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(Player Event) Welcome to the Tower of Bel (Fel player run PVP arena)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Silas Grath, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Silas Grath

    Silas Grath Guest

    You feel the anticipation rising as you sneak up on the pale blue elf you once called friend. He is so intent on looting the fallen mage that he does not realize you are upon him until its too late.
    His lifeless body falls on top of the dead mage, that he was so recently looting. You smile to yourself in a silent victory. Two down... the rest to go.
    The victory is short lived however as you hear the telltale scrape of stone on stone indicating that a secret passage was being opened. You turn quickly, knowing that you may only have seconds to defend yourself... too late you hear the twang of the crossbow as its bolt gives you a steel kiss goodnight.

    The Tower of Bel is is an arena based on a pre Renaissance Player vs. Player ruleset.The Arena itself will be constantly changing, as well as occasional special rules-sets to keep everyone engaged.
    The Tower is hosted by a truly neutral guild known as The Sanctuary [Sant]. We have no ties to any other guilds on the Atlantic server and thus will not give favor to any person taking part in the arena.
    An entrance to the Arena will be located in Trammel, as well as access doors in Felucca. These doors can only be opened by a select few people. This will allow people to access the Arena safely, without fear of being mobbed before you even get to there.
    Arena Fight nights will be posted no less than three days in advance. We will attempt to post at least a week in advance to give people decent notice.
    Most Fight nights will have either Gold or item prizes. These amounts could range from 100k to 5mil or more. There will be a donation mailbox set up for anyone wishing to donate items or money to the arena. (This is NOT mandatory for entry)
    The only weapons and armor available will be found in random containers in the game.
    The weapons and armor will mimic the old styles in the game. Leather armor will be the weakest in resistance, while Plate will be the most resistant to damage. There will be no other modifiers on the armor. The weapons have damage increase modifiers, just like the old weapons. The weapons will also have no other mods.

    The rules are basic and easy to follow. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a temporary ban to a full expulsion from the arena.
    1. While you can taunt your opponents in general, you must keep it clean. Do not spam the chat channel, or repeatedly attack someone. First and foremost we are here to have fun.
    2. Do not report anyone in the arena as a murderer. You are all entering here to play a game. - This will result in immediate expulsion from the Arena. Anyone turning red from this issue will be given a Murder Pardon.
    3. Listen to the Announcer and the Referees. They are here to make sure that everyone is playing fairly, and abiding by the rules. This should go without saying, but also do not kill the Referees. They are volunteering their time to make sure that you have a good time!
    4. You will be snooped before entering the arena. This is to ensure that everyone starts off with empty packs. Make sure to leave everything except rune books and keys at home!
    5. Do not attempt any cheats or hacks. If you really need to use them, you really shouldn't be pvping.
    6. Currently the arena is geared towards pre-Renaissance pvp. This means that there are certain restrictions on both items and skills that will be used inside the arena.
      The following skills will not be allowed:
      Bushido, Chivalry, Imbuing, Mysticism, Necromancy, Ninjitsu or Spellweaving.

      This is to help maintain a balance between both Swords and Sorcery as well as give people that 'old pvp' feel that they have been looking for. This does not mean that we will never allow those skills to be used. We will allow them in special pvp arena battles.

    [size=+1]How to Battle in the Arena[/size]​
    1. Before entering the arena, please make sure to leave all belongings at a safe place, such as a bank, or house. Do not give your items to other players to hold. You may wear a robe or plain clothes into the Arena, but your backpack must be empty *. This includes spell books, potions, any armor. *You make keep rune books and keys. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    2. At the start of the game, each player will select one backpack from the 'Starter Gear' box located inside the tower. Inside the box is a few basic essentials to help you survive your first few terrifying minutes in the Tower. The boxes will consist of a partially full spell book, band-aids, and possibly a random potions.
    3. As soon as you have taken your box, you will go to one of the doors and wait until the announcement is made to enter.
    4. You will be advised to go grey. You will do this by clicking on the Referees or the animals set up in the arena for this purpose while in battle mode. The animals will be listed as 'Grey'.
    5. As soon as the announcer states that you may enter, (All doors will be locked prior to this point), you are on your way!
    6. Start searching through containers so that you can arm yourself before your foes do. Remember, there are four floors, so if one floor is to crowded, find a teleporter and find a less populated spot!
    7. Once you are equipped, start killing! Don't wait for that other guy, or gal to start taking wacks at you first. After all, you do want to be the one who survives, don't you?
    8. If you die, you have the choice of staying and watching events unfold. If you'd rather just die and run, you can make your way to the Skara Brae moongate for a quick exit. Its just Northwest of the house. No rezzing will be done until after the match is over.

    The Objective of the Arena is simple. To win, you must be the last one to survive!
    This may not be as easy as it sounds, however. You and a number of other combatants will enter the arena at the same time, with nearly nothing to your name. As you navigate the assorted levels of the arena, you will pick up items that will help you on your way to winning. There will be bodies, boxes, crates, and assorted packs laid out in multiple locations on every floor of the Arena. Inside these containers will be assorted weapons, armors, potions, spell components, and more! Gather items and gear that will help you to become stronger as you go, but keep in mind that your opponents will be doing the same. So don't be to nit picky when it comes to choosing the best weapon, or searching for the perfect armor, otherwise you may find yourself out before you even start.

    Thats pretty much it. Its all pretty basic, but we wanted to have a set rule and game play list to avoid any arguments or issues. Rules also may be altered or changed. We will put up a notice at the arena if this happens.
    Please feel free to comment with any questions or comments about this venture! Keep the flaming to yourself though, as it will not be responded too.

    [size=+1]The coordinates to the Trammel teleport house are 125o26'N, 109o58'e. Feel free to stop by and view the arena. Remember to leave anything of value behind, as it is in Felucca. Use the House to House teleporter to arrive at your destination!

    You can reach the house by heading North West of Vesper. The teleport house is located on the right side of the 1st peninsula, next to the water, about made way up the Peninsula. The house is named Tower of Bel, and it has a scale out front for easy identification.[/size]
  2. Draken-Korin

    Draken-Korin Guest

    Damn, that sounds like ALOT of fun. Looking forward to it.