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Well new to Lake Austin .....

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by imported_EnigmaMaitreya, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I played UO when it went live. I was on Great Lakes.

    I left when EQ went live and am now more or less looking at UO again.

    Not quite sure why I chose LA but here I am.

    Lots and lots of things have changed since last I played UO.

    I sold my houses and accounts when I left and rather than see if they are available I simply picked up two new accounts. Sadly they were not Mondain and can upgrade them to Mondain for another 30 days. Odd that is *Shrug* oh well.

    Spent a lot of time at Dulcia training and selling Raw meat and hides to buy a 7x7 house.

    Shopped around for spells / spell books and Rune Books. Whoa, what a horrid surprise (not criticizing just stunned) at the prices of things.

    In my shopping, I ran into a player selling this stuff and he gave me a free 64 spells Spell Book and a Rune Book. That was very helpful. Well as things go extremely helpful.

    Took some time off from taming and gathering gold to take Moongates and see the new places. When I got to one place I ran into a player and asked for a Gate to Ice (Dagger) Island. She was kind enough to facilitate me and I used a Mark scroll to set a rune up. Tamed a number of Polar Bears decided to go home and promptly ran out of Black Pearls, so no recall and did not put recall scrolls in the rune book. LOL No pain no gain.

    Well, used the other account (which I will obsolete when I can upgrade to Mondain) to raise the Gold for a boat and went and fetched my sorry butt from Ice island. Didn't really want to spend the Gold for a boat yet but the only individual I did meet on Ice Island was ... not helpful.

    The low Population / Housing is mostly exactly what I am looking for so that is working in my favor.

    I could use a hint to a good Rune Library (if one exists).

    More later on the tales of my time at lake Austin.
  2. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    in the future . look in the help menu on your paperdoll and sellect "i am phisicly stuck" it has a short delay (dont go moving around) and theyll dump you in the city of your choice. dont use it more than once or twice a day tho.

    as for rune library . look in luna. outer ring of houses inide the last wall.
    top left corner ... not the very corner but one just to the right . theres alot of vendors on the steps and some character statues behind the vendors . behind the statues is a huge collection of runes.

    yeah our population is small but most of the poeple here are really nice .
    of course you will find a few asses in every crowd . sorry to hear you ran into one right away.
  3. The GM of KOL made a pretty sweet rune library. Also has vendors selling scrolls etc. Any KOL member will help you get to it. It also has a dedication to the guys and gals out in Afganistan and Iraq.
  4. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    pick up a little chivalry skill and tithe some gold to the shrines (there's on on Ice Island, after all). The regs (reagents) for the skill's spellcasting are the gold one tithes at shrines.

    You can always get rid of the skill later, when you need the points elsewhere. The close wounds spell can be done with minimal points, the cleanse by fire only takes a little skill, and Sacred Journey is a recall-type spell. Sacred Journey, with some gold in your tithing points, gives you a means of recall without being dependent on carried regs.

    Once you get to the point where you can routinely cast gate and recall (especially on a suit with Lower Reagent Cost, or using arcane clothing that substitutes for reagents), you can not bother with it as much, but it makes a great emergency healing, curing and travel skill. And, for most characters that actually use weapons for a living, it's a must-have for its combat spells. I even use it on my crafters, to give them more room in their pack for crafting stuff, without being dependent on scrolls or regs.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome! Your story of your first experences on LA are very interesting. It reminds me of when I first started in UO (Lake Superior shard) and the obstacles, which I now take for granted, back then was a adventure!! It reminds me of when life was simpler and more adventuresome as a mongbat could kill me easily!

  6. Welcome back to UO and to Lake Austin in particular. We are a friendly, helpful group so just give any of us a holler here, in PM or via ICQ or Yahoo (for those that show them). I often get questions from players (winks at Slacky) and I never mind. I'm no expert though about game play and no zilch about pvp. I ran auctions for years so I tend to know about items.

    Anyway, welcome!
  7. Welcome to Lake Austin!

    The low population is attractive in it's own way isn't it? [​IMG] Lots of nice people around though. Not all of course but a lot.

    The information given about the Chivalry skill is very good. I use it on my crafters to travel/heal and on several other characters too.

    The Rune Library in Luna (AtoZ Auction House) is a good one and so is the KOL one. I use them both myself. A KOL member is usually always around. (You guys have a big guild [​IMG] )

    If you need anything..feel free to ask. Most of the people here(myself included) are happy to help.

    Again welcome! And safe travels!
  8. RestlessLA

    RestlessLA Guest

    when i first started playing uo i was trapped in haven for a month without knowing how to leave (didnt know what a moongate was, i saw the damn thing but never ran into it) and i made gold by luring lizardmen up to the militia fighters and let them kill each other, i would loot the bronze shields off the militia fighters and sell them to the npc smiths and sell leather from the lizardmen to the tanner... what a ridiculously boring way to make gold... however the "new player mystique" was still in effect so i enjoyed it, if i was doing that again i would log off and never log back in (however i guess it cant be done anymore since haven got blown up and there arent any militia fighters anymore).... hehe i went from selling looted bronze shields to owning a luna museum worth over a billion gold... [​IMG]
  9. Well things are not going as I planed. The largest kink in the plan has been the realization that I bought two of the Samuri game codes and that for what ever its reason UO is packaging a good deal with an update code + new accont code + 30 days free time. Then deeming that if the account is less than 30 days old they wont sell you an upgrade code ..... What this is doing is just making it more or less pointless to work up the one account.


    I looked everything over and threw in the towel and went to Luna. I got help finding a Rune Library (the person took me to one that appeared to have been moved or closed down then took me to another one. Shucks it has enough runes to keep me busy for quite a long time, so that is a good thing.

    I screwed up on character create character screen and took a default mage. LOL, no pain no gain. I even knew better than to do that. So I bought up Tamming and worked on it in Delucia then killing the cows and goats and selling the raw meat and hides. I accept that is all part of the grind and it is ok (but I still kick myself for not customizing Tameing and Magery to max). The other issue is obviously I am not doing anything to raise my Strength by doing that. So I again threw in the towel and used my Firewand and hit on the Training Dummies. Then remembered that would end at 25. But I did get strength gains. I then went fishing, as I remembered that was one way to raise strength. Well it did and I ended up with around 2K in raw fish steaks. Ok, I went and cooked them up and ended up with 900 or so cooked fish steaks (yum).

    Between the two, I had managed to raise strength from 30ish to high 40's (wow I could actually begin to carry some items). Then I decided to just throw in another towel and do the thing I was avoiding to do on this character. I went and bought a dozen shovels and hit the Mountains for Ore. I had totally forgotten how fast mining raised, what a sky rocket ride that was and if only taming went that fast. I eventually noticed that the strength had stopped going up. My Int was at 96 and my Dex was at 60ish (I have hiding somewhere in the high 70's). Now my time on TC1 suggested a total stat cap of 255. These number suggested a stat cap of 225 and that was just to ... coincidental for me, so I turned down the Dex and yup there went the Str going up and the Dex going down. When it all ended my Strength had raised to 77 and Int is now at 100 (I did the Tinkering thing as well).

    So the Stat Cap is still a partial mystery to me vs TC1.

    I don't seem to be able to correlate the various guides (which are pretty much as I remember things) with my experiences though. I just don't quite get why at skill 47 in taming, and taming a skill 11 creature gives me faster skill ups vs a level 39 taming creature. I don't mean that literally, I do understand the quantity vs quality thing, it just seems there is either no longer or a drastically reduced chance to skill up on a failure. This is really putting the byte on me in trying to raise Magery. I assume I will have a similar issue when I do my Scriber.

    Something unexpected but probably quite simple once it is known why, is the resources levels of most vendors. From my own experience so far, the rules for adjusting the inventory are the same as when I left. The surprise is it would seem in all of Lake Austin, only I am buying resources OR everyone is some place I am not. My time in Luna had more encounters with LA citizens than anywhere else so far.

    Is Brittania not the place to be?
  10. RestlessLA

    RestlessLA Guest

    i believe (i may be wrong here now that they have changed some stat gaining stuff) but i believe u can gain in any stat by gaining in any skills that can give a stat gain (focus and med and some others dont give stat gains) so u can get strength gains by raising magery, i have before anyways... also on LA nobody really goes to brit, so luna is the place to be... and if u were wanting to start a new account thats upgraded to KR and everything u could make an account and for the registration code just use FREE-UOKR-REG1-14DT also gives u 14 free days....
  11. RestlessLA

    RestlessLA Guest

    also test center has a stat cap under the assumpion that u took a +25 stat scroll, until u take a scroll u will be capped at 225 (at least until ur account is a month old then i think u get 5 more, so it will be 230) i know back in the day they had stats set up to where u could only get 10 a day and i believe only one per 10 minutes but they got rid of that so gaining in skills quickly will gain in stats quickly
  12. I must say you have quite the number of towels! As for Brittannia being the place to be, well, depends on the shard, however all the cool people hang out in Luna [​IMG]. Moonstones, have been and past my friend. We all use the flash modern recall nowadays!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Moonstones? Moonstones went the dinosaur way long time past. Gates, Recall, Sacred Journey ... or even hoof/foot-mobile. That's the travel method now.

    Moonstones were fun though ... ya never knew what on the other side until ya went thru it.
  14. Oh and if you do come across any moonstones for sale, they don't work. They are just rares now for deco or sentimental value.

    If you need recall scrolls, I have tons of them. Give me a holler.
  15. I only used the Moonstones to get to a .... hum .... desirable place in Trammel, then Moonstone to the Felluca side .....

    But it sure as heck is a good thing to know they are ... non functional.

    As to the towels, they are simply a metaphor for yet another aspect of a plan that requires change.
  16. Lol, yeh was only joking bout towels part... I mean come on, where would you put them all?!?!?! [​IMG]
  17. Wow, your making huge progress in such short time! But I notice your always hunting on your own! Much more fun in a group, in a huge group then wow, that is fun! Anyways, if you catch me around (Usually on Blackjack) then say hi, and we will go hunting together!
  18. Glad to hear your having fun out there! That is the point of playing right?
    You may not know this but you can bond your pets now too. After you get one ,feed it and put it in the stable.I believe it takes 5 days and then when you pull it out and feed it again it will bond with you.That way if it dies..when it dies, it's ghost will remain and you can rez it and bring the loyal friend back to your side to continue the fight.

    Helpful to those of us that seem to kill pets easily [​IMG]
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bonding Pets takes 7 days to do. Get pet, feed, then stable, after 7 complete days remove pet from stable and feed again. Pet should bond! Oh and Welcome to LA. Not you Fran but EM!!
  20. Thanks for the Bonding info, I saw it on TC1 as a gate, got it figured out how to do etc and was patiently waiting the 7 days out.

    And yes the point is most certainly to have fun and all the better if the community/environment is of a like mind.

    As to the being alone, it is both simple and complicated. This is the UO I knew from the Bad Old days .... only on the surface. UO has changed ... a lot (factor in memory loss etc VS Real Change).

    At times it seems overwhelming (the difference) not to be confused with debilitating, rather hit it, take what you can deal with, step back, digest it, rinse and repeat. *shrug* It is just how I adapt to knew environments.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Its so great to see a new person joining the LA community. I just upset i am not home to meet and greet you. I am currently out of country on deployment for a couple more months, but hey my icq is 69763323. Send it a request and when i get home if you are still playing you can show this old man around. It will be nice to experience everything again like a new player [​IMG]

    As far as advice and such - seems like a lot of it has gone already in your favor. I am sure if you need anything someone can help you out ( the shard is dead compared to most ) and housing is wide open. Something you do need to look at though is what kind of characters you want and work towards them. Back when you played it was difficult to do things, where now its very easy to GM every skill in the game rapidly. I would suggest if you are a loner ( like me ) then learning will take time and you will get many experiences. If you are into guilds there are a good amount of guilds willing to train new players and show them the ropes around here.

    Our shards library fell a couple of weeks ago, but when i return i will be placing one up ( i had a copy of it laying around ) so that will be handy for everyone again.

    I do hope i get the pleasure of meeting you in the future. You sound like a very willing person and a trip to play with [​IMG]

  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For many skills under 50, New Haven is a training town. Many trainers (Chivalry is one), with the old town being the training area with advanced gains until 50. You can get some nice rewards for doing the training quests ...

    Look over in UO Player Q&A FAQ for the Guide. There's a map and fairly complete list of the various rewards.

    Welcome to the shard ...
  23. <blockquote><hr>

    you can show this old man around.

    [/ QUOTE ] *choke* Since when is old somebody who is young enough to be my son? *cries*
  24. Thanks for the Link. It is providing a more condensed version/information on the changes.

    At least now I know why everyone is riding Giant Beetles.

    I am going to need to crawl through that thread to dig things out.

    I am surprised that they changed the min req on owning pets. IIRC you could own a nightmare at on or about animal taming skill 60ish. To transfer it, it needed to be wonderfully happy and quite a bit of spaming to get the job done. The recipient needed to feed it quite often , but could ride and use the Nightmare.

    The section on the Ridable Mounts is probably crystal clear but I am somewhat confused. The Fire Beetle establishes a pet with a high taming req but can be owned and (assumed) can be controlled by low to non existent taming skilled people. There are several other creatures discussed in the topic that do not indicate if they can or can not be owned/controlled. Basically creatures from 12 on seem to me to be rather ambiguous as if I could own and control one of them.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If the current FAQ could be arranged better or something, PM me with ideas - I'm always open to them ... it was a REAL mess before (I thought). [​IMG]

    The ridable descriptions you reference came from the Tamers Forum. That's all the info I could glean at the time. I can point you to the original query that got that much, if you wish.

    Some stuff will take a bit to get used to and you'll have LOTS of questions as you figure out what you need. I sure did .. and still do sometimes.
  26. He He no doubt and the Giant Beetles did help a lot. Traded in my Forest Ostards for the Giant Beetles.

    Again Thanks.