elegant.
    It's like car design or something - good lines are simple. A car that would not move faster than 20km/h and full of fluffy bears hanging on all windows is not a good thing to have...
  8. *sigh* bardic changes....
    Where to start.....
    Ok lets see ,
    The changes they got for the bards are not self thought up, the aura like songs are from EverQuest, which i played for sometime.
    Now EverQuest had these songs since the beginning for bards and the whole bardic system was designed for that.

    Now we come to UO : Uo was NOT designed for haste songs and weird aura like songs.

    UO is NOT EverQuest

    Why the dev team wants to make a 2nd EverQuest beats me, cuz UO is better then everquest because of its simplicity, you can learn alot of uo in a day or 2 and actually be hunting by yourself.

    I can already see the bugs with the diffrent auta`s.
    Its also WAY unfair to change a character class in such a way,
    If they wanna change this id say they should give people who slaved years for their bards the oppertunity to re-locate those points to another skill.

    Lets say if im GM music/peace i can change the 2 GM skills to another 2 skills.
    Simple as that.
  9. Hail

    I have been playing a bard for 2 years now og i love the fast paced action. But lets face it a bard is one gigantic money maker who solely can control a hard dungeon as destard if he likes. These new changes bring a lot of possibly ways and considerations for playing the bard and instead of controlling a dungeon you have to control the area of your range which will be just as hard paced action as it has always been or at least closely. At the same time you can act as a teamplayer without messeing up the other mates play. hej who havent tried having a bard to a treasure hunt, not the much fun for anyone else right ?

    So many totally dislikes this i that i cant understand, so lets look at the individually parts.

    1. Instruments means something. So a new sales item have appeared, who can be against that ?
    2. Barding is now difficult depending, everyone have cried for this for very long so far as i have read it these later months, Who can be against that ?
    3. A bard can ruin a partys trip to a dungeon by (taking all monsters) but now they cant anymore, who can be against that ?
    4. A bard can improve the skill or not if he chose not too and just play as normal, who can be against that ?
    5. A class more cant make a shi. load of money in no time (100 K a hour can be done) and more might or might not follow but this is a step in the direction many have cried for in a long time, who (who aint just farming gold) can be against that ?
    6. New ways of using the skills or just the same as always if you chose not to, who can be against that.
    7. A bard can still make alot of money og take down heavy monsters for the magic stuff, he has NOT been ruined just leveled out. Many can be against this but really balance is not that bad.

    In short there is alot of things here that any bard should be able to find good especially the difficult based stuff. Its the only way to do it.

    So lighten up, the only nearf here is that you cant control a dungeon all by yourself and that is not that bad, now there might be more than 1 or 2 bards in destard at the same time and a bard in a hunting party isnt a pain in the as. any more for everyone else.

    So i look forward to it, if nothing else it is a new challenge to try to get the most out of a nearly new type of character, might spice things up a bit.

    Blair Woodlore.
    ( Who cares about the money anyway, .... right :) ).
  10. _Morgoth_

    _Morgoth_ Guest


    Here are the results for this poll:

    7 Perfect, don't change a comma
    11 Good, but some thing could be changed
    6 As good as its bad
    19 A bad design with some good ideas in it.
    24 Trash it all, its bad, you hear me : BAD

    Now onto the next one /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  11. Ratu

    Ratu Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 19, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Good read.
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