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What are the five best, & the five worst, UI features of the CC, & the EC.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Tanivar, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Tanivar

    Tanivar Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Please keep this flame and argument free. The Devs are not going to waste time wading through a typical CC vs EC rant & rave. List the five best & worst features of the Clients you have a fair bit of experience with. Give it some thought before you post and ignore the ages of both clients. The concern here are for features that are good or bad.

    UI featurewise, what five features do you like the most about the CC, and dislike the most about the CC, UI featurewise.

    Like #1 - 5. Dislike #1 - 5.

    UI featurewise, what five features do you like the most about the EC, and dislike the most about the EC, UI featurewise.

    Like #1 - 5. Dislike #1 - 5.
  2. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:


    1. Preciseness of placement of items inside of containers.
    2. The aesthetic of the UI itself, the graphic elements used work well for UO.
    3-5. To be honest, haven't used the CC UI in quite some time to go beyond points 1 and 2 on Likes.

    1. The UI (and the CC In general) is too small/low resolution. The Game window is small and containers are miniscule on current resolution standard monitors.
    2. Limited information available. Cannot see totals of all worn mods.
    3. Macro Builder limited and uses older, less efficient model to create macros, macros are very basic unless you use an external third party program to add options.
    4. No method to track carried resources without the use of an external third party program and even that program is limited as to what it tracks.
    5. Minimap very limited to two views and no interaction. Has required the use of an external third party program for over a decade.


    1. Hotbars that accept all carryable items in order to be used and/or tracked while playing.
    2. Grid, List, and Freeform views for containers. Grid and List views allow for containers to reach their full potential for storage without the need for subcontainers plus those views show how many of an item are in a stack.
    3. A robust ingame macro system with more options that allow for very complex macros to be built and executed with a single keypress. In the EC I have a mining macro that mines a targeted spot 3 times, then uses my fire beetle to smelt each possible type of ore dug up, then repeats the process up to 10 times. This is not possible in the CC and is just one example of many. Target Stored, Target by Resource, and too MANY other additions to the system to mention make it a VERY powerful system and easier to build via hotbar slots or the Macro builder.
    4. A useable ingame map system that can set waypoints and track party members' locations. Waypoints can be coded in by coordinates and appear as a glowing spot in the game window. Makes fishing up SOSs very simple and enjoyable.
    5. The UI is completely customizable and moddable. If you don't like the aesthetic of the UI, you can rebuild it via the graphics files with any theme that works for you. The LUA scripting allows you to add in information and scripts that make the game even more accessible.

    1. The stock UI aesthetic is BAD. Bright orange is not an attractive color for a UI. Most people tend to gravitate toward a more subtly colored UI which was one of the reasons I created the Copper theme.
    2. There have been issues brought up about spell timing and targeting which are legitimate and should be looked at by the dev team and worked on via focus group with the devs and players.
    3. The lack of the original UO font (but thanks to Zym Dragon, we have a working version for user made UIs)
    4. While the UI is scalable, not every piece is scalable separately (fixed in Pinco's UI)
    5. Lack of visible support for the EC as a whole has led to the effective loss of most of the UI community that had been active since Kingdom Reborn.
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  3. Eärendil

    Eärendil Legendary Mall Santa
    Stratics Veteran The Squirrel Empire

    Nov 3, 2011
    Likes Received:
    CC Dislikes:

    Resolution, backpack-chaos, handling of very small items, absence of more sophisticated statistics-overviews (totals of mods)...
  4. MissEcho

    MissEcho Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Classic Client

    1. House customization menu is 'clearer' and easier to see individual parts, cursor movement is better when building, not as many 'run away' mouse placements for house tiles, ability to chop stairs etc.

    1. Tiny game play window, tiny backpacks and containers, inability to store many items and actually be able to see them without container in container etc. On death the total MESS you get in your pack.
    2. Forced to use 3rd party programs for better functionality such as map programs (uoam or mapper), uoassist etc for macros, sorting, dressing, and all the pain when they go 'down' or don't function after patching, etc.
    3. Hate having single icons scattered all over the screen, accidentally closing icons, having to find them on the fly. Hours spent setting up desktops for each character with moving icons, and then trying to keep them tidy.
    4. No zoom features, tiny mini-map not worth viewing, no scroll in/out to see further afield.
    5. Horrid macro system, unable to make complex macros, forced to use 3rd party programs for repetitive functions, mining, lumber-jacking, fishing, character training (results in a lot of unauthorized programs).

    Enhanced Client

    1. Large play window, pretty much all scalable (with pinko's), choice of legacy or grid backpacks (combination of both with Pinko's) can see all 125 'items' in a container just by opening out a pack including count number on stacked items, easy glance. Custom UI's (such as pinko's have heaps more user options on top of the default). Major plus being able to see all character stats on one gump, loyalty, resists, totals of mana, lrc etc, the ability with Pinkos for added item details, imbue weights and unravel detail.

    2. Hotbars: can place everything you 'use' and normally carry on your character down in the bottom of a grid backpack and put those items (eg runebooks, petals, aids, scissors, knife, cleaver, pet balls, pots etc) into a hotbar slot, never need your backpack to be open to access all, and they stay there on death/resurrection, no more sorting, leaves the top of your pack free for current loot, arti drops etc perfectly visible. See automatically if something runs out as it 'greys' out. Can set defaults on your runebooks and just cast and target the runebook in the hotbar or set actual macros to recall/gate to where ever. All backpack is accessed from a hotbar with ONE click and you never have to hunt for stuff. With pinko's can target a container as a 'loot box' and all loot is auto placed in the box. Plus a dozen other 'loot' and sort features unavailable in the CC, ability to close/open bars (pinkos')

    3. No need for 3rd party programs. Macro system is stand alone and you can create macros of ANY length you want, and then have them repeat 10 times and have as MANY macros as you want, you are not limited to 12/16 as you are with uoassit, you can have hundreds. Undress and dress with ONE click, (includes dress and cast protection with one click so you NEVER forget to put it on after death!) switch between weapons, set icons for various slayer you need. Training any kind of spell casting is simple, set up lockpicking train macros, target by resource just toss in your axe or pick and create easy to set up macros for mining/smelt for your miner. Can create 'target stored' macros for taming etc where you can right click and edit from the hotbar while you have the critter on screen

    4. Mapping system is also stand alone, can add waypoints, easy to see sos's, map in Pinko's is fully labelled dungeons, spawns, landmarks, shops etc. Edit from the xml file to add multiple locations. Can zoom in and out on the map. Can track player or just drag around to get a view of the area/map/dungeon to get your bearings.

    5. Ability to character copy the 'user data' file from one character to the next, so set up all macros/desktop template on one char and copy it over to as many characters as you like, giving you the ability to 'edit' each and either take out the macros you don't need on a char or just leave them there in the background in case you ever 'add a skill'. The ability to edit the 'waypoints' xml file to add sos's, or the 'user data' xml file to extend macros rather than creating them 'in game' just copy and paste however many 'actions' you want to repeat directly. The ability to 'share' these files in text format for others to use on set up. I can create 7 characters on a shard, log them out in the inn, copy my 'user template' to each of them log back in and they all have identical desktops with hotbars placed, the correct scale, all my preferred settings, all my 'standard' macros such as bank, all come, open door, dress, etc etc and it takes all of 30 seconds to do it. The ability to 'save' my preferred desktop template as a text file means never losing my desktop or macros. EVER.

    1. Although I now fully customize my houses in the EC, (don't have the cc installed any more) the cc is easier to use for this.
    2. Don't like some of the graphics for dragons, cu's, hiryus, bake kitsunes, although most are fine.
    3. would prefer if the devs actually looked at the mods that are fully used by the player base from custom ui's and add them to the default. Feel like if the modder stops or doesn't support for whatever reason the 'product' is lost into the future (ie sites go down, assistance not longer available if have problems etc)
    4. Worried that the devs are no longer paying either client much attention.
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  5. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Royal Knight

    Aug 21, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I'm not going to list mine they run similar to what others have said... but I'll say this I agree quite a bit with Dermott and MissEcho on most all their EC likes and dislikes.

    I love being able to swap my bow/quiver and talisman all at the click of one button...

    As for Customizing in the EC I can't do it yet. I have to constantly revert to the CC to do it right... Biggest issue with that is STAIRS. In the CC stairs vanish with the walls when you make walls invisible ..... Now what DEV genius decided that in the EC Stairs are always visible needs to be taken out and flogged! Because of this one major oversight it is IMPOSSIBLE to make the really cool broken staircases or spiral Stairs using the EC.

    I too am concerned that the DEV's have tossed the EC into the trash barrel... and are not working on actually fixing it and getting it out of it's beta... updating the resolutions and all.... Tired of being on the back burner.

    And I too find the poor Hiryu to be hideously UGLY in the EC. I hate it. And I also don't like the way my dragons look in the EC.... they look rubbery or leathery not like they have scales..... and they are ALL red..... Not that I don't like red I prefer the red ones but there is NO Variety. Which we all know is the spice of life.
  6. Gilmour

    Gilmour Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Major reason i am using enhanced client occasionally is the game window size. I can literally log in 4 classic clients in top (800 x 600) resolution and tile em almost without obscuring any of the game windows.