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What are you doing?

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay, so people want more non-PvP posts? Until some one with more interesting things and more talent (c'mon that can't be too difficult) posts I am subjecting you all to my stories. So there! HA.

    Maddwg = old fashioned Parry/swordsman. None of that fancy-schmancy Bushi/neco/pali stuff. No ubber gear either. He mostly wears armor made by Karyn (if you are a married male, you know why). [​IMG] (It's better to die in game, trust me.)

    Last Night - Scene One opens at the modest estate of Octavius. We see our bumbling hero (hey its my story), Maddwg feed his horse (the nervous DragonSnack) grab some gear and checks to see if his good friend and partner in crime (or shame), Octavius, is about. Negative. He recalls to the town of Haven so that a new character can hitch a ride to Nujel'm. Both use Maddwg's rune book to recall to that quaint city. In the town square we see a large group from PAS and other guilds getting ready to go on a hunt. Apparently, unaware of how useless our hero is, they party him and the entire gruop gates to The Sleeping Dragon spawn area of Tokuna.
    The group dashes about killing deathwatch beetles and lizardmen. Maddwg amongst 'em. Then Kappas appear and other than some acid splashes, Maddwg makes it through that okay. Maddwg see's a revenant lion chasing someone and goes in hot pursuit. A Hiryu makes an really poorly timed appearance while Maddwg is meleeing the revenant lion, rapidly making Maddwg reacquianted with dirt napping. DragonSnack, shows more intelligence and flees. After a minute of ooOOoo, Maddwg gets a rez and is suprised to find his horse has survived. He remounts and reenters the now wildly chaotic battle with the Oni and Hiryu coming from what seems to be every direction.
    Maddwg helps rez and heal a fallen comrade that asks for help getting to his body as some Oni is standing on it (how rude). Maddwg runs down with another and finds that the Oni has made friends with a pair of Hiryu. Maddwg gets targeted and runs but not fast enough, and neither does the poor DragonSnack who is promply eaten by the Oni.
    Maddwg runs about singing his favorite tune, the ever popular ooOOoo. After a rez it seems that something called the Serado is there and being curious (or stupid) Maddwg jumps into the fray. By fates will, Maddwg survives and the party gates back to Nujel'm. The party regroups for another hunt but Maddwg has to depart due to otherworldly matters.

    Scene Two: Opens the same as Scene One. Having heard that the dragons in Destard are getting uppity, Maddwg recalls to town to get a new horse and then to Destard and takes out several drakes and wyvyrns before taking on several dragons, one at a time.. Seeing a friendly face near, Maddwg inquires on whether that person wants the hides as he, Maddwg, does not. He runs aound fetching the hides and dropping them near the other player. Seeing a dragon with what appears to be 'Maddwg's Victim' tatooed on his forehead our hero charges. While busy meleeing the dragon he fails to notice that two more arrived until it was too late. Apprently, those dang dragons set a trap and Maddwg was suckered uummm tricked, yeah tricked into it. Poor DragonSnack tried to charm the dragons by wandering over to them. Unimpressed, the dragons promply ate him. Maddwg, unable to find anyone near, runs 5,367 miles to find those oh so handy healers for a rez. He runs back to destard and sneaks around several well fed dragons to recover the gear from his bones.
    After that set back, he is off to town to purchase DragonSnack #98777.
    Maddwg rides to the gate and uses the Honesty Moongate. He seeks the village of Mistas so that he can die to something different. Finding the Juka residents none to friendly and not really a challenge Maddwg strolls south-east to the Cyclops Pyramid to see if any of his friends are there. He arrives to find no one else there and promply introduces several ettins and cyclopian warriors to the dirt nap. Spying a Titan off in the distances he charges only to find the the Titan has more friends than Maddwg. DragonSnack (probably hearing about the short life span of his predecessors) ran like the wind and somehow outdistanced the Titan Paragon and Cyclopian Warrior Paragon that were interested in meeting our hero. Maddwg decided the horse was on to something. He gives the horse an apple after the run.
    Maddwg recalled to the city of Trinsic and rode to a cave that is home to some troglodytes and something called Lurg. After dropping a dozen or so trogs, Mr. Lurg arrives. Maddwg pounds on Lurg furiously for a solid twenty minutes and realizes that he could possibly die of old age before he could drop this guy with his current equipment or without assistance. Off to destard, again. Maddwg manages to kill several drakes, dragons and wyvyrns without taking the big dirt snooze or having his horse get eaten; calls the day a success and heads home.
    Fade to black.

    Now, what did you do? It can't be more embarassing!

    Stay tuned, tonight we will count how many times Maddwg cries and runs like a school girl being tormented by the school yard bully. If I think of it, I'll attach a shot of Maddwg's ghost watching DragonSnack live up to his name.
  2. Calell

    Calell Guest

    lol that's great... I like it.
  3. Typically my day in UO goes like this...

    I load up one of my characters and go looting. I like to loot in Trammel at Destard because I can usually find decent enough gear and the occasional unlooted kill. This isn't bank breaking looting mind you so don't go here looking for a gold mine, you'd make more money killing lizard men in Despise with just about any other kind of character.

    It does allow me a great place to practice stealthing around without the need to script unattended like most seem to do for gaining the skill.

    After I am done looting in destard (usually from boredom) I take my stealther around a few PvP hotspots in Felucca. If I am lucky someone will come to life in front of me so I can come out of hiding and try to kill them (my character's skills are so low that most templates are unhittable to him). The few times I am lucky enough to get a kill I get a free 3-6k in gold delivered to my bank box. If I am unlucky and get killed by this player I stealth my way back to destard and skulk about until I have another complete suit and weapon.

    If I get bored with my new character I'll log in one of my older characters and go looking for people to talk to. I haven't found many that are online when I want to play though so I usually log off fairly quickly.

    I'd love to find a decent group of people to chat it up with and do some role playing around, but Sonoma seems to be more of a single player shard these days aside from the occaisional mass gathering event like Friday at the Y.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, if you see me running around Destard give me a yell. We will go find something that will kill both if us. There is always room for one more on the dirt nap road.

    I also have a stealthing/fencer. I don't run him a lot because Maddwg is funnier. I know they are both me but I develope personalities for them, hangover from the old D&D days I guess. I'd bring him out for a juant with you sometime if you want. Like your character, he really isn't developed enough to do a lot on his own.

    When ever you want company, be nosy around a crowd of people. You will often find yourself in a party doing something awesome and way beyond your capability, going "What the $#^& was I thinking?" [​IMG]

  5. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    Haha... *clap clap*

    Great story.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    no comment.....lol.