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Welcome SWTOR goers!

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by JHall, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. JHall

    JHall Guest

    Welcome to our newest forum here at Stratics!
    We're going to add a theme the forums tonight, and a full featured fansite in the next week.

    Welcome to Devin's (Ezoia) new crew, we hope you find a happy home here and make yourselves and integral part of the team!
  2. Hi thanks for the kind welcome!

    Guess I should use this to introduce myself I'm Tom aka Darth Derriphan, writer of the information on a few of the planets and a couple of classes you'll see dotted around here.

    I'm also the Co-founder of the RP guild the Hands of Darkness, and an avid Sith fanatic.

    It's been great working with Ezoia on this, she has put in so much effort to bring SWTOR to Stratics! I'm truly glad to be a part of 'Ezoia's crew' :grouphug:
  3. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Hey there!

    I'm Anaireo, Officer in the Hands of Darkness Sith RP Guild. I help out with the TOR stuff here on Stratics, sort of an all-round Mr. Fix-it kind of guy. :thumbup1:
  4. Ezoia

    Ezoia Guest

    Geez, guys post when I am in bed! So they beat me too the welcome.

    This has been a long journey for all of us. I can't thank Justin enough for taking on this challenge! I did also want to thank a few others that help get this started and pointed us down the right path. Zephenia, Petra and Den. I can't wait to keep going and build this community attached with the greatest game ever!

    *attempts to bait the UO staff*

    I am Ezoia aka Devin, I also am an officer with the Hands of Darkness. Some of you older members and staff of Stratics might remember me as Ravenwolf or Jhaleen.

    Thanks again Justin for the awesome attention you have given me and my staff.
  5. Korensa

    Korensa Guest

    Howdy. Call me Koren. :heart:

    I'm a member of the Hands of Darkness as well, and am helping out with TOR things here.

    *goes back to lurking*
  6. J'kaura

    J'kaura Guest

    Thanks for the welcome!

    My names J'kaura aka Jason. I'm an Officer of the Hands of Darkness roleplaying guild. I'm a an organised type of guy who likes writing, and likes to keep on top of things. When I'm not doing that I'm into the music and computers.

    It took awhile to write the content up but we are glad it's managed to find its way here but not without Ezoia and Co. and of course you guys here at stratics making this possible.

    Nice TOR banner btw, very nice indeed!
  7. Inaya

    Inaya Guest

    Hey all,

    I'm Inaya and will be helping out with TOR stuff in the future. I'm also an Agent in the Hands of Darkness, and look forward to meeting and getting to know many of you.

    Lets make these forums as great if not better then the glory days of UO.

    A great thanks to Justin for taking on our ragtag group to help bring TOR public into the fold of stratics.
  8. Good day everyone,

    My name Is Syrellaris or Syrel in short, Im a Bounty Hunter of the Hands of Darkness :).
  9. MasterJacobi

    MasterJacobi Guest

    Hey, I'm Jacob AKA MasterJacobi, I was asked to post here by Ezoia.

    I usually go by the username of "Obi-wan Jacobi" (on Wookieepedia and SWTOR Community) but for some reason I was unable to take that username. Therefore, I have had to go back to my old username that I used on the SWTOR forums early on before I got it changed for me. Hopefully I can get it changed to Obi-wan Jacobi in the future so it isn't confusing.

    I have a very big interest in the Force and ancient/mysterious cultures of Star Wars, specifically the Jedi and Sith. However, I have more of an interest in the ancient Sith and tend to focus my attention on them instead of Jedi, although I am a Jedi supporter.... Yes, I know thats weird... :)

    May the Force be with You!
  10. Ishzal

    Ishzal Guest

    Hey Ishzal aka John here.
    Member of the Hands of Darkness as well, now on stratics.:thumbup1:
  11. Darth Viscus

    Darth Viscus Guest

    Nice to have a SWTOR page here at Stratics!

    I'm Darth Viscus, leading member of the Hands of Darkness guild for the upcoming MMORPG SWTOR. We seem to be swarming these boards already, good job minions of darkness!
  12. Darth Kyrad

    Darth Kyrad Guest

    Thats great!

    I would like to introduce myself as well. Im Darth Kyrad (known often as Shaikan), and Im representing the Master rank within The Hands of Darkness.

    I wish you good luck Easy with this project!